21 May 2009 @ 04:20 am
12 things that are making me happy even though I have a new hole in my mouth  
1. I no longer feel like I'm gonna die, yay! Seeee ya wisdom tooth, wouldn't wanna be ya! My jaw is still throbbing, but I suspect part of that is from the bzillion shots I needed. I counted at least 20 jabs. Curse my inhuman resistance to numbing drugs!

2. My new BFF, Extra Strength Tylenol. I still dribble water out the side of my mouth when taking it, but I don't even care.

3. Pupsitting! One wiggly, pudgy body and Pug-snorts of joy at seeing me totally make up for less than a full day of Tooth Yankage recovery time before having to pack my things and come here for the week.

4. Gale's movie Passenger Side at the LA Film Fest! If only I knew I'd be around by then. GALE COULD BE THERE OMG.

5. Randy pics from The Singing Forest. His shirt is so thin. I was totally looking for nipple. )

6. My Barcelona boys winning things left and right cos they're awesome. Now to just nail the Champions League next week. I neeeeeed for this to happen, kthx world.

7. Watched Lost's fantastically mind-bending finale. Warning: ALLCAPS O' DOOM. )

8. Van's little soap-acting self getting nommed for a Daytime Emmy! \:D/

9. New Rob Thomas CD within weeks. Nevermind how the cover makes me think Rob is going to come kill me in my sleep.

10. The Phlochte luv, yo. I swear, Michael Fred's choice of swimwear will never not amuse me. FLOWERY NEON PENIS, YOU GUYS.

11. Finishing the coverart for Growing Up Kinney. Woot! That was giving me some serious stress. Next up is to read the first part of the Cancer Justin Has Cancer series and figure out how to tackle that.

28 April 2009 @ 11:30 pm
"Justin is blind!"  
Okay, so, I was asked to do some coverart for a podfic project of Myrna's stuff. And I'm on my third straight reread of Growing Up Kinney -- AKA, Blind Justin Is Blind -- to refresh my memory and suss out my attack plan. AND I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING AT THESE TWO BRILL SCENES. Oh, classic fic. ♥

"I said I didn't think you two would be messing around or I would have..."

"Why?" He sounded totally offended, like I'd just called him poor or ordinary or something.

"Why what?"

"Why the fuck didn't you think we'd be fucking around? What the hell else would we be doing?"

I shrugged at him. "How would I know? Anything?"

"Usually we just hold hands and make kissy faces at each other," Justin assured me from the pool. "And that only, like, once a week at most. Shit, your dad's usually in bed asleep by 9:30 anyway, so how could I even..."

"Shut the fuck up," my dad said. "I'm glaring at you, Asshole, and I look fuckin' menacing."

"Really?" Justin said, as if Dad had just passed on some interesting bit of trivia. "I probably look worried, like I'm afraid you might really, really be mad at me. You know how I hate that so very much."

And one about Gus, which is only fair, since it's him telling the story, after all. )

Okay, off to watch Nuke!
28 March 2009 @ 03:16 am
i blame the drain bamage  
I am looking for a fic were brian moved away and never met Justin and Justin got with Michael instead. --here

Somewhere fic!Justin is frantically doing this:
12 January 2009 @ 04:24 am
"hi, i'm looking for a fic that has..."  
Gus goes out to dinner with Justin and Justin is bashed again by some guys / Gus is mad at Brian because he's not with Justin anymore / Justin's father beats him up / Justin as a hustler / Justin has seziures / a murderer tracking down Justin / justin is in [jail] for drugs --all within two days at [ profile] getithere

07 January 2009 @ 09:06 am
my qaf nostalgia is strong, grasshoppers.  
Unfortunately, my ability to ever finish my huge-ass QaF nostalgia post is not. I think the sheer amount of info I want to put it in (all the memories!) is bogging me down and these last few months have basically been me opening the file and then, y'know, staring dumbly at it before wandering off to make icons. And rather than give up like a dork, I have this diabolical plan to just start posting little "remember when..?" posts at random whenever the mood strikes me. Diabolical, I say!

Mmm, yes. Just so happens I'm in the mood now. Fancy that! And I start with one of my Top 10 QaF Fics Evah:

"M'not good...for you," he panted. "Not good."

"You are good," I said, and he let out a shaky sob. I licked across his cheeks, under his nose, ate his tears and willed him to believe me. "Better than anyone." --Maps and Legends

AKA, the peyote chapter that I read obsessively. Though, really, every chapter in this masterpiece kills me in some way. Remember the "I HATE YOU" scene? I couldn't function properly after that for awhile, so perfect. Two of our best writers, hands down.

Read it here--> Maps and Legends by [ profile] blaurosen & [ profile] sparkledark

Oh, QaF. Oh, fandom. I heart you. \:D/
11 July 2008 @ 01:30 am
i KNOW this fic exists, dammit!  
• Thought I was thiiiiis close to finally ending a YEAR AND A HALF LONG fic search for that ever-elusive Justin!HIV-scare scene. But alas, twasn't it. Close though! Justin was totally sitting on Brian's lap, but the dialogue didn't match. Upside? Getting to reread parts of London's brilliant series. Gah, I miss his writing. I remember DYING for new chapters to come out. And then reading them REALLYREALLY SLOWLY to make them last. OMG QAFOLDTIMERS DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN TWO CHAPTERS CAME OUT AT ONCE?! Best.time.ever.

• OMG. I just saw J-Lo's twins on E!. THEY ARE SCARY LOOKING, Y'ALL. D:

• My old TVGuide told me that FX's Dirt was cancelled. That show was my ultimate dirty pleasure for two glorious dirty seasons. Just how am I supposed to feed my Ian Hart crush now? Why do you hate me, TVGuide, why? :((((((

• I would totally be up to blackmailing Randy into agreeing to do a QaF movie. WHO'S WITH ME. There's has to be something we could use, something he doesn't want to get out. THINKING CAPS, PPL.

• So, hmm. I taped (but haven't watched yet) Burn Notice tonight, plus what I could catch of the marathon they ran earlier. This... is totally out of character for me, heh. Well, sorta. I'd seen a couple eps last season, but I kinda lost interest and kept forgetting to watch yada yada. But now I've got this sudden urge to start watching it again. Don't let anyone tell you a station repeating TV premiere commercials 3984955 times doesn't work.

"Gale Harold probably doesn't even notice gay men anymore." Uh. Gale lives in L.A. Yeah, kinda hard NOT to.
19 June 2007 @ 05:49 pm
best week ever  
• *happy place* [ profile] ellyrianna wrote the most perfect cancer!fic for meeeee over at [ profile] qaf_giftxchnge. It's full of these perfect moments that are quietly sweet and painful and real and raw and perfectly in-character and I do so love her Brian and Justin. Have I mentioned it's perfect? ♥ Maybe by tomorrow I'll stop rereading it and actually read some of the other stuff there. Maybe!

• Do I look freaked out and desperate? Cos I've been without internet and Kinney for three days. I swear I'm like a baby monkey now, clinging to LJ like it's my momma. IT WAS SUCH A DARK PERIOD IN MY LIFE, PEOPLE. So I braved the real world and spent lots of time at the beach applying sunscreen (sadly only to my own body) and even went to the prettypretty botanical gardens where I pretended to be a world-known nature photographer! )

*flails* Permanent account sales start this week aldfkjas. Forget having no internet! Because between the cancer!fic of perfectness and surviving The El Diablo Incident of '07 and now permanent account week, I am having the best week ever! /VH-1 voice

• And now it's only gonna get better since tonight IS MS. KATHY & HER D-LIST SHENANIGANS NIGHT IN FOUR HOURS, WOOT! Well, dad!trauma aside aldfjas.
03 May 2007 @ 02:44 am

• Somehow I missed this photo when it made the original rounds, d'oh. Gale purdy. *skritches his beard with my nails* But, heh, reading his body language, I just can't shake the feeling that if the shot were wider, we'd see the gun being held to his back. OMG GALEFACE RELAAAX - THE CAMERA WILL NOT STEAL YOUR SOUL.

[My friend in charge of the MySpace site/marketing to colleges] has told me that from what they have been told Gale will be at the LA Screening of the movie. He will be at the TFF in NY on May 2 and than will leave for LA the next day.


• My [ profile] qaf_giftxchnge assignment kicks ass, whoo!

Gale is a "rather dishy" hunk in this new Vanished article, but this we already knew.

• Picspams are full of pixely goodness, y'know. ♥ All I ask is that you spare me the details of how that one pic of Gale's back made you flick your clit until it threw sparks or how Randy's hair made you bounce harder on your dildo. TMI, PEOPLE, TMI.

Justin returned from the bathroom and stared at his husband. "So, what do you want to name this baby?"

Brian looked to the ceiling searching for the answer. "I was thinking, if it's a boy, Sean Michael and for a girl, Seanna Michelle. They both mean God's Grace and who is like God."

Cos you know how close to God that Brian is. :|

ETA: I am ded. [ profile] malli_ keeled me. Check out Gale's next project as that little known superhero, Fisting Man!
16 March 2007 @ 02:04 am
cancer fics. aka go away floppy penis, said brian.  
I'd say today could suck the ass of your choosing, but giving it ass seems more like a reward. Today doesn't deserve ass suckage, as it is good and hot and makes pretty gay boys' toes curl. Grrr, today. No ass for you!

So, I curled up with some Nutella and read all the cancer fic I have bookmarked to feel better. Oh, yeah, I said it! I read angsty S4 cancer fic to feel better!

Yes, I am a freak alfdasj.

But the h/c! I am its bitch, we all know this. Plus, it's been proven - resisting the total BFFness of Brian and Ted is against the laws of the universe. I suspect lightening will strike your tender parts if you try. I even like Michael, bad advice and bean spilling and all, and when he loses it on the floor with Brian, it's just such an honest, heart-rending reaction, I tear up every. single. time. And chicken soup and chest kisses and scars and nightmares and post-op sex! 'Nough said. *sniff*

And then, while I licked my fingers clean of hazelnutty goodness for the hundredth time, I decided putting all the links in a single post would be handier than my 23124468149761 messy bookmarks and, hey, everyone could share in the cancer fic luv with me. ♥

Get your own Nutella though. Ree don't share, yo.

RIP, Lefty )

And then I ran out of fic. Woe. WOE, I SAY. Got any I missed? *flirts*
09 September 2006 @ 04:59 am
being the cream filling in a brian/justin cookie sandwich  

Good god.

You know what would be smokin' hot?

Oh, I'm gonna tell ya.

Imagine you are Brian Kinney. )

Guh. Guh! Holy hotness and beautiful angst, Rage!

This scenario is what paddiesthe wife puts into my head right before sending me to bed adlkjaskd. Followed by my spazzing out at her brilliance. Cos, oh, man. Man! This could so work perfectly. Can you tell we were squeeing over the S4 premiere of Nip/Tuck? Hee.

Someone please write this for Gio and I, omg. Or something close to it, even! Please. Am begging here. Begging. Seriously, no shame on our parts. Pure begging.

*puppy eyes*