22 August 2006 @ 12:33 am
*lights cigarette*  
I've already uber squeed about this Vanished ep, but I will add this: Having Mr. Harold's bod finally on my TV? That was like sex. Really good sex. Like, raw and everything. To sum up: GALE PRETTY. VANISHED GOOD.

SPEAKING OF PRETTY THINGS OMG. [ profile] black_berry is made of awesome! She worked long, hard hours into the night like Justin under Brian and gave [ profile] vanished_icons a complete layout/header overhaul and just blew me away with her brillance. PLZ NOTE HOW THE VANISHED LINK IS IN THE LIGHTEST BOX AND APPEARS TO BE VANISHING AKDFJASLKJ DO YOU GET IT OMG I LOVE THAT. And she was way patient with my 'tardliness, of which there was much. I'm telling ya, she's my hero.

Go, look! Oh, paddieswife, I swear, our Gus has never looked so handsome!

[ profile] vanished_icons

Know what else is made of awesome? The community having 240+ watching it -- before the show ever debuted. I just... I want to hump each and every one of you personally.