07 August 2004 @ 08:44 pm
Justin needs to stop giggling.  
Seriously. He needs to stop. Apparently, I read, well, pretty much everything when I get writer's block (boo, hiss), and I don't know what special evil mojo I've conjurred, but every story I've randomly picked at BJfic has Justin giggling. Like, at everything. The boy can't eat yogurt without giggling around his spoon.

Now, for the life of me, I can't remember Justin canon!giggling. Does he? Am I blocking it out? He laughs and chuckles and grins and snorts and I'd even say he chortles. Hmn. Maybe my giggle definition is too narrow. Or, better yet, authors need to stop writing him as a damned 12 y.o. girl.

Onto the Goodness: [ profile] twistinside82 wrote G/R RPS that made me smile and use a lot of hearts. It's so them. Also, Ethan has new fic! *cuddles it*

Oh, and somehow I managed to completely miss the end of Crisis. *does loser sign on my forehead* So goes to reason I also missed the start of Justin's Excellent Adventure. The upside? I just gorged on ELEVEN chapters in one sitting. Fic having no calories is a very good thing.

She had me long before this, but this shall remain as my shiniest, favorite part. (Ch. 11 spoiler) )