13 March 2009 @ 05:24 am
the luke and noah show plus rogelio and wiley!gale  
ATWT, 3-12 )

• Nuke icon post later today, yay!

• No Lost this week sucks mightily. :(

Shut up! Falling for Grace is finally coming to TV/DVD. FINALLY. At some point. Hopefully. )

• But first it's opening at the Reel Film Festival (yes, I did read that as the Ree Film Festival at first aldfkjas) for Women March 27th, 8:00 pm, at Laemmle's Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills. Anyone going? I can't, boo. But that's Gale territory, y'all. Keep an eye out and a camera at the ready! He's wiley these days. You never know where he could pop up. He's close. WE CAN HEAR YOU BREATHING, GALEFACE.

My Roger's procreated! I'm ridiculously excited about this, you guys. I have such a soft spot for Mirka and now there's gonna be a tiny little Federer running around the court, aww. It also explains why my Fedal filter was full of baby!fics yesterday. I was starting to think there was a fic challenge I'd missed, heh.

• Indian Wells started, omg. There could be a Fedal final, in both singles and doubles. And they're only hours away from me for this tournament. Am dying here. Fingers and toes are so crossed.

Someone mixed their red boxers in with their whites on laundry day.
05 August 2008 @ 05:37 am
• Firstly, Happy Young & Beautiful Day, [ profile] bigboobedcanuck, you sweet thang! ♥


• "Luke doesn't have a crotch. Luke's like one of those action figures or a Ken doll. That's the secret of why they haven't done anything," Van the Man joked aldkfja. HOW MUCH DO I LOVE HIM?! A LOT OKAY.

• "Fay said her current goal is to get on the Oprah Winfrey show as a way of demonstrating that [Falling For Grace] has wide appeal." --here This has a .0001% of ever happening (sucks to be you, Fay), but... *imagines Gale on Oprah* Dude, with his "" and Oprah's horribly bad habit of interrupting people, nothing he was asked would ever get answered aldfja.

Luke/Noah made it into the show's bumper! I just learned it's called a bumper!

Kathy turned down Dancing with the Stars, dammit. I really wanted her and BFF Lance Bass to be on next season together. *weeps* Also, I still need to catch up with the last 5 or so Kathy eps. I'm a bad girlfriend.
23 June 2008 @ 11:54 pm
pothead!gale and mr. randy harrison-dumenco ride again  
• I feel so, so bad that I didn't see this earlier, you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the sweet things said about me at this year's QaF Love Meme! I hope every single one of you knows how much I heart you. Cos I do. Lots and lots. ♥ ♥ ♥

"I thought he had married several years ago, but her name is not listed in his bio."
--Randy's imdb board, "Is he married?"

BUT IT GETS BETTER OMG. "I can't believe he is gay, I never would have known." I... ALDKALDKFALJ. This is what happens when you do not have your gaydar tuned up each year, tsk tsk. You get false readings and before you know it, you're searching on the net for wedding pictures. In my imaginary R/S world, Simon just yelled from the living room into the bedroom for Randy to check his email, where he's sent him the above link and the following: "WAIT I DID NOT KNOW U WERE GAY! "

Pothead!Gale is appropriate for any and all forums, kthx.

Remember this? Yeah, s'not happening, Fay said. Way to kick me in the nuts, Fay. :( There was a Sept release date listed, but tis gone now. Y'know, considering how long this is taking, there is just something so v. ironic about the fact that Slow Hand Releasing is the studio attached to this movie. And, uh, v. dirty sounding, heh.

• Though, I guess we can still vote for a FFG DVD release! I don't know why my age matters, but okay. This DVD? I needs it. I needs it bad. That site also has a gallery of "new" photos that I'm sure most everyone has already checked out, but I must post them here, cos a) I pretend to be organized occasionally, but mostly b) GAAAAAAALE. The only thing I changed was the coloring. THE RED TONES WERE MAKING MY EYES BLEED.

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09 August 2007 @ 01:01 pm
falling for gale  
A couple phone photos edmarijs (imdb) took of Gale on the big screen. I love the feel of theatre photos, like they've already been PS-ed with a moody filter. Hmn, there might be one tiny spoiler, I guess, but if you've ever seen or heard about a click flick ever in your whole entire life, it's not really a spoiler. Heh.

40 foot gale )
22 July 2007 @ 03:43 am
new falling for grace review  
"Lee and Harold generate no sparks, and their performances are abysmal."

I'll give her "no sparks" even as I go down swearing with my last breath that they were still v. v. cute together, but. Dude. "Abysmal"? Really? I'm docking points for that, missy. That's right, you heard me. DOCKING. POINTS. She did have a couple reasonable observations, one in particular about Fay needing to learn to get out of her own way. Even Fay admitted that much at the L.A. screening when she said she would second-guess herself.

But, yeah, overall, not too concerned with this review (other than wishing it had been glowing, of course, for both Gale and Fay's sakes) because this quote Lee plays Grace Tang, an investment banker and daughter of immigrant parents raised in Manhattan's Chinatown, who -- for reasons never adequately explained -- wants to hobnob with New York high society. pretty much illustrates that her popcorn must have been of more interest to her than the movie, as it is explained. Multiple times. The first time being at the start of the movie. In first person voiceover, no less!

So, yeah. Whatev.

whole article )

Also, it's frustrating how 9/10 movie sites spotlighting FFG have the old site as the official link. :\

Anyway, then I was wandering about the internets and found this FFG article. Nothing exciting Gale-wise, but does quote an email from the brother of one of the movie's investors. Apparently he has a Q&A with Fay scheduled for after the July 28 showing... Y'know, that info seemed a lot more important when I found it adlfajs.

Let's mix things up here with a new Randy/Cuckoo review! "The heart of the play is the stuttering, fragile Billy Bibbit, played with delicate refinement by Randy Harrison." Delicate refinement!!! I swear, the press finds the best descriptors for Randy and his performances. :D :D :D

Okay, time to end on a high note, shall me? Mmm, we shall. A glowing FFG review from Tribeca last year. ♥

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but if you're on the fence about going vs. just waiting for a DVD release (as I've had a couple emails to that gist), don't let the recent *it sux omg* reviews keep you away. It really is "charming, sweet and has laugh out loud moments."

And, y'know. THERE'S GALE. :D

ETA: Movie spoilers in comments.
20 July 2007 @ 07:00 am
attack of the 40ft gale! coming to a threatre near you! but only if you live in SF or DC. Ah, crud.  
• I know the odds are, like, .000001% that Gale will be anywhere near the SF premiere of FFG tonight, but a fangirl can still hope, y'know? Though, if he is, I'll have to hear about it from my flist. Right coast this time for me, just the wrong end of the state. Woe. But it's only fair since we had it last showing. I SUPPOSE. But, man, oh, man. I wanna go and see it again. I saw the new movie clips/caps and...


Clearly Gale and his hotness gave me temporary amnesia like post-bashing!Justin.

AND there's even going to be a meet-n-greet thingie "with the filmmakers" (= Fay) at Momi Toby's a couple hours before the showing. FREE FOOD AND CHEAP DRINKS! It's like they're just taunting me now. I mean, look how adorable the place is! *cough*pay no attention to the gang graffiti being reflected in the window in that second one.*cough*

• Which reminds me! Remember that FFG ballot I ripped back at the screening? VC wraps, awards presented <--FFG didn't win. Not the Jury Prize it was up for nor the Audience Award we ripped so heartfeltly for.

• Talk about good timing asldj. Google just sent me a FFG review notice. *reads* Ouch. Well, it's mostly about Fay. *pets* Gale's character is mentioned, but nothing specific about him or his performance other than "The romantic leads exhibit little chemistry." and "...Such weaknesses hamper the quality cast." I'm counting him in there with the "quality cast" kthx. That's it. No, wait, I take that back -- one of his close-ups gets mentioned. In reference to how Fay shoulda had the cameras on her at the time adlajkj. May I just say I preferred Fay's direction there. When in doubt, always go to a close-up of Gale, that's my motto! And, hey, least they spelled his name right. SCORE!

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14 May 2007 @ 05:23 am


[ profile] ree_bitches <---Lookie what I randomly found! That is not me, but I enjoy knowing that in some alternate LJ universe, I have bitches, yo.

"Falling for Grace" - Directed by Fay Ann Lee, starring Fay Ann Lee, Margaret Cho and Gayle Harold. One day, Gayle Howard, you will seek your revenge for years of disrespect and the world will know true punishment! /maniacal comic book voice But, hey, good news is there's gonna be another FFG screening that Gale could possiblymaybehopefully show up for this Friday. :D 7pm - VIP Reception <---omg. Of course, this is if he can get away from his sure-to-be-a-hit TV show currently filming. *firm nod*

• There are fans who do not like Brian chewing gum. OMG THESE PEOPLE SO ARE DEAD TO ME. Okay, not completely dead, but still. I will eye you suspiciously from afar.

• Yeah, unless God Gale himself is the one quoted, the Gale Harold IMDb is never going to be the place to post about politics, I don't care what cracked logic you try to use.

• You know it's time to whack off trim your bangs when you find yourself gathering them up into a tiny 3 inch ponytail that pokes out from your forehead unicorn-like so you can see to type. Aaaaand this explains why my bangs are now shrt. Yup, no "o", that short. Today's lesson: Don't trim bangs when frustrated. I've got a Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes thang going on aldfkja.
17 April 2007 @ 02:21 am

Well, hopefully, anyway. Life is hella complicated right now, so I don't know if I'll actually make it there, but I'm thinking I'll just get the tickets and pray to the fandom god that come May, I have my butt in a theatre seat. OMG V. EXCITING.

I hope Gale is there. I wanna call him Brian, ask him about his love affair with Randy, give him some B/J songfics I printed out, have him sign nudie pics of himself from the internets, and then take his picture over and over and over.