12 June 2007 @ 08:14 pm
howdy, galeface  

Deadwood S3 DVDs were released today! OMG, Gale Earp alert! Earp alert, Earp alert... that rhymes aldja. Anyway! There are four episode listed as having commentaries, but not which ones. :| :| :| And I've waited v. patiently all these months for some possible talking-about-Gale-time, yo. I did find a review that references commentaries on ep 5 and the finale, but not which eps the other two are. Gale's are #8/9. Any fans have the DVDs? I NEED to know if there is Gale Earp talk before my brain essplodes.

ETA: OMG #9 HAS COMMENTARY. *excited puppy wiggle*

ETA3: No Gale Earp talk on the commentary. *morose sigh*

The Unseen is on DVD! With real cover art and EVERYthing! Y'know, I've had this movie for months, must watch. I swear, I'm a little packrat with things like this. I blame being an only child and my tendancy to be all *hordes things* so I always have something to look forward to and entertain me. /neurotic

ETA2: Anyone know if this new DVD has any extras? *fingers crossed*

see the unseen )

and a mini gale earp picspam, 1800's style )

Er, well, that ended up not being mini at all, didn't it? adlfjas.

*girlie sigh*

I so loved these eps. 1001 Faces of Gale Earp, pardner.

Heh, you know what these photos remind me of? Going to Magic Mountain and getting your photo done where you dress period and hold guns and stuff and aren't allowed to smile. So much fun! I so want to be in one with Gale now. Only I'd be dressed as his bar wench and sitting on his lap. But I'd definitely be smiling, tell you right now. ;))