02 July 2008 @ 03:26 am
google alerts = gale alerts  
Cos, wow, my inbox is exploding with GALEGALEGALE. Life good. Though, I swear, I love the lug, and it's still annoying to read the same basic sentence over and over. PLZ TO BE MORE INTERESTING BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT PEOPLES. *crabby at 3am*

It was previously announced that Gale Harold is also becoming a regular, as the new love interest for Teri Hatcher's Susan Mayer. He was the guy she kissed like a lover home from a POW camp in the season finale... -here

Er, really? Cos I remember that kiss being stiffer than Brian's cock in the backroom. But Gale a regular, YAY! And in case you missed the news, don't worry, there are 3297428397 Google alerts announcing it. Well, mostly because Neal McDonough is joining the cast (woot!) and Gale gets mentioned at the same time. Man, I still miss Boomtown. :(

OMG I JUST SAW THE X-FILES TRAILER ON MY TEEVEE. I have been so good not YouTubing it, cos, omg, I'm determined to remain X-Files virginal for 26 more days, dammit, but it just came on and I couldn't make myself look away aldfjak. There was snow and Scully's gorgeous hair and Mulder looking all D: and scary men and helicopters thumping in the sky and IT LOOKS SO GOOD OMG. Oh, X-Files, I will always love you.

Anyway! Attached to one of these such Neal articles, there was this poll:

And I didn't even touch anything aldfkja--GALE'S NAME IS THE DEFAULT. ;D That tickled me. Especially since the article is about Neal AND his name is in the top spot. Could be the poll just sitting on the alphabetical option as default, but, still, GALE FTW.