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, 30 rock, :x, :|, adam scott, adele, alex o'loughlin, always sunny in philadelphia, american dad, amy poehler, andrew garfield, bad!fic, barcelona fc, bates motel, benedict cumberbatch, bob's burgers, books, brian kinney, brian/justin, bruce willis, capslock, charles/erik, charlie day, chris hardwick, chris o'dowd, chris pine, chris/zach, community, conan o'brien, cougar town, crack!fic, daniel craig, despicable me, diane kruger, die hard, doc martin, doctor who, dom/brian, doodles, duncan/methos, elementary, emma stone, family guy, fangirling, fast and the furious, fraiser, friends, fringe, futurama, gale harold, gale howard, gale/randy, gilmore girls, hannibal, happy endings, harrison ford, hawaii five-o, highlander, hoops and yoyo, hot chocolate, icon making, iron man, jack/ianto, james mcavoy, jane austen, jesse eisenberg, jesse/andrew, jim parsons, john lennon, john oliver, john/matt, john/paul, julia louis-dreyfus, kirk/spock, kristen bell, leo messi, liverpool fc, los angeles galaxy, luke/noah, mad men, mark/eduardo, martin freeman, matt smith, matthew macfadyen, matthew perry, megamind, melissa mccarthy, methos, michael fassbender, modern family, my 50s housewife, nashville, new girl, nuke, nutella, orphan black, p!nk, parks and recreation, pastede on hedz yay, paul rudd, paul walker, phelps/lochte, photoshop, pinto, pugs, queer as folk, raising hope, rashida jones, revenge, revolution, ripper street, robert downey jr, rps, sandra bullock, scrabble, sheldon cooper, sherlock bbc, sherlock/john, simon pegg, slash, soccer, star trek, star wars, steve carell, steve/danny, sue heck, surfing, target, tennis, the beatles, the big bang theory, the bracelet o' luv, the bridge, the following, the middle, the mindy project, the social network, the west wing, thrift stores, tina fey, tony stark, tony/pepper, torchwood, trader joe's, tumblr, veronica mars, vin diesel, whitechapel, will/sonny, x-men: first class
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