18 May 2009 @ 04:53 am
orange is the new pink  
Desperate Housewives finale. )

Gale scenes HERE, thanks to [profile] mwil298. Go, watch! Behold the glorious Galeness. :X
16 April 2009 @ 03:36 am
*pets the gale*  

Yup, Gale in police-style shades = still fucking hot. And that blue shirt. ♥

One more pic and the mini article with a Gale quote about being hard. Or playing hard. I tuned out to my happy place when I read 'hard'. )


Did you watch the show after your accident?
I didn’t because I was a little worried about seeing something about my death delivered by letter—Jackson drowned in his cereal yesterday morning.

And that is why I love Gale. The end.

Rest of the Galeified TV Guide interview. )


Cos then he was on ET and was all wise as only Gale can be. "I had... an unfortunate dance with a motorcycle." ALDFKJASLK. "I was very fortunate to make it through. But I made it through, very well, and blessed with very good friends." Shout out to the QaF peeps, hell yeah. *gangsta hand pump up* My favorite part was him doing the blurry-lensed slow-walk down the street, looking all confused off to the side aldfkjas. [ profile] wildsweetcool has caps here and I heart her.

Also, I'm impressed he was actually Gale Harold and not Howard in all these news bits so far. Score!


Cos, heck, how about those new DH promo photos of Gale? And by new, I mean two weeks old. Cos I'm awesome like that. )

In conclusion: Hello, flist. :X
23 March 2009 @ 05:15 pm
he's aliiiiiiiive \:D/  

THAT EXPRESSION ALKDJFSLG. Getting picture taken = like he just sat on something uncomfortable. Oh, Galeface, I HAVE MISSED YOU, YOU DORK. These just have everything I love. Gale! Beard! Dorky expression! ♥ OMG, I just noticed his suit has a lizard texture pattern FTW. From the Elton John Oscar Party Feb 22. Dude. Our boy was at an Oscar Party. Let me repeat that. Our boy was at an Oscar Party. PLZ TELL ME YOU MADE SOME IMPORTANT HOLLYWOOD CONTACTS AND NOW HAVE YOUR OWN REALITY SHOW CALLED "MY LIFE AS GAIL HOWARD" KTHX.

+3 )
18 February 2009 @ 04:11 am
Oh, flist, thank you so much for the V-Day lovin'. It made me warm and fuzzy and just, guh. I heart you all. ♥ And, omg, [ profile] colorthenight, I loved my teddy bear, thank you! I adore you, sweet girl.

So, a million years ago now, Gale did an interview for German TV and was so adorkable, my glee actually made me dizzy.

Gale Howard likes shiny things. AKA, Gale's 1000 Expressions. )

Speaking of dorks. In more super old news, my reaction to finding out that my Michael Fred got caught with the ganja -- sorry, alleged ganja. *cough* (Lookit his neck, omg. He's about to swallow that sucker, he's inhaling so deep alkjsda.) looked a little something like this---> Cos, really. You giant dork. I love you, but YOU GIANT DORK. Did Ryan teach you nothing? Get drunk in public, smoke in private!

Best Parts About All This:

• Fandom labeling it BongGate. FTW, fandom.
• Seth Myer's "Really!?!" SNL segment. "Michael Phelps smokes pot, why can't I? You can, right after you win twelve gold medals for your country."
• Fandom losing its shit. There was praying for his soul, ya'll. AHAHAHAHA.
12 September 2008 @ 12:15 pm
long live the unibrow!  
Bah. Week from hell. But then I saw there was new Galeface and, I swear, leave it to him to help cut down on my therapy bill this week. There is so much to squee about! And not just with Gale, but Randy and tennis and Phelps and Van and music and mooooore. Later though, cos today is about Teh Gale. Oh, fandom. You keep me relatively sane. ♥

Yup. Just got pregnant looking at this.

Oh, Gale, how you so pretty? ALSO HAI RESIST TAT I SEEEEE YOUUUUU. Well, it's kinda just more like a dark smudge on his finger in my smaller version here, but check out the hi-res version under this here handy-dandy cut. ) Also, I so don't even mind the hair in this shot. I KNOW RIGHT. WTF, Ree.

The original hi-res pics and babbling. )

Oh, hey, I finally started watching DH! )

And let's not forget the new DH promo! But only .001% new Gale. Thankfully, it's in the first 2 seconds of the promo and involves a bed. Hottie product placement, wooot!

DL the promo ---> sendspace | megaupload (avi, 4MB)
Or watch on ---> YouTube
06 September 2008 @ 08:29 am
Why does this stuff always show up on the weekend just when I'm going out the door, WHY WHY WHY ALDKJA. Also, am woefully behind on comments and such. I swear I will get to them asap. PLZ FORGIVE.

DL the promo ---> sendspace | megaupload (avi | 5MB)
Or watch on --->YouTube

Assume there's spoilers under the cut!

caps )

And a new promo pic! )

I hope ya'll are proud of me. I didn't mention how the hair is killing my soul once.
26 August 2008 @ 06:24 am
and now, back to our regularly scheduled galeface  

Download the clip--> sendspace | megaupload | YouTube | ExtraTV (My undying gratitude to [ profile] pixiebullets for the original video. ♥)

OMG, Gale, the hair, what the hell? I just, I want Randy to text you that Brian called and wants his hair back. I guess I should really be glaring at Marc Cherry, since he must've deemed your head righteous.

Atleast there is still the voice of sex. And the holy back. THE HOLY BACK YOU GUYS. I have missed you, back. I am glad you are, well, back. Look at all that Gale in just a few minutes worth of video. Seriously, aside from the Girls, Gale shows up the most in scenes. Even compared to his fellow Eye Candy actor. Gale: 5, Neal: 2. If, y'know, I was keeping score. *cough*

and really, would it be me if there weren't a g/r version of the smooch? )

k, that arm is killing me )

the tvguide scan )

23 June 2008 @ 11:54 pm
pothead!gale and mr. randy harrison-dumenco ride again  
• I feel so, so bad that I didn't see this earlier, you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the sweet things said about me at this year's QaF Love Meme! I hope every single one of you knows how much I heart you. Cos I do. Lots and lots. ♥ ♥ ♥

"I thought he had married several years ago, but her name is not listed in his bio."
--Randy's imdb board, "Is he married?"

BUT IT GETS BETTER OMG. "I can't believe he is gay, I never would have known." I... ALDKALDKFALJ. This is what happens when you do not have your gaydar tuned up each year, tsk tsk. You get false readings and before you know it, you're searching on the net for wedding pictures. In my imaginary R/S world, Simon just yelled from the living room into the bedroom for Randy to check his email, where he's sent him the above link and the following: "WAIT I DID NOT KNOW U WERE GAY! "

Pothead!Gale is appropriate for any and all forums, kthx.

Remember this? Yeah, s'not happening, Fay said. Way to kick me in the nuts, Fay. :( There was a Sept release date listed, but tis gone now. Y'know, considering how long this is taking, there is just something so v. ironic about the fact that Slow Hand Releasing is the studio attached to this movie. And, uh, v. dirty sounding, heh.

• Though, I guess we can still vote for a FFG DVD release! I don't know why my age matters, but okay. This DVD? I needs it. I needs it bad. That site also has a gallery of "new" photos that I'm sure most everyone has already checked out, but I must post them here, cos a) I pretend to be organized occasionally, but mostly b) GAAAAAAALE. The only thing I changed was the coloring. THE RED TONES WERE MAKING MY EYES BLEED.

photos )
04 June 2008 @ 01:11 am
gale "global" howard ftw!  

I was sure these caps I did were victims of The Kinney Computer Coma of '08, but OMG I JUST FOUND THEM. Glee! See, awhile back, [ profile] amelialourdes and I were talking about Galeface's ever-so-speshul Aztek commercials and decided their greatness = picspam most definitely called for. *firm nod*

Download the commercial, omg---> rapidshare | sendspace 7MB | QT

let's go global! )

Don't you just wanna buy an Aztek now? You know you do! Quit laughing, omg. Another commercial later!

Also, hello, am not dead. :P
19 May 2008 @ 01:11 am
desperate househusbands  

Download the clip o' Galeness---> sendspace | megaupload

I literally only watched the last 15 minutes. Spoilers for the Gale part of tonight's ep:

where i overthink every single second, kthx )

one screencap for each second! )

The new fall season is so v. far away. :|