23 April 2009 @ 03:00 am
the luke and noah show  
ATWT, 4-21 )

Help, y'all. I'm trying to sort out the current storyline timeline. )

• Seeing Fast & Furious again today! The guy at the ticket window recognizes me at this point alkfjas. "F&F girl, hey." But I literally can't stop. It's like the best crack. AND I NEEDS MY FIX YO.

• Last two days it was nearly 100°F. Tonight I could cut glass with my nipples, and I have like, three sweatshirts on. Schizo weather is schizo.

• Y'know, I never realized how hectic the tennis schedule was for the players. Monte Carlo just ended and already they're in Barcelona practicing. I know not everyone plays in every tournament, but still. Hectic! And still Rafa looks lovely and rested. And adorable. Always, always adorable with his cuuuurly hair. ) Also, being so near, I have my fingers crossed that Rafa will, at some point, cross paths with my boys at FC Barcelona. I want my obsessions fandoms to collide SO BADLY. Real Madrid who?

...I laughed so loud I scared my girl cat, Ella, off the couch. --Simon in one of his articles

Wait. Ella isn't living with daddy Randy? :*(

Jake ended up having to leave the luncheon early due to a really personal emergency. --here

Oh, Jakeface. :*(
05 January 2009 @ 01:36 pm
the luke and noah show  
The long-winded version adlfjas.

ATWT, 12-23 )

ATWT, 12-30 )

And lemme just end on this note: Jake making the "Top 10 Most Improved Soap Star" list. Hell, yeah. That's my boy. ♥
12 November 2008 @ 12:24 pm
the luke and noah show  
Somewhere out there in a forum near you, there are some major spoilers floating about. I WANT TO READ THEM SO BAD. Sometimes being a spoiler virgin really blows. But, no! I will remain strong. It always pays off. Allll-ways.

"You're still a winner to me."

The extra between them all *mmmboykissesandlove* makes me grin. She pretty much represents all of Nuke fandom. <3 Meanwhile, Casey is looking at her ass aldjfa.

Caught up on Nuke for today's ep. Oh, boys. You're trying to kill me. )

Lookit Van in his velvet coat! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID VELVET COAT, PPL. And yet he still looks smokin' hot. That is talent kthx. I have my fingers crossed that photos of Jake from the same event (24th Annual Artios Awards... I don't even know what that is) will pop up. Cos you know they color coordinated like boyfriends are supposta.

VAN = KEVIN BACON. Or Bacon flavored, anyway, since he will be in Dance Dance Revolution, a production "...riffing on fizzy dance musicals like Flashdance and death sport movies such as Rollerball, Dance Dance Revolution is set in an Orwellian society where dance is illegal." BRB DYING.

And if it weren't for my [ profile] cabbers ♥, I would've missed that gem. AND THAT IS UNTHINKABLE. It's prolly over at the forums, but I think we're already established I'm paranoid of spoilers and those suckers pop up when you least expect it. Dude. Know what LJ needs? A Van/Nuke newsletter for paranoid users like me. I heart the Nuke comms we do have, but they are sadly lacking in up-to-date news.

• Speaking of newsletters. Remember [ profile] _in_babylon? Wha' happened? It usta be my lifeline to all things QaF. :\ *pokes*

• Tell me I'm not the only one immensely amused by how the IMDb's *this forum is for Gale, not OT posts* post goes OT. And for the record, I really do hate the OT posts.

• The new userinfo is so... wide and long. Kinney and I approve.
07 August 2008 @ 06:49 am
oh, baby  
Well, huh. Turns out Luke and Noah calling each other "baby" in fic makes me just as O.o as Brian and Justin doing it. Which, gotta admit, mildly surprises me. If it was going to fly with any couple, you'd think it'd be the touchy-feely-romantic Luke/Noah. But nope. My eye still twitches.

Hmm, more I think about it, I'm not sure there is any slash pairing that could use "baby" in a serious way (I can totally hear B/J snarking it to each other) and not make me gag. And yet I know people use this word everyday and it's okay. But have me read one, "You know I love you, baby!" and eye? Twitching! Crazy, I tell ya.

Oh, wait! Emmett could totally pull it off. Okay, so Em/Drew. But that's it.

Daytime Emmy pics! I doodled about the night, but never got to squee over the actual pics. SO NOW I *SQUEEEEEE*. And generally just gather the photos together in one post because I am OCD like that aldfja. Icons soon.

+12 )

Thank goodness Luke's gonna be on today. I'd rather it was L/N, but, baby, anything before August 18 is looking good to me. And I mean that, baby.
22 June 2008 @ 12:44 am
the vantime emmys  
Damn. :(

Well, he didn't win. Least he was looking fiiiiiine.


So, this started off as trying my hand out at doodling Van and turned into a doodle re-enactment of Emmy night. ;D Planned to post this last night, but once I started drifting off to sleep--TWICE--at the keyboard, decided the coding should wait til tonight adlfjlkj.

and the winner is... )

More fabulous pics at [ profile] van_daily. ♥

Now I really want to do this with a G/R event aldfja. OR ALFLKJDALKJ. QaF Eps: A Reedoodle Production! OMG OMG OMG.
19 June 2008 @ 02:50 pm
it just isn't officially summer until a mountain goes up in flames  

My neighborhood is on fire again. :| Proof I'm CA-born: After my initial "OMGAMGONNADIE!" reaction when I looked out the window this morning, I'm left with this omgsointense craving for BBQ adslja. The air just smells so good. So grilled BBQ chicken for dinner it is! Ohh. I can hear the flames through the 'copter sounds. Flames eating, oddly enough, sound like a lot of flags snapping around in a strong wind. Well, that's scary/neat!

DAYTIME EMMYS TOMORROW OMG. Van is up for an award, but I think I'm actually more excited that he and Jake are presenting. Here's hoping for inappropriate touching on stage. *fingers crossed*
06 May 2008 @ 09:38 pm
this breaking news brought to you by the year 2007, heh.  
So, hey, Van is ever so gaygaygay. Shocking, I know. ;) And like Boobs wisely says, I wouldn't doubt that the "sources" were Van and Tyler themselves. Especially in light of all the support Perez had been giving Van and the Nuke pairing lately, plus how P&G wouldn't let Van officially come out. Will be interesting where Van takes it from here. All this? Makes me reminisce about when Gale came out as straight, up to and including the fangirls who refused to believe. Only in reverse. But just as amusing!

Jake? Still straight. SO FAR.

And because mentioning Van without Jake is like posting about Randy without some Gale: AN OMGSOHOT JAKE PHOTO a la a tip from my suzvoySuzy-Q. THE HIP THRUST/THUMB HOOKED IN THE JEANS/SHIRT TUG TRIPLE THREAT COMBO IS KILLING ME. And then further down, there is one of Van. The I... GUH. Also, red is so that boy's color. And then further down below THAT, there is one of them together. Van = barefoot and SITTING IN JAKE'S LAP.

Seriously, how are they so pretty?

Okay, onto their simultaneously gay alter egos!

today's nuke ep )