26 June 2007 @ 12:15 am
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!!!!!!!! Oh, sanami276Alexwife, THANK YOU! You have blessed me with things eljay and I think you know just how much that makes me squee and send text hearts your way.

• Flu germs found and attacked me this weekend like crazed fangirls on Gale's treasure trail. The only way I can type is if I put Kleenex up my nose. And I sneeze a lot. Now picture those two things together. Kinney and I are in a sea of tissue confetti asldjkas.

Random entry from a filmmaker blog that made me laugh and wish I had the security footage: Interesting sidenote to the sidenote: I have actually walked into a celebrity before. Peter Paige (of Queer As Folk) walked up to a security guard the same time I did. We were both frisked and then went to walk into the building at the same time. Boom! We smacked into each other. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry," I said embarrassedly. We both took a step back, paused, and then stepped forward again. Boom! He started laughing. I freaked out, turned red from head to tie, made a noise like a little squeak, and then ran up the stairs like Cinderella in reverse. Oh, god, I bet that scene was priceless. I ♥ Peter's laugh. :D

• Apparently there was Gale wank over at imdb and I MISSED IT. How am I supposed to properly mock teh stupid when things get deleted? HOW, I ASK, HOW. :(( The original post was reportedly so vile, it got removed by an admin within 20 mins of being reported. That's not just wank, that's, like, meta-Gale-wank. AM DYING HERE WITH THE NOT KNOWING, PEOPLE.

At least drunken!Randy climbed a pole to keep me entertained. Thighs of supaah strength, as Gale can attest, no doubt. Now I wonder who would win in a wrestling contest...

• I miss my paddieswife. :((