12 November 2008 @ 12:24 pm
the luke and noah show  
Somewhere out there in a forum near you, there are some major spoilers floating about. I WANT TO READ THEM SO BAD. Sometimes being a spoiler virgin really blows. But, no! I will remain strong. It always pays off. Allll-ways.

"You're still a winner to me."

The extra between them all *mmmboykissesandlove* makes me grin. She pretty much represents all of Nuke fandom. <3 Meanwhile, Casey is looking at her ass aldjfa.

Caught up on Nuke for today's ep. Oh, boys. You're trying to kill me. )

Lookit Van in his velvet coat! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID VELVET COAT, PPL. And yet he still looks smokin' hot. That is talent kthx. I have my fingers crossed that photos of Jake from the same event (24th Annual Artios Awards... I don't even know what that is) will pop up. Cos you know they color coordinated like boyfriends are supposta.

VAN = KEVIN BACON. Or Bacon flavored, anyway, since he will be in Dance Dance Revolution, a production "...riffing on fizzy dance musicals like Flashdance and death sport movies such as Rollerball, Dance Dance Revolution is set in an Orwellian society where dance is illegal." BRB DYING.

And if it weren't for my [ profile] cabbers ♥, I would've missed that gem. AND THAT IS UNTHINKABLE. It's prolly over at the forums, but I think we're already established I'm paranoid of spoilers and those suckers pop up when you least expect it. Dude. Know what LJ needs? A Van/Nuke newsletter for paranoid users like me. I heart the Nuke comms we do have, but they are sadly lacking in up-to-date news.

• Speaking of newsletters. Remember [ profile] _in_babylon? Wha' happened? It usta be my lifeline to all things QaF. :\ *pokes*

• Tell me I'm not the only one immensely amused by how the IMDb's *this forum is for Gale, not OT posts* post goes OT. And for the record, I really do hate the OT posts.

• The new userinfo is so... wide and long. Kinney and I approve.
15 December 2007 @ 05:02 am
gale/randy flip-flop. in my bullet points, at least.  

• Oh, Justin. You are a v. bendy boy. Sometimes it re-surprises me outta the blue adfajk. I mean, even his toes are all *acrobatic*. What? Oh, I'm sure I have no idea how how that HOLY MOLY IMPRESSIVE crotch shot made it in there. Though I am sure it is v. bendy too, just hopefully not at inopportune times. *cough* But I do know what lovely made those icons, she be my wife, Gio. ♥

• Most awesomest subject title on Gale's imdb: Does he smoke weed? But now the thread is gone. GONE! I always forget that dupid board deletes older posts.

[ profile] randy_daily <--But... but, wasn't it being used and stuff? I keep meaning to ask wha' happened. Cos, sadness. RANDY NEEDS A PLACE TO BE PRETTY ON A DAILY BASIS. :((

• My daily dose of iconmaker horror: Saw an icon of mine being used and was all :D .... then quickly jumped to D: when I realized it had a spelling error aflkjadj. OH FLIST YOU LET ME DOWN. YOU KNOW I'M SPESHUL AND NEED TO BE MONITORED. So, um, yeah. That's fixed now. Was the "gratiutous" :| crotch shot from the Gale's Anatomy batch, in case you have that one. Gale crotch. That's just fun to type. Gale crotch. GALE CROTCH. Gaaaale. Crrrrrotch. Lotsa crotch talk in this post alsdj. Brian would approve.

Perhaps quite telling is that not a single Hollywood actor, even those who are out, would respond to interview requests for this article, including former "Queer As Folk" actor Robert Gant... I WONDER IF THEY CONTACTED ONE MR. RANDOLPH HARRISON AND WERE TOLD TO TALK TO THE HAND.

• There was no Gale on my Must-See Thursday teevee. It was as hard as I thought it would be. *sad grabby hands*
26 June 2007 @ 12:15 am
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Expires: Nov 2, 2007 & Aug 11, 2008

!!!!!!!! Oh, sanami276Alexwife, THANK YOU! You have blessed me with things eljay and I think you know just how much that makes me squee and send text hearts your way.

• Flu germs found and attacked me this weekend like crazed fangirls on Gale's treasure trail. The only way I can type is if I put Kleenex up my nose. And I sneeze a lot. Now picture those two things together. Kinney and I are in a sea of tissue confetti asldjkas.

Random entry from a filmmaker blog that made me laugh and wish I had the security footage: Interesting sidenote to the sidenote: I have actually walked into a celebrity before. Peter Paige (of Queer As Folk) walked up to a security guard the same time I did. We were both frisked and then went to walk into the building at the same time. Boom! We smacked into each other. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry," I said embarrassedly. We both took a step back, paused, and then stepped forward again. Boom! He started laughing. I freaked out, turned red from head to tie, made a noise like a little squeak, and then ran up the stairs like Cinderella in reverse. Oh, god, I bet that scene was priceless. I ♥ Peter's laugh. :D

• Apparently there was Gale wank over at imdb and I MISSED IT. How am I supposed to properly mock teh stupid when things get deleted? HOW, I ASK, HOW. :(( The original post was reportedly so vile, it got removed by an admin within 20 mins of being reported. That's not just wank, that's, like, meta-Gale-wank. AM DYING HERE WITH THE NOT KNOWING, PEOPLE.

At least drunken!Randy climbed a pole to keep me entertained. Thighs of supaah strength, as Gale can attest, no doubt. Now I wonder who would win in a wrestling contest...

• I miss my paddieswife. :((