27 July 2007 @ 06:25 pm

(&hearts [ profile] jammer1027 and [ profile] pbanda for the head's up♥)

I just peed. Also, I firmly believe Randy had a pantless!Gale pressed up against the bathroom wall while this was being filmed kthx. They'll be out later and Gale will make up words and Randy will flip off the camera.

So, chances are this is an extra being filmed for a re-issue of the later seasons or full-season box set and not a whole new DVD, but STILL. V. v. exciting to think what other extras will be included. I've got my fingers crossed for the full-season box set. Would give them a chance to make up to us the horror that was S5 packaging. Ah, yes. We remember you well, Rosie!arm.

And this Nov release date (just in time for cmas, heh) is actually good timing for me. I've been mentally gearing myself up to FINALLY watch 513 this August on its airing anniversary. Cos I'm ridiculously romantic like that.

And in case I hadn't peed enough with excitement, Blogathon starts tomorrow. BLOGATHON, PEOPLE!!! Only one of my favoritest days in the world and for such good causes. ALSO, SO MUCH INSANE FUN. So, be at [ profile] lizathon and [ profile] sev_4_blogathon starting tomorrow morning (6 a.m. PT) or I will send Ted to confiscate all your porn.

Is anybody else from our v. gay fandom doing Blogathon? Lemme know if you are, I'll totally stalk you like my hero Justin. ♥