21 May 2009 @ 04:20 am
12 things that are making me happy even though I have a new hole in my mouth  
1. I no longer feel like I'm gonna die, yay! Seeee ya wisdom tooth, wouldn't wanna be ya! My jaw is still throbbing, but I suspect part of that is from the bzillion shots I needed. I counted at least 20 jabs. Curse my inhuman resistance to numbing drugs!

2. My new BFF, Extra Strength Tylenol. I still dribble water out the side of my mouth when taking it, but I don't even care.

3. Pupsitting! One wiggly, pudgy body and Pug-snorts of joy at seeing me totally make up for less than a full day of Tooth Yankage recovery time before having to pack my things and come here for the week.

4. Gale's movie Passenger Side at the LA Film Fest! If only I knew I'd be around by then. GALE COULD BE THERE OMG.

5. Randy pics from The Singing Forest. His shirt is so thin. I was totally looking for nipple. )

6. My Barcelona boys winning things left and right cos they're awesome. Now to just nail the Champions League next week. I neeeeeed for this to happen, kthx world.

7. Watched Lost's fantastically mind-bending finale. Warning: ALLCAPS O' DOOM. )

8. Van's little soap-acting self getting nommed for a Daytime Emmy! \:D/

9. New Rob Thomas CD within weeks. Nevermind how the cover makes me think Rob is going to come kill me in my sleep.

10. The Phlochte luv, yo. I swear, Michael Fred's choice of swimwear will never not amuse me. FLOWERY NEON PENIS, YOU GUYS.

11. Finishing the coverart for Growing Up Kinney. Woot! That was giving me some serious stress. Next up is to read the first part of the Cancer Justin Has Cancer series and figure out how to tackle that.

18 May 2009 @ 04:53 am
orange is the new pink  
Desperate Housewives finale. )

Gale scenes HERE, thanks to [profile] mwil298. Go, watch! Behold the glorious Galeness. :X
11 May 2009 @ 05:56 am
I really want to torch that fugly pink shirt.

01 May 2009 @ 02:56 pm
• OMG, [ profile] shape5, guess what I'm wearing at this v. moment akjfsl;fjsljas. Only the v. most awesomest FCB hat evah! I think you should know that there was a lot of bouncing and squealing involved when the package was opened, before I quickly pulled my ponytail through the back and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and did some more bouncing. :D :D :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!

• Still working on the Nuke recap (wow, they got a lot of airtime!), but this pretty much sums up the last few eps. )

• Things are going swimmingly in Rome with my tennis boys. There could be a Fedal final this Sunday. I peepeed a little just typing that. Also, how is it just seeing Roger's ballet toes and shadow makes me so giddy? )

• Know what else is Sunday? GALEFACE ON DH. More peepee time. Oh, you know that new interview?

I thought he was holding a cigarette at first and my eyes bugged out. Then he moved and it was the building behind him alsdjfa. Also, he is still adorkable. )

Gale's accident used as a lawyer ad. Classy. :|
27 April 2009 @ 05:40 am
the luke and noah show, plus gale and tennis and teevee  
ATWT, 4-23 )

Barcelona: Rafa vs. Ferrer )

• And Rome starts this week! Roger's already there, Rafa's due to join him soon in bed. Hectic schedule, I'm telling ya! And yet still Roger has a better manicure than I do. ) Also, ESPN/FSN's lack o' coverage of all things tennis lately is bumming me out.

• Gale was in the DH previews for next Sunday, woot! Few quickie caps. And spoilers, but just from what's said in the clip. And, really, if you read the few articles from Gale's recent whirlwind mediaslutdom, ain't nothing you don't already know, yo. )

• New Lost this week, woot!

• Been slowly catching up on Private Practice. I'm still an ep behind, I think. But two things, so far. )

• Photobucket going directly to that tagging page now after an upload is hella annoying.

• My modem's been acting wonky. So if I vanish suddenly for a long while, you'll, uh, know why.
16 April 2009 @ 03:36 am
*pets the gale*  

Yup, Gale in police-style shades = still fucking hot. And that blue shirt. ♥

One more pic and the mini article with a Gale quote about being hard. Or playing hard. I tuned out to my happy place when I read 'hard'. )


Did you watch the show after your accident?
I didn’t because I was a little worried about seeing something about my death delivered by letter—Jackson drowned in his cereal yesterday morning.

And that is why I love Gale. The end.

Rest of the Galeified TV Guide interview. )


Cos then he was on ET and was all wise as only Gale can be. "I had... an unfortunate dance with a motorcycle." ALDFKJASLK. "I was very fortunate to make it through. But I made it through, very well, and blessed with very good friends." Shout out to the QaF peeps, hell yeah. *gangsta hand pump up* My favorite part was him doing the blurry-lensed slow-walk down the street, looking all confused off to the side aldfkjas. [ profile] wildsweetcool has caps here and I heart her.

Also, I'm impressed he was actually Gale Harold and not Howard in all these news bits so far. Score!


Cos, heck, how about those new DH promo photos of Gale? And by new, I mean two weeks old. Cos I'm awesome like that. )

In conclusion: Hello, flist. :X
03 April 2009 @ 07:35 am
miami, galeface and fast cars with hot boys  
Rafa vs. Del Potro )

Gale loves us! Or a working paycheck, whatev. You know it's really all about his love for us. Full DH article. Hint of spoilers, so be careful. )

WELL HAI FAST AND FURIOUS DAY. I'm about ready to pee, y'all. I've only been waiting 8 years for this movie. EIGHT YEARS OF WAITING TO SEE DOM AND BRIAN HUMP EACH OTHER WITH THEIR EYES ON SCREEN AGAIN.

Where I cap the handful of Dom/Brian scenes and point and squee. Plus a few behind the scenes pics. )
23 March 2009 @ 05:36 pm
Gale/DH spoiler kinda, but not really  
But cut just in case. )
23 March 2009 @ 05:15 pm
he's aliiiiiiiive \:D/  

THAT EXPRESSION ALKDJFSLG. Getting picture taken = like he just sat on something uncomfortable. Oh, Galeface, I HAVE MISSED YOU, YOU DORK. These just have everything I love. Gale! Beard! Dorky expression! ♥ OMG, I just noticed his suit has a lizard texture pattern FTW. From the Elton John Oscar Party Feb 22. Dude. Our boy was at an Oscar Party. Let me repeat that. Our boy was at an Oscar Party. PLZ TELL ME YOU MADE SOME IMPORTANT HOLLYWOOD CONTACTS AND NOW HAVE YOUR OWN REALITY SHOW CALLED "MY LIFE AS GAIL HOWARD" KTHX.

+3 )
18 March 2009 @ 12:09 am

I want to go to there.