20 February 2006 @ 02:01 pm
The Olympics: G/R Style  

We're laughing with you, Gale, honest.

[ profile] marishna asks for Olympic pic spam, my poo nipple gets Olympic pic spam. Hopefully have a new one each day until the Olympics are over. Which I think is, um... some time next week?

In other news, What I Have Done This Morning:

- had coffee with some bad!fic

- pasted-on heds, omg!

- made sweet, sweet love to Gio on YM

- searched teh internets for little yellow man porn. See? (OMG IF YOU POSSESS LYM PORN, PLZ BE WITH THE SHARING OKAY. I LOVE YOU LONG TIME.)

- watched Dawson's Creek while eating fresh-made waffles

I just gotta say, unemployment is really agreeing with me so far.