13 November 2007 @ 10:44 pm
teevee time - monday  
I'm supposed to be sleeping, but I have this sinus headache from hell and laying down is pounding torture, ow. So teevee talk it is! I've been way behind on my watching, but, lookout, I'm starting to catch up. This was originally gonna be one giant teevee post of all the shows I've been watching, but I forgot the simple fact that I tend to babble like whoa and it got too long with just these three shows and I kinda intimidated myself, heh. So I decided to break it up by day.

But first, a couple teevee topics:

writer's strike )

green week on nbc )

Okay, onto Mondays:

chuck )

heroes )

journeyman )

And this isn't teevee related, but LJ's new Snapshot feature? If it were living, I'd reach into its tiny little chest and rip out its still-beating heart. Dial-up and previewing webpages do not mix, bitch.