23 October 2007 @ 02:22 pm
*smokey cough*  
• OMG, hello from SoCal, where we have gorgeous weather and actors by the name of Mr. Howard, but we also have omgscaryassfires this time of year. TWELVE current fires so far, I believe the last count was. Look at us funny and we'll burst into flames, yo. >.<

I'm v. safe, thank you all for the emails! We still have a Red Flag warning because of the winds, but so far no danger of evacuation. On the "upside", everything smells reallyreally good around here. It's like being in the middle of a campground. And the sky was vivid orange! The sunsets for the next weeks are gonna kick ass.

• I almost wouldn't mind all the ash covering everything if Gale & Randy: Firefighters showed up at my doorstep. ;D

• I take perverse joy in knowing that Gale is also suffering from major heat (100 degrees, WTF), no doubt coughing from all the smoke and doing his best to stand up straight from wind gusts like me. WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE THE SOCAL 2007 FIRES, GALEFACE. ♥

• There's the CA Fire News Blog for anyone interested. And is also a good place for news/photos.

and now a more serious look )
24 October 2006 @ 08:36 am
cockalicious mail call, baby  
OMG [ profile] sanami276, ALDKFJASLKDFJASLKFDJA!!!!!1


I started soon as I opened it. And your handwriting is JUST like I thought it would be! All curvy and artistic and fun just like you. Everything you wrote - you know I feel the same about you, right? Cos I do, big time. ♥ Of course, it took me awhile to realize there was even writing inside because the card itself was so fucking gorgeous alkdfjasd. Seriously, I had to flatten and scan it -- not only to make it MY NEW WALLPAPER OMG -- but also to brag about your talent. Girl, you're an artiste like Justin. But I already knew this. ;)

ooooh and awww with me, people )

And as if this wasn't enough to give me a happy sugar high, my twin [ profile] moose74 sent me my v. own copy of Gale's DW eps. MFACE, I &hearts you! And I miss you like whoa.