30 June 2007 @ 01:46 pm
randyoke, aka a do-it-yourself randy video  

And karaoke season has begun.

Though I am disappointed in the stalkers, er, local appreciators of Randy's artisitc talent Michaels patrons. THIS IS WHAT YOUR CELL PHONE CAMERAS WERE INVENTED FOR OMG. (And YouTube, cos you know how happy that would make Simon.)

Want the full experience? No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age <--Download the actual song Randy is crooning and then scroll up and down really fast passed the photos under the cut. It's like Randy's singing for you! And humping his butt! In the Checkered Vans of Awesomeness!

how randy got his groove back )

P.S. Am so behind in comments and emails, I know, promise to work on 'em ASAP! :X