26 August 2008 @ 06:24 am
and now, back to our regularly scheduled galeface  

Download the clip--> sendspace | megaupload | YouTube | ExtraTV (My undying gratitude to [ profile] pixiebullets for the original video. ♥)

OMG, Gale, the hair, what the hell? I just, I want Randy to text you that Brian called and wants his hair back. I guess I should really be glaring at Marc Cherry, since he must've deemed your head righteous.

Atleast there is still the voice of sex. And the holy back. THE HOLY BACK YOU GUYS. I have missed you, back. I am glad you are, well, back. Look at all that Gale in just a few minutes worth of video. Seriously, aside from the Girls, Gale shows up the most in scenes. Even compared to his fellow Eye Candy actor. Gale: 5, Neal: 2. If, y'know, I was keeping score. *cough*

and really, would it be me if there weren't a g/r version of the smooch? )

k, that arm is killing me )

the tvguide scan )

27 January 2008 @ 09:57 am
gale likes girls. 100% without a doubt. yup, i chuckled, too.  
I've worked closely with Gale personally, and I can assure you without a doubt that he is 100% straight. He was dating Jennifer Blake (the actress) for a while, but I'm pretty sure that they've split by now. -- here

Oh, Gale. You will always be a little bit gay to me. Anyway, no idea if there's any truth to the dating info. It is the wonderful world of the internets afterall, where the bullshit comes to live and multiply. And not only that, but we're talking the imdb here. Yeah. Exactly. But, y'all. I have Galewithdrawal something right awful, so I'll happily take a rainy Sunday afternoon overanalyzing casually playing "what if they dated".

So, um, Jennifer Blake. I.. .do not know who that is aldfa. Which, ironically, lessens my natural suspicion. Cos you know I'd be all *uhhuhsure* if the OP was all "OMG I WORKS WITH GALE AND HE TOTALLY WAS MACKING WITH DREW BARRYMORE LOLZ!!!" Actually, I take that back because Gale/Drew would be awesome and I'd desperately want to believe that gossip alfdkja. Imagine their charming incoherence on the red carpet and pretty babies with speech impediments! But, um, anyway. You know what I mean; would automatically be more suspicious if it was someone with a huge Hollywood name. Did a quickie search, and discounting a child actress and a producer, I think the mystery woman must be Jennifer R. Blake.

she's purdy )

then i wanted to see them together )

ETA: Um. The JB name has shown up in the past. Am officially creeped out.
04 September 2007 @ 01:12 pm
queer cover art  

Hi, white DVD boxes are a bitch to keep clean. Just ask my scuffed S2 box. :|

That said, I don't hate it. I really like the simple, clean lines. Even if it does look like a Hostess donut box.

I am disappointed, though. Deep down, I knew they wouldn't pay for new art work, but still, I'd hoped, y'know? And then I'd thought, well, if they do bastardize old cover art, please, oh, god, please let it be from S3. That season's art was the highlight of all art for me. Brian's in the forefront looking all sexy/emo with his perfect hair, Justin's right over Brian's shoulder where he should be with his perfect hair. Er, yeah, the hair is important. Michael and his family on Brian's other side, the girls waaay in the back. All perfect placement! Add in the dramatic black with the blue disco ball/Babylon-esque background and it's quintessential QaF. And black is easier to keep unscuffed kthx. :P

But, hey, this one doesn't make my eyes bleed! And really, that's not something you can take for granted when dealing with our big ole gay show's packaging. So, yay!

Wait, there's something wrong. *cocks head*

okay, there we go, this is the version i want )

OMG OKAY THE FUN PART NOW. All this talk of cover art got me all nosy about which y'all favored. And it gave me an excuse to give LJ my poll virginity. I hope it calls me in the morning like it promised.

most important poll thingie )
29 June 2006 @ 06:36 am
*dies* high school randy *dies*  

Oh, Randypants. You are adorable. And look 12. I want to bake you cookies.


dude, justin doesn't look as young now )

randy and gale's yearbook photo, omg )

14 June 2006 @ 04:31 am
promo mcpromopants  
New Vanished promos, yay! [ profile] bkinney71 and [ profile] jammer1027 love us. They really do. Thanks, guys! ♥

Promo 5 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 6 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Getting some pointers from the experts.

new gale scenes, omg )
27 February 2006 @ 11:17 am
vanished, omg  
I walked out of the house this morning with a Post-It accidentally stuck to my sweater. And I didn't notice for several blocks. I am awesome.

vanished - casting spoilers )


And yes, Fact: Gale could get work in a Full House movie as Uncle Jesse, complete with I-love-the-80's mullet, and I'd be clapping like a fool and making icons.


Fandom, oh, fandom. I need a fandom job. One with like, a paycheck. Better yet, Gio and I decided: She's going to run Fox's website, and I really need to look into that set assistant job for Gale. I could coach him before his interviews and schedule his nights off with Randy. Hmn, I don't like using the phone, so he's kinda on his own for that. Or we'd just let the answering machine pick everything up. But, um... I'm, you know, I'm down with everything else. I WOULD EVEN BUY HIS WEED OKAY.

You know?