20 October 2008 @ 02:50 pm
"...every day he is making improvements."  
Gale updates from the weekend to now. )

Also, to put minds at ease. I've had alarmed e-mails ask me about more info on how Gale lay unconscious and alone for hours before he was found, how it was a drunk driver who hit him, or a darting animal, etc. None of that was fact. Best of my knowledge, all that started on the IMDB with a few speculating. We actually don't know much about the details, and that's the way it should be (even though I reallyreally wanna know, heh).

At least until Galeface does his next interview and gives us the story, complete with "y'knows" and made-up words like "my motorcycleivity was interrupted..." ♥

Desperate Housewives: 504 )

I feel a Gale DH picspam coming on. *nods* Anyways, also caught up on some of the older season eps.

Desperate Housewives: up to 214 )

Remember this past Saturday game with L.A. Galaxy vs. Houston I was looking forward to? )
16 October 2008 @ 04:10 am
when stressing, marathon teevee eps all night!  
But first, Galeface updates. )

House. Just so happens House and Wilson are still so OTP and have the power to make me squee into my couch pillows. 'Nough said. Y'know, I think I'm finally getting used to House's shorter hair. *cocks head* I think.

And how about some Ugly Betty. )

My L.A. Galaxy boys played some of zee soccer this past Sunday, therefore I squee. L.A. Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids. )

Randomness: "Sedaris Picks Up a Pen: Amy Sedaris has a deal with 20th Century Fox TV to create, write and star in a comedy series project. Sedaris will pen the script with her writing partner Paul Dinello, who also is attached to direct. The project will be co-produced by David Letterman's Worldwide Pants."


Okay, my bed is finally calling to me for a few hours sleep.