01 May 2009 @ 02:56 pm
• OMG, [ profile] shape5, guess what I'm wearing at this v. moment akjfsl;fjsljas. Only the v. most awesomest FCB hat evah! I think you should know that there was a lot of bouncing and squealing involved when the package was opened, before I quickly pulled my ponytail through the back and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and did some more bouncing. :D :D :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!

• Still working on the Nuke recap (wow, they got a lot of airtime!), but this pretty much sums up the last few eps. )

• Things are going swimmingly in Rome with my tennis boys. There could be a Fedal final this Sunday. I peepeed a little just typing that. Also, how is it just seeing Roger's ballet toes and shadow makes me so giddy? )

• Know what else is Sunday? GALEFACE ON DH. More peepee time. Oh, you know that new interview?

I thought he was holding a cigarette at first and my eyes bugged out. Then he moved and it was the building behind him alsdjfa. Also, he is still adorkable. )

Gale's accident used as a lawyer ad. Classy. :|
16 April 2009 @ 03:36 am
*pets the gale*  

Yup, Gale in police-style shades = still fucking hot. And that blue shirt. ♥

One more pic and the mini article with a Gale quote about being hard. Or playing hard. I tuned out to my happy place when I read 'hard'. )


Did you watch the show after your accident?
I didn’t because I was a little worried about seeing something about my death delivered by letter—Jackson drowned in his cereal yesterday morning.

And that is why I love Gale. The end.

Rest of the Galeified TV Guide interview. )


Cos then he was on ET and was all wise as only Gale can be. "I had... an unfortunate dance with a motorcycle." ALDFKJASLK. "I was very fortunate to make it through. But I made it through, very well, and blessed with very good friends." Shout out to the QaF peeps, hell yeah. *gangsta hand pump up* My favorite part was him doing the blurry-lensed slow-walk down the street, looking all confused off to the side aldfkjas. [ profile] wildsweetcool has caps here and I heart her.

Also, I'm impressed he was actually Gale Harold and not Howard in all these news bits so far. Score!


Cos, heck, how about those new DH promo photos of Gale? And by new, I mean two weeks old. Cos I'm awesome like that. )

In conclusion: Hello, flist. :X
19 December 2008 @ 01:40 am
galeface + the luke and noah show  
I don't care how many times you rip my magazines or send my mail to the horny neighbors, Mr. Mailman. I know that deep down, you like me. Cos I got your sweet card, paddiesGioface! One day we will open our penis-shaped cookie bakery and live above it in a loft that looks just like Brian's and be together all the time, don't you worry. Cos I love you. And cookies. And penises. But you, most of all. Merry early cmas, wife! :X :X :X

Speaking of mailboxes, mine is stuffed with Gale alerts. There was a couple E! articles on him, but if you don't want to bother with reading 'em, allow me to use these handy-dandy lj-cuts to sum up.



Considering we just had Gale himself say he'd be back + report that he'd already done a voiceover + Scott's "miraculous" healing quote + Marc Cherry repeatedly saying he's keeping Gale's job open for him, I'm mostly *waves dismissing hand* about it all.

Though the "tremendous amount of pain" thing has me sadfacing. Hopefully the medical ganja is helping there, heh, assuming it's true. No doubt the recent cold weather here isn't feeling real good to the shoulder. That sucker has to ache. But it didn't keep him from the theatre or a little work on set, so that's gotta be good news. Right? Right. *firm nod*

Hey, Luke was on ATWT yesterday and you'll never guess what happened! )

LJ fixed the glitch with my pinkless links, yay! ...and now my post titles are non-bolded links. Keeping me on my toes, LJ, keeping me on my toes.
17 December 2008 @ 05:33 am
the luke and noah (and gale) show  
I zipped to the Kirk Douglas Theatre to see The Little Dog Laughed ... Sitting way in the penultimate row, hiding his scruffiness under a cap, was Gale Harold. Yes, the recently hospitalized actor is up and about. We can reveal exclusively that he’ll be returning to Desperate Housewives after the holiday break. --here

SCRUFFY OMG. All that info and that's what I latch onto the hardest, heh. I mean, we already knew he was fine and would be back after the holiday. BUT SCRUFFY OMG. Where are the Gale stalkers with their camera phones when I need them? I'm going to imagine he was wearing his choo-choo hat, seeing as it is only the greatest hat that ever sat upon his adorkable head.

And since I wasn't around to squee about this before, OMG 195 USERICONS. I can finally stop murdering defenseless icons to make room for others. Their tiny death cries were keeping me up at night.

ATWT time! Let's get our Luke on. Noah's still MIA. ) I miss The Luke and Noah Show.

You know what? Luke has been having a really good wardrobe month! Behold the wonder! )

The Have Lunch With Van and Jake Auction went for $8000. Holy moly. For that kinda money, I'd definitely be asking them to make out with each other for that entire lunch.

Huh. My layout suddenly won't display links in pink anymore. Everything is showing up like a visited link. Stop being crappy, LJ.
03 December 2008 @ 06:59 am
"...please know that he continues to thrive and heal."  
Finally, to the (what seems like) hundreds of you who have written in with questions or messages of support for Gale please know that he continues to thrive and heal. The rapidity and amazing degree of his recovery has been truly miraculous and I have no doubt that your good wishes and energy sent his way have aided in this. So thank YOU ALL. --Scott Lowell here | here

In other words, stop emailing. Heh. Also, YAY MIRACULOUS GALE. Nothing really new with this update, I know, but I'm all for good news. Even if it's rerun good news.

I sent him balloons. No, I haven't spoken to him. I'm in touch with him through Scott Lowell, a fellow Chicago boy who played Ted. Scott is there every day with Gale and he writes us on the internet and tells us how he's doing. He's fine. --Sharon Gless here | here

Scott is there every day. And created a mail loop where he sends Gale Health Updates to everyone aldfkja. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE SUBJECT LINES FOR THOSE WERE. "Gale feeling better, remembered he liked pot today. And Randy's ass." Like I needed another reason to love Scott more. I so wish I shipped those two for some RPS. Dude, there should be Gale/Scott BFF fic.

And why yes, I am just now catching up on old stuff from last week, how'd you guess? I have just begun to spam! ...and now I'm humming the Monty Python song.

Anyway, was skimming the other Q&As on Scott's page and kept going "ALDKFASJ". Must share before my brain explodes. I've trimmed a few down, but definitely go read them all. Scott is a kick-ass woobie.

Poker, perks, pizza and pick-ups! )
21 November 2008 @ 03:30 am
"...Gale’s progress is excellent."  
Terrific news on Gale from his manager Larry. Gale’s progress is excellent. He would like to start driving again, although that is still a ways off, and is now taking lunches and beginning to run lines with friends. We are planning to do his voice over dialogue for 511 in early December. This is all very exciting and very positive. If the healing continues to progress as well over the next month he should be back with us in January. --Exec Producer, DH here | here | here

GALE IS STRONG LIKE HULK, HELL YEAH. And is taking lunches. That sounds so Hollywood, heh. And we all know he's running those lines with Randy over the phone, yup yup. Circle January 11th on your calendars! Mmm, I'm assuming the driving ban is from the jacked up shoulder and not the jacked up amnesia!brain. All total, by the time he returns in '09, it'll have been three months since the accident. Whoa.

Quickie thoughts on Desperate Housewives 508. )
30 October 2008 @ 02:22 am
"...healing nicely."  
Gale is continuing to progress but the anticipated time of healing may take a bit longer than initially hoped for. He will be released from the hospital on Friday and will have friends and family staying with him for at least a month to aid in his rehabilitation. His medical team, friends and family will work on the cognitive therapy to help rebuild his memory. He’s walking well, and healing nicely and anxious to return to his home. His shoulder will take 6-8 weeks to return to full function. His parents will remain through this week. --Exec Producer, DH here | here

Galeface. ♥ I wonder just how much of his memory he's lost. I just keep picturing them moving his coffee table and dancing with him to rebuild his memory. THAT IS SO NOT APPROPRIATE RIGHT NOW, REE, AKDFALKJ. This update makes me feel warm and fuzzy. All good news, that's the way I like it to go down, yo. And of course he's getting released on the same weekend that Randy is out of the country. *shakes tiny fist at bad timing*
28 October 2008 @ 01:58 am
"...full recovery of all functions."  
The good news continues. Gale has moved into a rehabilitation room. It is hoped that he will be released on Friday. I learned today that he does have a ruptured ear drum so his hearing is adding to the difficulty at the moment. The NeuroPsychologist believes that there will be a full recovery of all functions. His parents are in town for the week. He still tires quickly. His manager believes it best for visitors to wait until Gale is home. --Exec Producer, DH here | here | here

That ear has to hurt like a motherfucker. On the upside, bet there've been some entertaining yet confused, "What?" "What, what?" "" convos between him and, well, everyone, these past two weeks alfdsja. (TWO WEEKS! Whoa.) His parents being there this whole week, aww. Tired wee woobie. ♥

Desperate Housewives: 505 )

One day I will catch up on teevee that does not have Gale Howard in the cast.
25 October 2008 @ 03:45 am
Gale: *playing jokes* Ree: *twirls*  
All very good news today. Gale has moved into a room, information below. He is in a great mood, conversational, laughing and playing jokes on his doctors and nurses. His memory is returning and his friend has described the past 2 days as “leaps”. Still sore in the ribs and shoulder. He has begun to read emails for those of you who have it. His parents are visiting this weekend so be aware that he will be busy and most likely tired. We’ll be sending something from the company. --Exec Producer, DH here | here | here


Also, guess he got his laptop wish. ;)

Hmm, I wonder what they'll send.
23 October 2008 @ 10:38 pm

--here | here <--much better pic on the 2nd one there, heh.

Never thought I'd be grateful to see that blond hair! ;)

ETA: "A full recovery is expected," said a statement from Nancy Seltzer & Associates, which represents the actor. --here Proof that the mentioned "rep for the actor" was indeed his agent.

ETA2: The news made the George Michael forum. Um, WTF, haha. --here