21 May 2009 @ 04:20 am
12 things that are making me happy even though I have a new hole in my mouth  
1. I no longer feel like I'm gonna die, yay! Seeee ya wisdom tooth, wouldn't wanna be ya! My jaw is still throbbing, but I suspect part of that is from the bzillion shots I needed. I counted at least 20 jabs. Curse my inhuman resistance to numbing drugs!

2. My new BFF, Extra Strength Tylenol. I still dribble water out the side of my mouth when taking it, but I don't even care.

3. Pupsitting! One wiggly, pudgy body and Pug-snorts of joy at seeing me totally make up for less than a full day of Tooth Yankage recovery time before having to pack my things and come here for the week.

4. Gale's movie Passenger Side at the LA Film Fest! If only I knew I'd be around by then. GALE COULD BE THERE OMG.

5. Randy pics from The Singing Forest. His shirt is so thin. I was totally looking for nipple. )

6. My Barcelona boys winning things left and right cos they're awesome. Now to just nail the Champions League next week. I neeeeeed for this to happen, kthx world.

7. Watched Lost's fantastically mind-bending finale. Warning: ALLCAPS O' DOOM. )

8. Van's little soap-acting self getting nommed for a Daytime Emmy! \:D/

9. New Rob Thomas CD within weeks. Nevermind how the cover makes me think Rob is going to come kill me in my sleep.

10. The Phlochte luv, yo. I swear, Michael Fred's choice of swimwear will never not amuse me. FLOWERY NEON PENIS, YOU GUYS.

11. Finishing the coverart for Growing Up Kinney. Woot! That was giving me some serious stress. Next up is to read the first part of the Cancer Justin Has Cancer series and figure out how to tackle that.

06 March 2009 @ 03:42 pm
this is me catching up on my boys  
New tAB pics from the oft-renamed movie. Poor movie. All untitled and confused about who it is and stuff. How is it to supposed to meet other movies on the playground without a name?

Coincidentally, this is just how I pictured him during the Simon break-up. :p How does he make that I just broke up with my boyfriend and stopped showering and my emo pain is too great to even lift a razor look appear so damned attractive? I think it's the hair. And the shirt. I approve mightily.

One more. There's a third one, but it was boring landscape. )

And looks like our busy little gay Randy bee also has a new play for April/May, The Singing Forest. And he has two parts. )


As Gale was leaving the theater, he was talking to someone and I noticed how much of a southern accent he has. ... He was wearing dark blue skinny jeans that were rolled up at the bottom, a dark blue button up, a light gray blazer, brown dress shoes, and a black and gray page boy cap. He has facial hair and his hair is getting pretty long (from what we could see poking out of his cap). | Gale had a large 35 mm camera in hand.

ALKFASLKFDJASLDKFJ. Also? His BFF Scott was with him. HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THAT?! Gale greeted Scott’s lady friend with a kiss on her cheek. AWWWWWW.

Oh, Gale, Randy, Scott. I heart my boys. Now if they'd just manage to all be in the same spot at the same time while cameras were around. *taps foot impatiently*