19 December 2008 @ 01:40 am
galeface + the luke and noah show  
I don't care how many times you rip my magazines or send my mail to the horny neighbors, Mr. Mailman. I know that deep down, you like me. Cos I got your sweet card, paddiesGioface! One day we will open our penis-shaped cookie bakery and live above it in a loft that looks just like Brian's and be together all the time, don't you worry. Cos I love you. And cookies. And penises. But you, most of all. Merry early cmas, wife! :X :X :X

Speaking of mailboxes, mine is stuffed with Gale alerts. There was a couple E! articles on him, but if you don't want to bother with reading 'em, allow me to use these handy-dandy lj-cuts to sum up.



Considering we just had Gale himself say he'd be back + report that he'd already done a voiceover + Scott's "miraculous" healing quote + Marc Cherry repeatedly saying he's keeping Gale's job open for him, I'm mostly *waves dismissing hand* about it all.

Though the "tremendous amount of pain" thing has me sadfacing. Hopefully the medical ganja is helping there, heh, assuming it's true. No doubt the recent cold weather here isn't feeling real good to the shoulder. That sucker has to ache. But it didn't keep him from the theatre or a little work on set, so that's gotta be good news. Right? Right. *firm nod*

Hey, Luke was on ATWT yesterday and you'll never guess what happened! )

LJ fixed the glitch with my pinkless links, yay! ...and now my post titles are non-bolded links. Keeping me on my toes, LJ, keeping me on my toes.
17 December 2008 @ 05:33 am
the luke and noah (and gale) show  
I zipped to the Kirk Douglas Theatre to see The Little Dog Laughed ... Sitting way in the penultimate row, hiding his scruffiness under a cap, was Gale Harold. Yes, the recently hospitalized actor is up and about. We can reveal exclusively that he’ll be returning to Desperate Housewives after the holiday break. --here

SCRUFFY OMG. All that info and that's what I latch onto the hardest, heh. I mean, we already knew he was fine and would be back after the holiday. BUT SCRUFFY OMG. Where are the Gale stalkers with their camera phones when I need them? I'm going to imagine he was wearing his choo-choo hat, seeing as it is only the greatest hat that ever sat upon his adorkable head.

And since I wasn't around to squee about this before, OMG 195 USERICONS. I can finally stop murdering defenseless icons to make room for others. Their tiny death cries were keeping me up at night.

ATWT time! Let's get our Luke on. Noah's still MIA. ) I miss The Luke and Noah Show.

You know what? Luke has been having a really good wardrobe month! Behold the wonder! )

The Have Lunch With Van and Jake Auction went for $8000. Holy moly. For that kinda money, I'd definitely be asking them to make out with each other for that entire lunch.

Huh. My layout suddenly won't display links in pink anymore. Everything is showing up like a visited link. Stop being crappy, LJ.
12 November 2008 @ 12:24 pm
the luke and noah show  
Somewhere out there in a forum near you, there are some major spoilers floating about. I WANT TO READ THEM SO BAD. Sometimes being a spoiler virgin really blows. But, no! I will remain strong. It always pays off. Allll-ways.

"You're still a winner to me."

The extra between them all *mmmboykissesandlove* makes me grin. She pretty much represents all of Nuke fandom. <3 Meanwhile, Casey is looking at her ass aldjfa.

Caught up on Nuke for today's ep. Oh, boys. You're trying to kill me. )

Lookit Van in his velvet coat! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID VELVET COAT, PPL. And yet he still looks smokin' hot. That is talent kthx. I have my fingers crossed that photos of Jake from the same event (24th Annual Artios Awards... I don't even know what that is) will pop up. Cos you know they color coordinated like boyfriends are supposta.

VAN = KEVIN BACON. Or Bacon flavored, anyway, since he will be in Dance Dance Revolution, a production "...riffing on fizzy dance musicals like Flashdance and death sport movies such as Rollerball, Dance Dance Revolution is set in an Orwellian society where dance is illegal." BRB DYING.

And if it weren't for my [ profile] cabbers ♥, I would've missed that gem. AND THAT IS UNTHINKABLE. It's prolly over at the forums, but I think we're already established I'm paranoid of spoilers and those suckers pop up when you least expect it. Dude. Know what LJ needs? A Van/Nuke newsletter for paranoid users like me. I heart the Nuke comms we do have, but they are sadly lacking in up-to-date news.

• Speaking of newsletters. Remember [ profile] _in_babylon? Wha' happened? It usta be my lifeline to all things QaF. :\ *pokes*

• Tell me I'm not the only one immensely amused by how the IMDb's *this forum is for Gale, not OT posts* post goes OT. And for the record, I really do hate the OT posts.

• The new userinfo is so... wide and long. Kinney and I approve.
13 August 2007 @ 12:34 pm
This is my journal.  
I - and I alone - have a say in what gets posted here. I don't need anyone policing what gets posted/linked/talked about. This isn't the imdb board. Don't bully other commenters. If I haven't screened a comment, chances are I didn't have an issue with whatever was said. We have different opinions on things, that's to be expected and perfectly fine. I honestly don't mind! I'm one of those people who enjoys when commenters get into related discussions amongst themselves in one of my posts. Hijack me, I like eet.

What I don't like are the drive-bys. The comments that get posted then deleted immediately so that no one has a place to continue the discussion or even acknowledge just having to agree to disagree. It's rude and makes me feel reprimanded, even if an original comment wasn't directly to me. Because it is. This is my journal, I get all the notifications. Most commenters have email contacts in their userinfo. So I can't help but take these drive-bys personal. It's obvious you want me to see whatever you have to say.

So see what I have to say: I understand where you're coming from. Beyond that, we'll agree to disagree.
03 August 2007 @ 08:34 am
and a good fucking morning to you, too  
WTF, LJ. :|

I know Justin was legal. You know Justin was legal. LJ would not consider Justin legal. They could suspend your journal permanently for fic/art without notice based on a TOS they haven't detailed and that constantly changes. That bothers me. Yes, LJ/6A owns their servers, yadayadacakes. But it still bothers me.

(Jenn's journal above is a good starting point ♥, lotsa links that will take you journal hopping around so you can get the whole story. At least from a fandom POV. Haven't heard from LJ yet. :|)
19 June 2007 @ 05:49 pm
best week ever  
• *happy place* [ profile] ellyrianna wrote the most perfect cancer!fic for meeeee over at [ profile] qaf_giftxchnge. It's full of these perfect moments that are quietly sweet and painful and real and raw and perfectly in-character and I do so love her Brian and Justin. Have I mentioned it's perfect? ♥ Maybe by tomorrow I'll stop rereading it and actually read some of the other stuff there. Maybe!

• Do I look freaked out and desperate? Cos I've been without internet and Kinney for three days. I swear I'm like a baby monkey now, clinging to LJ like it's my momma. IT WAS SUCH A DARK PERIOD IN MY LIFE, PEOPLE. So I braved the real world and spent lots of time at the beach applying sunscreen (sadly only to my own body) and even went to the prettypretty botanical gardens where I pretended to be a world-known nature photographer! )

*flails* Permanent account sales start this week aldfkjas. Forget having no internet! Because between the cancer!fic of perfectness and surviving The El Diablo Incident of '07 and now permanent account week, I am having the best week ever! /VH-1 voice

• And now it's only gonna get better since tonight IS MS. KATHY & HER D-LIST SHENANIGANS NIGHT IN FOUR HOURS, WOOT! Well, dad!trauma aside aldfjas.