22 June 2007 @ 12:54 pm
studio 60, i love you  
I am so going to miss this show when it leaves me like Brian missed Justin when he went to Hollywood. Only without the awkward phone calls.

S60 )

• I reallyreally hope we get a S60 DVD set. I had a case of the stupids when I didn't tape all the eps in order to save. Silly me didn't think the show would get cancelled so damned fast. :| But, well, NBC did put a lot of money into the show, maybe they'll try to get some of it back through DVD sales? I don't think there's any more unaired eps to entice us with after this current teevee run, but STILL. There's bloopers, right? And they could do some ep commentary and throw together some interviews and maybe even get Aaron to explain some things, like why the first coupla eps made me wanna repeatedly poke myself in the eye with a pencil if he mentioned religion one more time.

• Our odds of getting a Vanished DVD set are pretty low, aren't they? :\

The new S3 cover art for The Office makes me peepee. Do rag lakfja.

• I heart Tiny Fey like yet another of my multiple teevee girlfriends, but my hate for Tracy Morgan pretty much kept me away from 30 Rock all season. I just... no. But I've been catching the reruns this summer and LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH OMG. The key is just fast-forwarding as much of Tracy as possible! And forgetting all that E! coverage on Alec Baldwin's "OMG U SUX, DAUGHTER O' MINE!!!11" voicemail alkdfjas. Cos, wow, he's seriously hilarious in this show.