21 June 2007 @ 05:04 pm
things o' randy  
• In development: A new one-act play entitled Reportage, scheduled to begin workshopping Fall 2007. -- (tAB)

Reportage, hmm? I wonder if Simon was a consultant in the writing of this one aldfasjk. Fall 07. That would be just when all of Randy's plays end, right? Should we hope he'll be in this new one, too?

• Also, new Playbill announcement for Cuckoo. Tis the boring info stuff, but it has Randy's name and that makes me all yay! )

• Gayest Sounding Teevee Show: MTV's improve show, Wild & Out.

• And now I'm off to make the bestest lasagna with extra ricotta. Ohhh, ricottaaaaaa... *Homer slobber sounds*