23 April 2009 @ 03:00 am
the luke and noah show  
ATWT, 4-21 )

Help, y'all. I'm trying to sort out the current storyline timeline. )

• Seeing Fast & Furious again today! The guy at the ticket window recognizes me at this point alkfjas. "F&F girl, hey." But I literally can't stop. It's like the best crack. AND I NEEDS MY FIX YO.

• Last two days it was nearly 100°F. Tonight I could cut glass with my nipples, and I have like, three sweatshirts on. Schizo weather is schizo.

• Y'know, I never realized how hectic the tennis schedule was for the players. Monte Carlo just ended and already they're in Barcelona practicing. I know not everyone plays in every tournament, but still. Hectic! And still Rafa looks lovely and rested. And adorable. Always, always adorable with his cuuuurly hair. ) Also, being so near, I have my fingers crossed that Rafa will, at some point, cross paths with my boys at FC Barcelona. I want my obsessions fandoms to collide SO BADLY. Real Madrid who?

...I laughed so loud I scared my girl cat, Ella, off the couch. --Simon in one of his articles

Wait. Ella isn't living with daddy Randy? :*(

Jake ended up having to leave the luncheon early due to a really personal emergency. --here

Oh, Jakeface. :*(
10 September 2007 @ 01:21 am
"Today at IKEA on Long Island, we saw actor Randy Harrison. He [was] with another guy. I presume it was his partner, celebrity journalist and columnist, Simon Dumenco.

K noticed the edge of a large frame leaning off the end of his cart close to the floor. He stopped Randy and adjusted it so it wouldn't snag on the partition [on] the base of the automatic sliding doors. Randy said, "Thank you," as he walked out to his car.

Harrison, 30, is best known for his role on Queer As Folk. I never watched the series, but I've heard about it over the years."

I am barely controlling myself from going to the online catalog to search for things with large frames to try and figure out what R/S bought. But only cos that would be pretty much everything IKEA carries aldkja. BUT I AM HAPPY JUST KNOWING RANDY AND SIMON AND AGGIE AND ELLA ARE AN IKEA FAMILY.

P.S. Simon picspam soon as I get some sleep. I tried to finish it up tonight, but words are starting to blur and I haven't even been drinking.
14 May 2007 @ 05:23 am


[ profile] ree_bitches <---Lookie what I randomly found! That is not me, but I enjoy knowing that in some alternate LJ universe, I have bitches, yo.

"Falling for Grace" - Directed by Fay Ann Lee, starring Fay Ann Lee, Margaret Cho and Gayle Harold. One day, Gayle Howard, you will seek your revenge for years of disrespect and the world will know true punishment! /maniacal comic book voice But, hey, good news is there's gonna be another FFG screening that Gale could possiblymaybehopefully show up for this Friday. :D 7pm - VIP Reception <---omg. Of course, this is if he can get away from his sure-to-be-a-hit TV show currently filming. *firm nod*

• There are fans who do not like Brian chewing gum. OMG THESE PEOPLE SO ARE DEAD TO ME. Okay, not completely dead, but still. I will eye you suspiciously from afar.

• Yeah, unless God Gale himself is the one quoted, the Gale Harold IMDb is never going to be the place to post about politics, I don't care what cracked logic you try to use.

• You know it's time to whack off trim your bangs when you find yourself gathering them up into a tiny 3 inch ponytail that pokes out from your forehead unicorn-like so you can see to type. Aaaaand this explains why my bangs are now shrt. Yup, no "o", that short. Today's lesson: Don't trim bangs when frustrated. I've got a Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes thang going on aldfkja.
01 September 2006 @ 11:59 am
"A guy at an adjacent table appears to be taking our picture."  

Gale was just updating us on LJ, Simon.

it ain't easy out there for a Randyazzo journalist, just ask stalker!gale )
13 February 2006 @ 09:49 am
Oh, Simonpants. You totally had me at "refrain". *pinches cheeks*