21 June 2007 @ 03:55 pm
lego my gay-go  

NEW RICK & STEVE PROMO YAY! But it's only 15 seconds. And crapilicious quality, woe. But it IS on YouTube, so now anyone who was having probs with the last one maybehopefullyohgodplz can see this one! *crosses fingers for her [ profile] suzvoy* Peter's character speaks, even!

And thanks to this article, now we know for certain there are six eps. I called it at six eps, considering how quickly the DVD will be released, but omg, only six eps. :(((

promo 2 caps/dialogue )

AND OMG. The official site went live! It's blog-style and each day they introduce a character's background. I'm dying here. Again.

meet rick and steve! )

A few details aside, it's like I just spent a few minutes with Brian and Justin.
20 June 2007 @ 12:21 pm
you'll always be a-list to me  
kathy griffin on the d-list )

And then I found out that Kathy doodled for charity!

which sounds dirtier than it is, considering all the clit talk above )

Now I really want Gale and Randy to do each other doodles for next year. Think of the money the foundation would make!

Oh, oh! There's Rick & Steve DVD cover art now! Aww, holding hands and hugging, Lego-style.

happiest gay couple on a dvd cover )
15 June 2007 @ 09:53 am
the happiest gay couple in all the world  

HELLO AM DYING. The new Rick & Steve trailer is finally up. (It's also up at the official site, but tis much smaller there. Proof a size queen did not built that site.) Can't. stop. going. alkjfasldj. So much Lego gayness! Also, the "I wanna have your baby!" storyline is JUST LIKE WATCHING BRIAN AND JUSTIN AND LINDSAY AND MELANIE I KID YOU NOT. Oh, yeah, and some fella named Peter Paige is in it. ;))

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