18 November 2006 @ 09:58 am
dude. this is why I usually make randy the short one whenever I do pastede on hedz.  
Otherwise it immediately goes from being the usual theatre event to an AU where Randy is a basketball star and Gale is his sports agent.


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17 November 2006 @ 11:49 pm
3598273462931 Gale pictures, including G/R arm TOUCHAGE OMFG > Vitamin C  
I'm so overstimulated right now akdsjfasldkf.

I spent two days in bed and come back to about a billion new photos making sweet, sweet love to my flist. And there's as much beautiful!Gale as there is adorkable!Gale. With his startlingly blond hair. Cos, wow, it looks so much lighter in these photos. And then. THEN! RANDOLPH AND HIS BEARD OF SEX WAS THERE. I am so crushing on the beard. There, I said it. Mmm, beard burn. And Gale with his uber sensitive skin. Aww, G/R have starcrossed skin aldfja. And I even squeed over that sweet photo of Jack. It's like Jack and his "boys". Aww. And then I promptly Photoshopped him out aldkfja.

IN CONCLUSION: REE = V. HAPPY 12 YR OLD FANGIRL. Um, yeah, there's gonna be so much spam from me later aldkja.

Anyway, I spent the day hoarding. YAY HOARDING.

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16 November 2006 @ 04:38 am
suddenly last summer review  
Harold's sentient doctor also comes up lacking. As the part doesn't require much more than asking questions of the other principals, it demands an actor that radiates charisma. As is, Harold just seems bland. That's an accomplishment only when judging the good doctor against the richly textured rogue Harold essayed on Showtime's "Queer as Folk."

Randy is out getting Gale so drunk right now. Though, truly, this is pretty much the type of review I thought it'd get, judging from the type of play it is, plus various fan word of mouth. Still, the author also thought Blythe was miscast and mangled her accent and, I'm sorry, but that's some danged good company for Gale to have in a lukewarm review, yo. And they still have a couple months to nail it.

Gale is still the prettiest of all, though, kthx.

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Okay, back to being sick, bleh. I miss everyone. :(( Will catch up soon as I can, y'know, sit up without this headache making my eyeballs wanna pop outta my head and roll around my keyboard.

*inappropriately fondles flist*

ETA: A couple more, thanks to [ profile] beloved4always. ♥

I feel like I should distract Gale with a giant pile of ganja pretty bunny in the distance or something. "Oh, look over there!" And then hide all the trade papers alkjda.

Her tale is told to a sympathetic doctor, played by a wooden Gale Harold.

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But Harold is bland and lacking intensity as the conflicted doctor. He looks uncomfortable for the wrong reasons when Mrs. Venable flirts with him, transferring her incestuous feelings for Sebastian. It takes a more resourceful actor to make this key character more than a handsome cipher.

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Interesting this last review was done on Nov 11th, while the play was still in review. :\
09 November 2006 @ 04:10 am
my theatre boyfriend is prettier than yours  

The RA site finally has a mini gallery up and because they love me, there's new Gale. :D Look at that face! ♥ Eyebrow alert! And with my first close-up of the suit, may I say I heartily concur that it is v. snazzy. And... yep, still lovin' the hair. But then, it's not like I have a rep for being real picky how I gets me some Gale. ;)

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In other news, I was thinking of doing a name change and discovered there is already a [ profile] reeface. And she's not even using her journal. And she's younger than me.

07 November 2006 @ 12:51 pm
gale in the ny daily news  
"Gale projects great intelligence and compassion, and most importantly the ability to embody the great conflict that resides inside of this man - a woman's life literally rests in his hands on this day."

It's so nice to see Gale being appreciated.

And did I mention they spelled his name right? *score*

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Also, the Happy Feet movie ads are killing me with the B/Jness. Nevermind that the title alone reminds me of Brian's depressing-yet-strikingly-hot Dance of a 1000 Scarves 1 Scarf. This is one of the commercials:

Happy Penguin squishes Grumpy Penguin into a hug.

Brian Grumpy Penguin: Stop it.
Justin Happy Penguin: No, you like it.
Justin Happy Penguin: *keeps squishing*
Brian Grumpy Penguin: *sighs*
25 October 2006 @ 08:26 am
I think these are the first SLS-era photos of Gale that have surfaced so far, yes? They're small, but HELLO SUPER LONG LEGS AND DENIM HAT BELONGING TO GALE HOWARD, STAGE ACHTOR.

ETA: Well, poop. The post got flocked. (I suspect because her friend had her own meeting-Gale-story posted on the imdb Gale board without her permission, but, of course, that's just my theory.) And as much as I wish everyone could see the photos, I won't repost them here because the original post specifically requested that not be done, to link to her post instead.

28 September 2006 @ 03:18 am
Okay, there are new promo shots for Suddenly, Last Summer and I must fangirl like whoa. LIKE. WHOA. PEOPLE.


Well, y'know, as happy as he ever looks when doing press things and isn't high.

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P.S. Hello, this is me finally resurfacing from downloading Vanished 1.06. More on that later. ;)
21 September 2006 @ 08:14 am
you want off-broadway? it doesn't get more off-broadway than los angeles! but nooooooooo.  
Okay, not really the same thing, I know, but STILL.


Why the hate, Gale, why? It's to be closer to Randy, isn't it? YOU LOVE HIM MORE THAN ME, DON'T YOU? FINE, BE THAT WAY.

I pinky swear I'll be over the moon happy for him and his career later. Right now I'm sad and emo that I'll be stuck renting Suddenly Last Summer opening weekend and not seeing him be brilliant in person. And in a Tennessee Williams play, too! JUST LIKE I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR ALL THESE YEARS.

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Your mission, should you choose to accept, Theatregoers: Be on the lookout for Randolph Harrison. And apparently Peter, too. He's the supportive type. They could be coming to a seat near you! Not to be confused with coming in a seat near you. Then again...