21 May 2009 @ 04:20 am
12 things that are making me happy even though I have a new hole in my mouth  
1. I no longer feel like I'm gonna die, yay! Seeee ya wisdom tooth, wouldn't wanna be ya! My jaw is still throbbing, but I suspect part of that is from the bzillion shots I needed. I counted at least 20 jabs. Curse my inhuman resistance to numbing drugs!

2. My new BFF, Extra Strength Tylenol. I still dribble water out the side of my mouth when taking it, but I don't even care.

3. Pupsitting! One wiggly, pudgy body and Pug-snorts of joy at seeing me totally make up for less than a full day of Tooth Yankage recovery time before having to pack my things and come here for the week.

4. Gale's movie Passenger Side at the LA Film Fest! If only I knew I'd be around by then. GALE COULD BE THERE OMG.

5. Randy pics from The Singing Forest. His shirt is so thin. I was totally looking for nipple. )

6. My Barcelona boys winning things left and right cos they're awesome. Now to just nail the Champions League next week. I neeeeeed for this to happen, kthx world.

7. Watched Lost's fantastically mind-bending finale. Warning: ALLCAPS O' DOOM. )

8. Van's little soap-acting self getting nommed for a Daytime Emmy! \:D/

9. New Rob Thomas CD within weeks. Nevermind how the cover makes me think Rob is going to come kill me in my sleep.

10. The Phlochte luv, yo. I swear, Michael Fred's choice of swimwear will never not amuse me. FLOWERY NEON PENIS, YOU GUYS.

11. Finishing the coverart for Growing Up Kinney. Woot! That was giving me some serious stress. Next up is to read the first part of the Cancer Justin Has Cancer series and figure out how to tackle that.

20 March 2009 @ 04:56 pm
Guaranteed to get you seeing double in less time than it takes to get Brian's pants off.  

Okay, who remembers the QaF Drinking Game? If you've ever played, I wouldn't blame you if your memories of it are all rather, um, blurry.

Random: Lookit Brian's back, omg. *licks*

Here's how to play, bbs. )
14 January 2009 @ 10:32 am
what's qaf without the pron?  
Remember [ profile] queer_as_porn? It had things like this:

The Great Cock vs. Cocksock Debate of '05! )

Panoramic Pubes aka Brian's Tanning Bed! )

I'll leave y'all alone now to stare.
10 January 2009 @ 08:06 am
random lovin' on qaf vids.  
And can I just say, I NEARLY DIED TRYING TO PICK JUST TWO. My brain knows I will be making future posts about vids and still I have a headache. Chill, brain.

Title: Superman
Vidder: [ profile] lierdumoa
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Song: Superman by Eminem
Download: HERE
Lovin': This one is epic. It has this dark Briantone and light Justinbalance and just... I still can't even put it into words how awesome it is. Also one of the best vids where the lyrics and music match up with the clips. Have I mentioned awesome?
Title: Hey Juliet
Vidder: [ profile] kitkatbyte
Pairing: Gale/Randy
Song: Hey Juliet by LMNT
Download: HERE
Lovin': Gale totally wrote this song. True story. Made from bloopers and newsbits and photos and makes me giggle like bad!fic Justin every single time I watch aldfja. So adorable!
07 January 2009 @ 12:27 pm
pimpity pimp  
My v. own [ profile] amelialourdes is putting together a big ole QaF Nostalgia Post o' Awesomeness and needs your help. And wank. Don't forget the wank. Mmm, wank.

What else does one want to see in a nostalgia post other than the usual fic, vids, etc?

Go get your QaF nostalgia groove on HERE.

I'm willing to perform sexual favors if you do.
03 December 2008 @ 06:59 am
"...please know that he continues to thrive and heal."  
Finally, to the (what seems like) hundreds of you who have written in with questions or messages of support for Gale please know that he continues to thrive and heal. The rapidity and amazing degree of his recovery has been truly miraculous and I have no doubt that your good wishes and energy sent his way have aided in this. So thank YOU ALL. --Scott Lowell here | here

In other words, stop emailing. Heh. Also, YAY MIRACULOUS GALE. Nothing really new with this update, I know, but I'm all for good news. Even if it's rerun good news.

I sent him balloons. No, I haven't spoken to him. I'm in touch with him through Scott Lowell, a fellow Chicago boy who played Ted. Scott is there every day with Gale and he writes us on the internet and tells us how he's doing. He's fine. --Sharon Gless here | here

Scott is there every day. And created a mail loop where he sends Gale Health Updates to everyone aldfkja. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE SUBJECT LINES FOR THOSE WERE. "Gale feeling better, remembered he liked pot today. And Randy's ass." Like I needed another reason to love Scott more. I so wish I shipped those two for some RPS. Dude, there should be Gale/Scott BFF fic.

And why yes, I am just now catching up on old stuff from last week, how'd you guess? I have just begun to spam! ...and now I'm humming the Monty Python song.

Anyway, was skimming the other Q&As on Scott's page and kept going "ALDKFASJ". Must share before my brain explodes. I've trimmed a few down, but definitely go read them all. Scott is a kick-ass woobie.

Poker, perks, pizza and pick-ups! )
12 November 2008 @ 12:24 pm
the luke and noah show  
Somewhere out there in a forum near you, there are some major spoilers floating about. I WANT TO READ THEM SO BAD. Sometimes being a spoiler virgin really blows. But, no! I will remain strong. It always pays off. Allll-ways.

"You're still a winner to me."

The extra between them all *mmmboykissesandlove* makes me grin. She pretty much represents all of Nuke fandom. <3 Meanwhile, Casey is looking at her ass aldjfa.

Caught up on Nuke for today's ep. Oh, boys. You're trying to kill me. )

Lookit Van in his velvet coat! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID VELVET COAT, PPL. And yet he still looks smokin' hot. That is talent kthx. I have my fingers crossed that photos of Jake from the same event (24th Annual Artios Awards... I don't even know what that is) will pop up. Cos you know they color coordinated like boyfriends are supposta.

VAN = KEVIN BACON. Or Bacon flavored, anyway, since he will be in Dance Dance Revolution, a production "...riffing on fizzy dance musicals like Flashdance and death sport movies such as Rollerball, Dance Dance Revolution is set in an Orwellian society where dance is illegal." BRB DYING.

And if it weren't for my [ profile] cabbers ♥, I would've missed that gem. AND THAT IS UNTHINKABLE. It's prolly over at the forums, but I think we're already established I'm paranoid of spoilers and those suckers pop up when you least expect it. Dude. Know what LJ needs? A Van/Nuke newsletter for paranoid users like me. I heart the Nuke comms we do have, but they are sadly lacking in up-to-date news.

• Speaking of newsletters. Remember [ profile] _in_babylon? Wha' happened? It usta be my lifeline to all things QaF. :\ *pokes*

• Tell me I'm not the only one immensely amused by how the IMDb's *this forum is for Gale, not OT posts* post goes OT. And for the record, I really do hate the OT posts.

• The new userinfo is so... wide and long. Kinney and I approve.
07 August 2008 @ 03:52 pm
someone must be holding ella and aggie as hostages  

I keep wanting to switch Randy's pic with Hal's. I'm sure that would realign the space-time continuum rip I'm experiencing right now.
19 June 2008 @ 01:04 am
randy needs to host a radio show kthx  
I've had Sia's Little Black Sandals on repeat all night. And now I really wish I owned some little black sandals aldkfja. I have red, I have blue, I have Hawaiian print, even! But no black. Which sucks cos I had plans to strut around in them tomorrow, all woman-empowered. It would've been awesome.

WELL HELLO TO YOU TOO, MR. HARRISONPANTS. So, yeah, I randomly got sidetracked by this transcript [ profile] jelly_baby23 did back in 2004 (!!!) of a Randy radio interview (Party 93.1).

quoteage and LYM translations, omg )

And now I'm off to watch me some Luke and Noah. ♥
14 April 2008 @ 02:10 pm
justin "always hungry and giggling" temple  

[ profile] juteux: You know what really bugs me? A certain variety of Fanon Justin.
[ profile] url_girl: Fanon!Justin = Shirley Temple.
[ profile] juteux: MANIP KTHX!
[ profile] url_girl: ALSDKFJ OKAY!


Of course, we can't forget these speshul versions:

the justin temple who's always hungry )

the justin temple who's always babysitting gus )

the justin temple who's.. i just wanted to make a dancing at babylon one :P )