18 May 2009 @ 04:53 am
orange is the new pink  
Desperate Housewives finale. )

Gale scenes HERE, thanks to [profile] mwil298. Go, watch! Behold the glorious Galeness. :X
11 May 2009 @ 05:56 am
I really want to torch that fugly pink shirt.

01 May 2009 @ 02:56 pm
• OMG, [ profile] shape5, guess what I'm wearing at this v. moment akjfsl;fjsljas. Only the v. most awesomest FCB hat evah! I think you should know that there was a lot of bouncing and squealing involved when the package was opened, before I quickly pulled my ponytail through the back and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and did some more bouncing. :D :D :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!

• Still working on the Nuke recap (wow, they got a lot of airtime!), but this pretty much sums up the last few eps. )

• Things are going swimmingly in Rome with my tennis boys. There could be a Fedal final this Sunday. I peepeed a little just typing that. Also, how is it just seeing Roger's ballet toes and shadow makes me so giddy? )

• Know what else is Sunday? GALEFACE ON DH. More peepee time. Oh, you know that new interview?

I thought he was holding a cigarette at first and my eyes bugged out. Then he moved and it was the building behind him alsdjfa. Also, he is still adorkable. )

Gale's accident used as a lawyer ad. Classy. :|
27 April 2009 @ 05:40 am
the luke and noah show, plus gale and tennis and teevee  
ATWT, 4-23 )

Barcelona: Rafa vs. Ferrer )

• And Rome starts this week! Roger's already there, Rafa's due to join him soon in bed. Hectic schedule, I'm telling ya! And yet still Roger has a better manicure than I do. ) Also, ESPN/FSN's lack o' coverage of all things tennis lately is bumming me out.

• Gale was in the DH previews for next Sunday, woot! Few quickie caps. And spoilers, but just from what's said in the clip. And, really, if you read the few articles from Gale's recent whirlwind mediaslutdom, ain't nothing you don't already know, yo. )

• New Lost this week, woot!

• Been slowly catching up on Private Practice. I'm still an ep behind, I think. But two things, so far. )

• Photobucket going directly to that tagging page now after an upload is hella annoying.

• My modem's been acting wonky. So if I vanish suddenly for a long while, you'll, uh, know why.
16 April 2009 @ 03:36 am
*pets the gale*  

Yup, Gale in police-style shades = still fucking hot. And that blue shirt. ♥

One more pic and the mini article with a Gale quote about being hard. Or playing hard. I tuned out to my happy place when I read 'hard'. )


Did you watch the show after your accident?
I didn’t because I was a little worried about seeing something about my death delivered by letter—Jackson drowned in his cereal yesterday morning.

And that is why I love Gale. The end.

Rest of the Galeified TV Guide interview. )


Cos then he was on ET and was all wise as only Gale can be. "I had... an unfortunate dance with a motorcycle." ALDFKJASLK. "I was very fortunate to make it through. But I made it through, very well, and blessed with very good friends." Shout out to the QaF peeps, hell yeah. *gangsta hand pump up* My favorite part was him doing the blurry-lensed slow-walk down the street, looking all confused off to the side aldfkjas. [ profile] wildsweetcool has caps here and I heart her.

Also, I'm impressed he was actually Gale Harold and not Howard in all these news bits so far. Score!


Cos, heck, how about those new DH promo photos of Gale? And by new, I mean two weeks old. Cos I'm awesome like that. )

In conclusion: Hello, flist. :X
23 March 2009 @ 05:36 pm
Gale/DH spoiler kinda, but not really  
But cut just in case. )
17 March 2009 @ 12:55 am
teevee to the rescue  
The upside to being sniffly and congested and feeling like poo? Catching up on my old friend, teevee. ♥

ATWT, 3-16 )

Damages )

Nip/Tuck )

Brothers & Sisters )

Desperate Housewives )

Ugly Betty )

And last but definitely never least! Happy belated, [ profile] suzvoy! I would totally snot on you, darling. ♥

18 February 2009 @ 04:11 am
Oh, flist, thank you so much for the V-Day lovin'. It made me warm and fuzzy and just, guh. I heart you all. ♥ And, omg, [ profile] colorthenight, I loved my teddy bear, thank you! I adore you, sweet girl.

So, a million years ago now, Gale did an interview for German TV and was so adorkable, my glee actually made me dizzy.

Gale Howard likes shiny things. AKA, Gale's 1000 Expressions. )

Speaking of dorks. In more super old news, my reaction to finding out that my Michael Fred got caught with the ganja -- sorry, alleged ganja. *cough* (Lookit his neck, omg. He's about to swallow that sucker, he's inhaling so deep alkjsda.) looked a little something like this---> Cos, really. You giant dork. I love you, but YOU GIANT DORK. Did Ryan teach you nothing? Get drunk in public, smoke in private!

Best Parts About All This:

• Fandom labeling it BongGate. FTW, fandom.
• Seth Myer's "Really!?!" SNL segment. "Michael Phelps smokes pot, why can't I? You can, right after you win twelve gold medals for your country."
• Fandom losing its shit. There was praying for his soul, ya'll. AHAHAHAHA.
05 January 2009 @ 06:59 am
Aww, group hug time! [ profile] lunachickk, I got your adorable letter, thank youuu. Consider yourself and the furry family hugged tight. And thank you for my card, [ profile] court1429, so sweet of you. And for the wonderful gifts, [ profile] colorthenight, [ profile] seanmegansean, [ profile] pixiebullets, [ profile] kitsune_me, [ profile] friday82, [ profile] buzziecat and [ profile] tethys_1684! Every single one made me warm and purr, like taking a bath in hot chocolate, mmmm. I heart you one and all. ♥♥♥

So, life hard. Then I come back to this:

*flails* Who knew Galeface doing two seconds of speaking in a German DH promo could make me so happy? I mean, really. LOOK AT THAT FACE. I'm not sure who originally put that clip up, but I owe you a make-out session. With tongue.

And as if that wasn't already great enough, we got Galefacevoice on Desperate Housewives, 511. )
03 December 2008 @ 04:46 am
"Go with this. Make it the lead. Don't bury it."  
Gale Harold's dream role would take him from Wisteria Lane to...Christmas Town?
by Christie Keith

...what role would he most like to play that he hasn't yet?

"Sam, the Burl Ives role in Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer," he said firmly. "What Burl Ives brought to the studio when he was doing those voices… I mean, you think Brian Kinney had an impact? For anyone who grew up in the United States around the same time I was growing up, you’d know that voice, have seen the Christmas special with the stop motion animation. It's an iconic role. That's what I'm interested in." He paused, and laughed. "Or the ice ape, the ice monster. The Abominable Snow Monster."


The full article. )

Y'know, I could actually see him as a musician. Rrowr. Oh, god. Totally just pictured him talking to the audience between songs. SO SPESHUL. "The guy that runs the computer that makes the robots do their thing." He added sadly, "But you can’t get that job." IT'S THE "SADLY" THAT MAKES THAT ALFDKJA. He mentions real estate, like Papa Harold. I wonder if he actually does know anything about the business. Most likely, hmn.

Can you imagine what the other part(s) will reveal? Oh, Galeface, never change. You keep on chucking chicken breasts and wanting to be Abominable Snow Monsters. <3

509, DH without the GH. )