22 October 2008 @ 11:31 am
the gale and luke and noah show  
Gale updates, plus I scanned the TVGuide blurb. )

The State of the Hair: Luke Snyder )

Getting caught up on Nuke before today's new ep! I have missed my gay boys muchly.

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07 September 2006 @ 02:19 am
not cool, tv guide fall preview issue, not cool.  
Well. Guess there was no photoshoot for Gale & Co. after all.

Vanished is spotlighted, but it's down in the corner, quotes no one but Berman on Eddie, and uses a photo from FOX's old hotel promo shoot. At least the photo includes Gale.

The Buzz: "This kidnapping is part of a larger conspiracy," says creator Josh Berman (CSI). Soon Invasion's Eddie Cibrian will join the cast as a supervising FBI agent. "He's strong, passionate and driven," Berman says, "without the baggage that Kelton carries."

We Say: Though the mystery is intriguing enough, it takes a touch of genius to attain the propulsion of similar shows, like 24.

The Outlook: With Prison Break as a lead-in, Vanished shouldn't be banished too soon.

Lukewarm hope is better than outright dissing it, so that's something. And, well, thank god Eddie's character has no baggage. You know how we viewers just hate a multi-layered character. :|

The second scan is a recap of the show so far to help newbies catch up, the third is the show making it to the Hot List. Oh, and I didn't scan it, as it was just a small box of text, but Matt Roush comments on Monday's lineup with Vanished and CW's Runaway, "THE BIG BATTLE: As two new serialized thrillers go head-to-head, the odds favor Fox's Vanished, which unearths a deadly conspiracy after a senator's wife disappears." And for what it's worth, they don't think Kidnapped will last.

Also, I am v. v. v. v. excited about Studio 60. And Heroes. And The Nine and Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters. Cos, y'know, I do not watch enough TV aldkj. HURRY UP, FALL SEASON.

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23 August 2006 @ 01:13 am
today was a v. good mail day  
[ profile] lucie_inthesky, [ profile] moose74, I got your cards aldkfjsadlj! Oh, girls, I love you both so much, thank you! ♥ Lface, you are my sparkly girl. That card totally reminded me of artistic!Justin and that made me squee even more coming from you, hee! Twinface, you always crack me up! Chad has settled in quite nicely and now we're both waiting for Gale to show up. *leers*

Also in the pile: the new TV Guide, yay! Vanished/Gale made it to the Cheers section! I saw him, squeed, then had a moment while trying to find out if his picture was there for a Cheer or Jeer. S'okay, was all good. Mainly about Vanished having Deadwood actors. And side by side photos of Gale as Kelton/Wyatt. Mmm, yeah, that pornstache still makes me purr kthx.

But what I'm really excited about is the upcoming Fall Preview issue.

cut for rambling, not spoilers )

The second scan is of Hal, same issue. He's gonna be on Celebrity Duets. On the FOX network. AKA, the closest he and Gale will ever get to working together again, heh.

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ETA: OMG, look, [ profile] tamalinn uploaded my Queer as Sims icons to her website! ♥ 13 pages alkdjfsa.
17 August 2006 @ 09:03 pm
i just took my scanner's virginity  
Leave it to Gale (and the new TV Guide) to finally get me off my ass and learn my new scanner that I've had for months AND Image Shack (ooo, thumbnails). And it was easy! Go on, world, hit me with 31493652384 magazine articles on Galeface. I NOW KNOW HOW TO SCAN THEM, MUAHAHAHA! Nevermind that once -- okay, twice -- when I lost where the scans exactly went to in the myriad of folders and had to rescan them aldfkjsa. How was I supposta know it was a hidden temp folder and you better save them asap, pbbt.

So, yeah. Not the most glowing article, but Matt has only seen the pilot and read about the next two or three. Eh. Plus he does say he'll keep watching (for now). And glum? Glum is sexy when it is a Gale-shaped glum, yo. Besides, it's TV Fucking Guide and they spelled Gale's name right -- all THREE times he was mentioned. *wins*

Why, yes, I am easy to please, kthx.

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