07 March 2008 @ 01:28 am
seriously, how cute are they?!  

T.R. Knight and boyfriend Mark Cornelsen

Lookit the hand-holding on the knee! They're even being referred to as being like Brian and Justin because of the 16 yr age difference. AND MAYBE THE FACT THAT JUSTIN MARK IS WEARING A BRIAN BRACELET O' LUV.

ETA: Found the Queerty post the link above mentions. Cornelsen first met Knight through the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which honored him with their Matthew Shepard Point Scholar. And here I was, just wondering how they met! He better be prepared to fight off that possessive she-beast, Katherine Heigl. *dies*

ETA2: This pic was taken at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party this year, their first public event together.

ETA3: Some more photos of them! I'd seen video of this on TMZ or something, but they were focused on Katherine trying to drag T.R. away (THEY'RE SO BFF OMG) and I never even noticed Mark, awww.

ETA4: A vid of Mark!