11 February 2009 @ 03:03 am
the luke and noah show, plus bsg and grey's  
ATWT, 2-2 )

ATWT, 2-6 )

ATWT, spoiler that was in the preview for this week. )

And some Grey's Anatomy cast spoilers. Sorta. )

Caught up on BSG, too. )


Am so amused two of the billion OctoMom's kids are named Noah and Amerah. Poor Luke, left out again.

Rafa reading to some children, omg. The newswoman talks over it all, and my Spanish comprehension is sadly nonexistant, but I swear I can still hear Rafa doing different character voices in the last few seconds aldkfja. And as he's leaving, a tiny little voice calls out, "Rafa!" My ovaries, omg.

• I promise, I will finish my post about Gale's new interview this week, if it kills me. And by new, I mean old. But still adorkable, aww.

• Catching up on Lost before tomorrow night's ep is next. *firm nod*

• Whoa. Long post. Hi, flist, am back! ;D
21 November 2008 @ 04:42 am
the facts are these...  
Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money cancelled.

BRB, crying.

I'm a good month behind on watching what I have taped of them, but, dude. I can't believe this. Fuck you, ABC. And Fox. I'm still pissed about MadTV.
14 November 2008 @ 11:24 am
alert: east coast randyreporters  
Randy Harrisonpants Set for Red Bull's The Malcontent

Casting has been announced for the Red Bull Theater's Revelation Reading of John Marston's The Malcontent, to take place at 7pm on Monday, November 17 at the Theatre at St. Clements. The reading will feature ... Randy Harrisonpants and have an audience full of fans. TICKETS

I'm hoping for full reports, y'all. :X

• ALSO OMG. LJ IS SPESHUL LIKE GALE AND BURIED MY LAST GINORMOUS RANDYCON POST. Or, y'know, just scroll back two entries in my journal. You'll spot it nestled between the Nuke squee and wailing, heh.

• I can't believe I forgot to post about Gale's last DH ep. SO HOW ABOUT THAT BLACK SHIRT O' SEX, AMIRITE?! PETA the Dog is still a no-show, tho. Life hard.

MadTV got cancelled. I need a good cry. :(( At least they're trying to get it moved to another network. My Own Worst Enemy got the ax, too, but, eh. Couldn't get into that one. I watched a couple eps. :| <---my face was like this the whole time.

• No Nuke today. *sad grabby hands*
11 July 2008 @ 01:30 am
i KNOW this fic exists, dammit!  
• Thought I was thiiiiis close to finally ending a YEAR AND A HALF LONG fic search for that ever-elusive Justin!HIV-scare scene. But alas, twasn't it. Close though! Justin was totally sitting on Brian's lap, but the dialogue didn't match. Upside? Getting to reread parts of London's brilliant series. Gah, I miss his writing. I remember DYING for new chapters to come out. And then reading them REALLYREALLY SLOWLY to make them last. OMG QAFOLDTIMERS DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN TWO CHAPTERS CAME OUT AT ONCE?! Best.time.ever.

• OMG. I just saw J-Lo's twins on E!. THEY ARE SCARY LOOKING, Y'ALL. D:

• My old TVGuide told me that FX's Dirt was cancelled. That show was my ultimate dirty pleasure for two glorious dirty seasons. Just how am I supposed to feed my Ian Hart crush now? Why do you hate me, TVGuide, why? :((((((

• I would totally be up to blackmailing Randy into agreeing to do a QaF movie. WHO'S WITH ME. There's has to be something we could use, something he doesn't want to get out. THINKING CAPS, PPL.

• So, hmm. I taped (but haven't watched yet) Burn Notice tonight, plus what I could catch of the marathon they ran earlier. This... is totally out of character for me, heh. Well, sorta. I'd seen a couple eps last season, but I kinda lost interest and kept forgetting to watch yada yada. But now I've got this sudden urge to start watching it again. Don't let anyone tell you a station repeating TV premiere commercials 3984955 times doesn't work.

"Gale Harold probably doesn't even notice gay men anymore." Uh. Gale lives in L.A. Yeah, kinda hard NOT to.