29 April 2009 @ 11:39 pm
spoilers )
27 April 2009 @ 05:40 am
the luke and noah show, plus gale and tennis and teevee  
ATWT, 4-23 )

Barcelona: Rafa vs. Ferrer )

• And Rome starts this week! Roger's already there, Rafa's due to join him soon in bed. Hectic schedule, I'm telling ya! And yet still Roger has a better manicure than I do. ) Also, ESPN/FSN's lack o' coverage of all things tennis lately is bumming me out.

• Gale was in the DH previews for next Sunday, woot! Few quickie caps. And spoilers, but just from what's said in the clip. And, really, if you read the few articles from Gale's recent whirlwind mediaslutdom, ain't nothing you don't already know, yo. )

• New Lost this week, woot!

• Been slowly catching up on Private Practice. I'm still an ep behind, I think. But two things, so far. )

• Photobucket going directly to that tagging page now after an upload is hella annoying.

• My modem's been acting wonky. So if I vanish suddenly for a long while, you'll, uh, know why.
21 April 2009 @ 03:27 am
hodgepodge o' pretty boys  
ATWT, 4-20 )

Lost, 511 )

Lost, 512 )

Monte Carlo: Rafa vs. Djokovic )

Miami: Roger vs. Djokovic. So, uh, 47 errors. I think I was in denial at how badly things were really going ("He's gonna rally back any second now! ANY SECOND NOW!") -- until I saw Mirka had put her Blackberry away and stood up in the aisle, looking all :\ :*( toward the court. And then Rogelio went all Chris Brown on his racquet. )

Speaking of Rogelio. I'm pretty darned impressed how he and Mirka got married and managed to completely avoid crazy paparazzi reporters and helicopters hovering over the site and fans lobbing tennis balls at them filled with confetti. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell for wishing that just one paparazzi guy had been hiding in some bushes somewhere so I could have photos of the day. I wanna seeeeee. Celeb weddings are my weakness. Don't judge, omg.

I feel like I've been on a honeymoon, you know, for the last years, so I don't feel necessarily I need to go somewhere, to a special place, to celebrate with her. --Roger, answering if Monte Carlo was a honeymoon of sorts for them.

Mirka is a far better woman than I. I wait 9 years for you to marry me AND you knock me up? Dude, you are so taking me some place nice afterward that doesn't involve tennis courts and your boyfriend, heh.

27 March 2009 @ 02:34 am
i'm never sleeping again  
Right. Bad idea to watch Halloween alone and after midnight. And, of course, it's windy outside so every tree against the windows sounds like IT'S GONNA KILL ME. SO THANK YOU I WILL NOT BEING GOING TO BED YET. So, um, yeah, let's talk some teevee, shall we? With all the lights on. >.<

ATWT, 3-24 )

ATWT, 3-25 )

ATWT, 3-26 )

Lost, 510 )

On the tennis front: Miami started up this week, woot! )

Roger after practice. Okay, okay. Just. Ignore furry!Roger and check out the expression of the woman behind him. I DIED. Also, Roger is to lime as Rafa is to orange. ♥
17 March 2009 @ 12:55 am
teevee to the rescue  
The upside to being sniffly and congested and feeling like poo? Catching up on my old friend, teevee. ♥

ATWT, 3-16 )

Damages )

Nip/Tuck )

Brothers & Sisters )

Desperate Housewives )

Ugly Betty )

And last but definitely never least! Happy belated, [ profile] suzvoy! I would totally snot on you, darling. ♥

05 March 2009 @ 05:50 am
pupsitting is love  
If you ever want to feel completely out-of-shape, try running ahead of an out-of-shape dog on the sand to get her picture and then getting tired before she does asldfja.


So, yes, have been pup/housesitting. It it full of zee win! And puppy treats. Which I totally tasted one day, cos I was curious and bored. Have I mentioned I was without internet too? THAT'S SO DANGEROUS TO MY HEALTH. AND TASTEBUDS.

Thankfully, I had teevee. Who knows what woulda been tasted next, otherwise. Quickie reactions:


Lost )
11 February 2009 @ 03:03 am
the luke and noah show, plus bsg and grey's  
ATWT, 2-2 )

ATWT, 2-6 )

ATWT, spoiler that was in the preview for this week. )

And some Grey's Anatomy cast spoilers. Sorta. )

Caught up on BSG, too. )


Am so amused two of the billion OctoMom's kids are named Noah and Amerah. Poor Luke, left out again.

Rafa reading to some children, omg. The newswoman talks over it all, and my Spanish comprehension is sadly nonexistant, but I swear I can still hear Rafa doing different character voices in the last few seconds aldkfja. And as he's leaving, a tiny little voice calls out, "Rafa!" My ovaries, omg.

• I promise, I will finish my post about Gale's new interview this week, if it kills me. And by new, I mean old. But still adorkable, aww.

• Catching up on Lost before tomorrow night's ep is next. *firm nod*

• Whoa. Long post. Hi, flist, am back! ;D
30 January 2009 @ 02:26 am
the luke and noah show, minus noah and plus bsg and house  
ATWT, 1-28 )


House )

So much more teevee to catch up on, oy.
23 January 2009 @ 12:41 am
i've missed my crazy island show  
I'm having one of those dropped a chocolate-covered raisin down between my boobs and am just now realizing that fact kinda nights. Um, melty. I freaked out at first cos HELLO SOMETHING SQUISHY BETWEEN MY BOOBS. And, really, without a naked guy around in the immediate vacinity, that's just plain hard to figure out quickly. But, yeah. Raisin!

Awesomesauce Pimp: [ profile] amelialourdes's first Queer as Folk Nostalgia Post (Fan Fiction) is finally up, ya'll. I want to marry it and have its babies. In greatly detailed paragraphs with links to where we would live, complete with floorplan layouts and pictures of our honeymoon suite. True story, true story. YOU MUST GO LOOK OKAY.

So, hey, you may have noticed a little show called Lost was on last night. Spoilers for eps 501 & 502. )

And while we're talking about shows that hurt my brain. Let's talk BSG, shall we? )