09 May 2009 @ 08:15 am
the luke and noah show and lost  
Mmm, early morning coffee, a drizzly sky and some Luke and Noah angst. Oh, weekend. You so awesome! *happy sigh*

Some caps originally from nukefans.com. ♥

ATWT, 4-27


Well, okay. I didn't know Jade was even still in town. And, oh, man, is she like this show's Michael Novotny. "BRIAN LUKE IS MY BFF OKAY!!!"

Holden says they didn't want to upset Ethan? ETHAN IS LIKE TWO YEARS OLD. I think they coulda shielded him pretty well. *eye roll*

J: I know their friends, I could ask around on campus. People might wanna tell me stuff more than the cops.
Lily: Could help, yay!
Holden: OK!

Heh, Holden apparently loves Jade as much as I do. He was having hissy fits about letting Lily help because it put her in danger, but neither he nor Lily have a problem about letting Jade get involved with kidnappers (who turn into murderers). Oh, Holden. I'm with ya, dude. I'm hoping Jade gets caught in some crossfire, too. And, yeah, Holden only agrees because Casey will be going too (not that he bothers to confirm this, heh), but, hello, how exactly is Casey more qualified to hold off big, dangerous kidnappers when neither Noah nor Luke could?

I want that program made of magic Damian has. Also, where was his big ole "HEY I REMEMBER YOU! YOU CALLED ME A BAD MONSTER!" reaction. But nope. Hmph.

Zoe: I'm freaking out a little.
Zac: You never freak out.

Wow. Memory of a goldfish, Zac. Zoe's been pretty much freaking out since Lily did her mommy impersonation. Crazy Blvd wasn't named that for nothing, dude!

J: If the picture is her, could you please send it to my phone so I can show people.
Lily: Good idea.

Yeah, real good idea! So, why isn't Damian sending it to Lily's phone to begin with, again?

Now let us watch Luke go from from worried about his woobie...

L: He's still unconscious. He's sweating really bad. If he has those signs of fever, that means that the wound might be infected.

...to attack *this is what's gonna happen, bitch!* bulldog, laying down the law for his woobie. ♥

L: I know you're gonna kill us once you get the money, but you have to know that my dad is still out there somewhere, and so is the entire Grimaldi family--
Z: *uncomfy*
L: --and once they realize that you've killed one of the Grimaldi heirs, there is nowhere that you and your boyfriend are gonna be able to hide! So now that we understand that, this is what's gonna happen. You are gonna take Noah to the hospital and in exchange, I will give you the money and I will let you go.

YEAH! *jumps around like a prize-fighter, all jazzed from his attitude*

Lily, ask to see his badge! Ask to see his-- or, okay, you could just go with him. :|

L: Well, do you think he deserves to die for it!?

Know who I think deserves to die? The director for framing this scene so that Luke's awesome emoness ends up behind the CBS logo. :| :| :|

L: Zoe, please, if you won't take him to the hospital, at least get him some medication for the fever and the pain!
Z: If I do that, you'll do anything I ask?
L: Yeah, yeah, anything, anything you want!

That doesn't involve you and my penis! Add "That doesn't involve you and my penis!", for the love of god, Luke, ADD THAT! D:

Finally! Casey knows! I love how he stands up at the news, all shocked.

D: Holden, whatever you may think of me, I love Luke as much as you do, and I'll do anything to get him home safely. Anything.

Damian. ♥

Ohh, someone bound up Noah's arm. Bet Luke demanded that, too. ♥ Even if it doesn't look to be tied tight enough to be doing much good, heh.

L: Noah... Noah...
N: Hmm..
L: Hey, wake up, wake up, yeah, wake up, talk to me, talk to me.
N: *lifts head*
L: Oh, thank god.
N: Hey.
L: Hey! How are you?

Luke says that so sweetly, omg. Every time he had to wake Noah up, I felt for them. Luke wanting to leave Noah unconscious so he doesn't feel the pain/fear, but needing to keep him out of coma territory. And of course having the comfort of having Noah to talk to; his woobie makes it better! But knowing you have to hurt him to keep him alive and omg. Breaking my heart. :(

N: ...I can't move.
L: Yeah, it's cos we're tied up. Zac and Zoe, remember? We're hostages.
N: Oh, yeah.

That smile! There is just something beyond sweet the way Luke tries to keep upbeat whenever he has to remind Noah about what's happened. And yet he never sugarcoats the hard facts; it's always "yeah, we're hostage", not "yeah, my sisters tied us up in our barn cos they're playing cowboys and indians with Ethan" or whatever. Always the truth. ♥

L: Yeah. How are you? Are you okay?
N: Uh, yeah, I never felt better.
L: No no no no no, tell me the truth. Tell me the truth, baby, don't try to be a hero.

Um. It's possible I might have kinda reallyreally loved that "baby". I will, of course, deny this until the day I die.

N: It hurts.
L: :(
N: It hurts a lot. And it feels like I'm burning up. Is it-is it really hot in here?

Luke's helpless face hurt my heart. Also, one word from Luke and Noah does tell the truth and omg. SO MUCH LOVE.

L: You, uh, you have a fever from a gunshot wound. It might be infected. But I.. I sent Zoe to get you some medicine
N: Huh.
L: Yeah, it was hard.

*cracks up* Also, brave!Luke is wonderful.

Can we just talk a second about how awesome Jake was during the pain scenes? SO GOOD OMG. Between his traumafaces and the way he panted for air, all sweaty and delirious but still doing his best to cling to rational thought, it was so easy to get carried away by the scene. ♥

N: Lucky s-she has a thing for your dimples. Can't say I blame her. What she want in exchange?
L: She just wants the Grimaldi money.

"Just" the money. Oh, Luke, this is why I love you. Nothing is more important than your Noah.

L: We are gonna get out of here, we're gonna get you to a hospital, and then my dimples are gonna be yours forever.
N: That's good, cos I'm pretty sure Zac's lost interest in mine.

al;sdfjlkj. See? Noah making it better!

L: I love you so much.
N: I love you, too.
L: *teary nod*
Ree: *sob*

N: I'm.. I'm.. gonna go back to sleep, okay?
L: No, Noah, Noah, Noah, don't, don't, please.
N: Hey, I'm right here...
L: No!
N: I'm not going anywhere...
L: No! Please, Noah, please, wake up! Noah!
N: *gone*
L: :(

And that's about where I was sadfacing too. The "I'm not going anywhere." was what got to me the most. OMG THE LOVE. :*(

Meanwhile, Jade and Casey hunt Java and it is boring. No caps for them, bleh.

Psst, Zoe. Might be easier to be an anonymous kidnapper/drug thief if you maybe tuck your tell-tale necklace under your shirt. Also, it is hella weird to see her in anything other than black.

You make my head hurt, Allison. Why not just show Zoe into the room, lock it and then call security? YOU SAW THE NECKLACE.

I heart how Luke and Lily react the same way when threatened. They get all spit-firey and bossy. ;D

I can't even cut the next Nuke convo about the film.

L: Noah, Noah, y-you have to wake up, I have a question for you.
N: Mmm....
L: Do you remember that film that we watched a couple night ago? You know, the one from your film class, the, uh... the, uh... the four hours of light on the Sears Tower. You--you told me that it was a masterpiece, but I didn't get it. So, so you have to explain it to me, what I missed.
N: Mmm, ahhh, the film is light...
L: Uh-huh...
N: ...it's, ahh, the emotional palet... of the artist and is used to, um...
L: To what, to what? Is used to what? Is the emotional palet of the artist used to what?
N: To express... his vision...
L: Uh-huh...
N: And the broader the spectrum, the broader it's... *garbled* *head dips down*
L: Ahhh--c'mon, hey, hey, I'm about to fall asleep, too!
N: *groggy*
L: C'mon, I just insulted existential filmmaking. You gonna let me get away with it?
N: *silent*
L: Noah! Noah, c'mon!

*sniff* And I know I read too much into things, but I can't help but adore that they're not only talking about films but the "emotional palet" of one. How perfect is that between them in a gut-wrenching scene when Luke is desperate to hold onto his lover's life? Oh, writers. EMOTIONAL PALET INDEED. ♥

Zoe: *gets back*
L: What took you so long? >:|
Z: You think it's EASY stealing drugs from a hospital?

AHAHAHA. Zoe, you crazy, but you crazy-fun!

L: What did you get?
Z: Antibiotics and painkilleeeeers.
L: Okay, great! Greatgreatgreatgreatgreat! Let's give 'em to him, okay?!

His desperate excitement. ♥ Even if it is heartbreaking cos you can tell Zoe ain't moving yet.

Lily: Are you all right? Did they hurt you?
L: I'm fine. They shot Noah.


Lily: What?! Is he dead?

Uh, ouch. Way to word it, mom. I'm not sure how I woulda she had rather said, but, still, owwie.

L: No, no. She got some medicine. What about you, are you all right?


Lily: I'm okay.
L: Okay, don't make a deal with them. They're liars!

UM THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO KEEP NOAH ALIVE. :| Also, that hit of Zoe's so didn't even LOOK like it made contact, heh.

Meanwhile, stuff happens, but it's not Nuke and I got bored easily. So let's skip ahead, yay!

Noah -- the only guy to pass out with his head upright, heh. Jake's neck must've gotten sore, hanging down take after take.

L: Please, don't let me just sit here and watch him die.
Z: Will you hold it together?!
L: *looks away*


Casey: Do you know where [Zoe] went?
Allison: I was in the closet.

AHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, Allison. ♥

The storage receipt gets left behind. I... okay, that makes no sense. How long had Zoe been carrying that around? And where in the world had it been since she'd changed into nurse scrubs in another room, her bra?

Luke's *WTFGIRLCOOTIES* face when Z&Z kiss aldkfajs.

L: Can you help Noah now?

Those puppy eyes. How can anyone refuse those puppy eyes?!

Zac: Help him how?
L: She got him medication.
Zac: Where-where did these come from?
Zoe: Hospital.
Zac: You went?
Zoe: I had to.
Zac: Why?
Zoe: Because now Luciano is gonna do what I want.

What happened to "Who cares what she wants, you have the gun!", Zoe? Heh.

Luke's aroo? face as Z&Z talk about the mysterious thing that Zoe has planned for them next, hee. *stares at the wonder that is Van's lips*

Zoe: But you should go.
Zac: Not without you.

It's creepily sweet how they sound like Nuke.

Zoe: I'll deal with them both. *kiss* See you soon.
Zac: You better. *kiss*
Zoe: Now go!

Zoe and her My boyfriend's dreeeeamy. Okay, time to fuck my cousin! expression cracked me up alfdsjas.

L: What do you mean? How are you going to deal with us?
Z: According to our agreement. You do what I want and then I give your boyfriend the drugs.
L: You're not going to kill us?
Z: Not if I don't have to.

Hee! Luke. ♥ And I wasn't ever real clear on why killing them was part of the plan to begin with. :|

Z: Don't be so worried, Luciano. It's not gonna hurt. You might actually enjoy it.

You're right, Zoe. You're such a romantic soul. :| :| :|

H: Damian, you in there? ... I don't think he's here. :\
H&Lily: *blah blah let's go to the police station now*
Holden: Okay!
Lily: I'll text Damian...

Hang on. You have your phone to text, but you went all the way down to the hotel and didn't try, I dunno, calling him first? YOU MAKE NO SENSE, SHOW.

Z: He's sleeping like a baaaaby.
L: He's unconscious. :|

There is so a "you bitch" in his voice at the end there, ahaha. Noah really does look out of it there. And I still wanna lick his neck.

L: He might be in a coma.

I was actually hoping for a coma. We haven't had a good coma storyline yet!

Z: My mother was murdered. Denied her rightful inheritance, because they told her she wasn't legitimate.

Z: So I want your firstborn to be mine. That's the deal, Luciano. If you want me to save your boyfriend, you'll give me your baby.

The way Luke goes from shock to WTF in .002 seconds at that alkjdfas. I hear ya, Luke, I hear ya.

DAMIAN IS THERE YAY! Uh, why don't you have your gun out? You do remember you're chasing kidnappers/killers, right? :|

L: I can't get you pregnant.
Z: It's the right time in my cycle. I made sure.

You made sure to line up your cycle with your mom's birthday? You're pretty damned talented, girlfriend.

L: That's not the issue. :|

akdsjfalsj and AHAHAHAHA. Y'know, I do wonder why the writers never had Luke point out he was gay. Especially since she appeared to have conveniently forgotten that fact soon as he was tied up. :|

Z: You're not sterile are you?
L: No.

Hey, Luke. When someone is about to rape you for the sole purpose of having your child and she asks you if you're sterile, THE ANSWER WOULD BE YES I AM FIRING BLANKS THANKS FOR ASKING NOW PLZ CLIMB OFF. Also, HE'S GAY YOU CRAZY NUT. Also also, the cap is when he does say no, he's not sterile. HIS FACE OF DISTAIN AHAHAHAHA. Men and their peniseses.

Z: Then trust me; there's no problem I can't solve.

The Zs are two for two on the whole lip-raping of our heroes. :| Luke's gasp-y protest sounds made me sad. Even worse is that Noah is dying behind him and there's got to be the smell of blood all around and, oh, yeah, GIRL LIPS EWWW. I was hoping he'd bite her and she'd pull back all GRRRRR, lip all bloody.

And then the ep ended there aldfkjasjf. ARGH.


Even when getting a beating, Sawyer remains pretty. Might have something to do with whatshisface somehow avoiding most of Sawyer's face, heh. Man, this guy's interrogation skillz suuuuck. He is no Sayid. Pbbt.


"We'll buy Microsoft. Bet on the '78 Cowboys." ♥

Most awkward submarine ride ever, ahahaha!

:| <---Sayid finding out he didn't kill Ben aldkjfa.

So, um, the island told Locke to kill Jacob, too? I thought Jacob was supposta be the most connected with the island. Wouldn't he kinda know Locke was coming? Unless the island has chosen Locke over even Jacob, not just Ben. Oooooh.

I really want Jacob to be Jack's dad.

Y'know, with-a-mission!Locke is scarier than crazy!Locke.

Richard: I'm beginning to think Locke could be a problem.
Ben: Why do you think I tried to kill him?

AHAHAHA. Oh, Ben, I love you.