04 September 2008 @ 11:00 am
"Damn that motherchucker!"  


• Okay, see, [ profile] amelialourdes warned me Luke was having a v. good hair day in the last ep, but I just watched and not even I could properly prepare myself for this deliciousness. It's only the best bed hair evah since Brian woke up in his blue silk robe and went to pour coffee. I like, want to organize a fan response to the hair person who did this glorious thing with everyone sending in tiny little sample bottles of gel and hairspray or something. IT IS THAT GOOD PPL. And then things just get better cos: New Luke/Noah today in two hours!!! I KNOW ALDKJA I WAS SHOCKED TOO. September was looking bleak before this turn o' events.

• I'm fully prepared for it to be an inane hour of Oprah asking the same tired-ass questions and generally being obnoxious, but I'm still ridiculously excited about Phelps (and his BFF/boyfriend Ryan and the rest of the swim team and my girlfriend Kerri and Misty and sexy beast Dalhausser and Roger and Nastia and Shawn andandand...) having taped an episode yesterday. IT'S LIKE THE OLYMPICS HAVE RETURNED TO MEEEEE. \:D/ Plus, y'know, just so many chances for Phelps!adorkableness, amen. The ep airs Monday, but hey, have a few photos from the taping now! )


• I just couldn't muster up enough interest to watch the new 90210. I tried. I did. But then the time came and turning the channel to it just seemed like a waste of time, y'know?
29 January 2008 @ 11:09 am
i'd make a pass at chuck bass  
And Gale Howard, but that doesn't rhyme. I'd be forward with Gale Howard? If you say "forward" like fowward alfja. Anyway!

Last night the WB re-aired the Gossip Girl pilot (not nearly as yawn-worthy now that I've seen the other eps and, hey, I'd forgotten a different actress played Blair's mom!), but with the cast talking between commercials. Everyone was so awkward and adorable. But the v. important part: I got to hear Chuck talk with his natural accent. He sounds like sex. I am not even kidding. IT IS V. WRONG WE DO NOT GET BISEXUAL-ACCENT!CHUCK. A couple times, everyone would be talking and laughing and he'd be sitting there all :|. His inner Randy Harrison makes me happy. In my pants. I might even be forced to stop calling him Chuck and find out his real name adlkfas.

I remember when I saw the [SLS play] it was unseasonably warm in New York for January. It was 73 degrees. When I waited for [Gale] to sign my Playbill he walked out, almost in slow motion. He ran his hand through his hair before coming out and put on a cap. You could tell that he was a little like "What is all of the fuss for?" He was gracious and nice. --here

Guh. The imagery, it gives me happy tummy butterflies. Oh, Gale. ♥
24 January 2008 @ 08:42 am
chuck, chuck, he's our man!  
How much do I love that we're getting two new shiny Chuck eps tonight? I WOULD TOTALLY TONGUE KISS THEM IF I COULD OKAY. Oh, Chuckster. I have missed you and my cheezy spy show so much. You are funny like Brian and Justin are hot, mmm, yes. And I'll just pretend the stupid Celebrity Apprentice in the middle of the Chuck block isn't happening. COS NEW SHINY CHUCK!!! Only 11 more hours to go! Gah. That is FOREVER. Must distract self.

And while we're talking Chucks here, I still can't believe we missed out on a bisexual Chuck on Gossip Girl. "In the books, Chuck is described as bisexual-like, while in the show he’s a ladies man." No matter. I will always believe he and Nate had some gay ole times in that hotel room Chuck calls home, sweet dysfunctional home. If only that overstuffed couch could talk. Has anyone read the Gossip Girl books? They're calling to me in their snotty bi!Chuck voice.

In conclusion, NEW CHUCK TONIGHT!!!!!! :D :D :D
10 January 2008 @ 05:08 am
gossip girl and my girlfriend  
One upside of the writer's strike - time to marathon shows! *mixed yay*

gossip girl )

And then! I found an old Kathy ep from last season (the one where she goes to the prisons alfdja) and started doing a Ree-cap, but it turned into a quote-a-thon due to an alarming amount of episode awesomeness.

kathypalooza )

And I can't believe I'm about to say this, but the gay porn awards looked boring. Not even one orgy broke out. WTF. Oh, Bravo, shielding us cable viewers from the good stuff.