16 November 2007 @ 11:01 am
Gale Howard: Meangate 2007  
[Randy] is surprisingly short with an abnormally large head. Also, the visual of him clapping above his head like a happy, speshul seal makes me v. v. giddy. Oh, Randypants. :X Wonder what show it was? ETA: OMG, [ profile] dreamingkitty gives us seal!Randy ALDSFKJAS.

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Haha this is awesome you Gale fanatics! Well, he looked great. He had some facial hair and a cool hat. He showed up with a guy with a matching hat... -- a blogger, when asked about Mr. Howard the night he was spotted at a LGBT party (and reported by [ profile] dreamingkitty, my hero as always ♥)

Shhh, you don't see them hiding in their matching camouflage hats!

They just blend right in, y'know. I'm just glad he was out and about. Though, uh, I'm not sure why I am. He's probably perfectly happy at home reading or covered in motorcycle grease in his garage or some such. But, hey, free liquor! Not to mention the chance to show off one of his hats. Oh, yeah, baby.

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So, anyway, got me curious about mean-looking!Gale and if he actually existed in any of the photos I had. Turned out to be quite the challenge, go figure!

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• Speaking of screenings, I was in Whole Foods this past weekend when I got randomly invited to an advanced screening (aka audience test) for a George Clooney movie on Tuesday. Let me repeat that - GEORGE CLOONEY, PEOPLE, ALFDKASJLDKF. ♥ ♥ ♥ Later that night I did about .002 seconds of Googling and found out it had to be Leatherheads. WITH JOHN KRASINSKI, AKA PAM'S JIM. So, we're talking George AND John in a movie that's not slated to come out until next spring. And then Tuesday rolled around and I was struck dead with that sinus headache that literally blinded me for a few hours. :| :| :|

• I somehow forgot to tape Bionic Woman and Life last night and it's not like there's a lot of eps left before the strike-drought begins. Dammit. Actually, I don't even know how many are left for any of my shows. I kinda don't wanna even look. *denial*

• We're mere days away from the big ole gay QaF box set release. I guess we're just not gonna get an extras listing at all? :|