05 September 2007 @ 03:12 pm
Still catching up. And it's like Christmas came early adlka. There are 2 vids of Mr. Harrison in Mrs. Warren (that sounds dirtier than it is) on YouTube and IT IS DELIGHTFUL KTHX. I hadn't heard Randy's voice in so long, I was beginning to feel like he didn't care.

Alas, Miss [ profile] amelialourdes, there is a distinct lack of any "By Joves!", but it is still priceless, just like you. :X :X :X

the vids )

And I took a few caps for those whose computers don't play nice with Flash.

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20 August 2007 @ 12:44 pm
mr. harrison's summer, suddenly  
OMG, I GOT A GOLD STAH SQUEEEE! *immediately smacks it onto my forehead like I did in school* Thank you, Anonymous. YOU are the awesome one! Consider this post dedicated to youuu.

• And now from one squee to another: RANDYPANTS! Goes without saying I'm dying to see this play. The outfit alone is killing me. I'd put money on Simon asking Randy to wear those clothes home and then being all *role-plays* *POUNCES*, heh.

randy = pretty/speshul )

• So! Considering it was one-night only, y'all might not have heard about the theatre production Randy and Gale put on recently. Thankfully, I have photos. I'm pleased to say it was v. v. speshul. There would be another "v.", but sadly there were no boobs or dresses involved this time. But there is pussy.

Mr. Harrison's Summer, Suddenly )

• And an index-like-sorta-thing for all the Mrs. Warren!Randy photos because I am anal. This should come as no shock, heh.

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• In conclusion, Randy's hairy arm is fascinating me right now. Even though I miss the green hoodie. Come back, Green Hoodie, come baaack.