01 May 2009 @ 02:56 pm
• OMG, [ profile] shape5, guess what I'm wearing at this v. moment akjfsl;fjsljas. Only the v. most awesomest FCB hat evah! I think you should know that there was a lot of bouncing and squealing involved when the package was opened, before I quickly pulled my ponytail through the back and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and did some more bouncing. :D :D :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!

• Still working on the Nuke recap (wow, they got a lot of airtime!), but this pretty much sums up the last few eps. )

• Things are going swimmingly in Rome with my tennis boys. There could be a Fedal final this Sunday. I peepeed a little just typing that. Also, how is it just seeing Roger's ballet toes and shadow makes me so giddy? )

• Know what else is Sunday? GALEFACE ON DH. More peepee time. Oh, you know that new interview?

I thought he was holding a cigarette at first and my eyes bugged out. Then he moved and it was the building behind him alsdjfa. Also, he is still adorkable. )

Gale's accident used as a lawyer ad. Classy. :|
18 February 2009 @ 04:11 am
Oh, flist, thank you so much for the V-Day lovin'. It made me warm and fuzzy and just, guh. I heart you all. ♥ And, omg, [ profile] colorthenight, I loved my teddy bear, thank you! I adore you, sweet girl.

So, a million years ago now, Gale did an interview for German TV and was so adorkable, my glee actually made me dizzy.

Gale Howard likes shiny things. AKA, Gale's 1000 Expressions. )

Speaking of dorks. In more super old news, my reaction to finding out that my Michael Fred got caught with the ganja -- sorry, alleged ganja. *cough* (Lookit his neck, omg. He's about to swallow that sucker, he's inhaling so deep alkjsda.) looked a little something like this---> Cos, really. You giant dork. I love you, but YOU GIANT DORK. Did Ryan teach you nothing? Get drunk in public, smoke in private!

Best Parts About All This:

• Fandom labeling it BongGate. FTW, fandom.
• Seth Myer's "Really!?!" SNL segment. "Michael Phelps smokes pot, why can't I? You can, right after you win twelve gold medals for your country."
• Fandom losing its shit. There was praying for his soul, ya'll. AHAHAHAHA.
01 August 2008 @ 06:13 am
hi, i'm old.  
Oh, you guys. Thank you a million times for making My Day Of Being Old Like Ted totally not suck. ♥ I still have the warm fuzzies (and laughing hysterically) cos of y'all. I think I answered everyone, but if I missed a message, please point me the way so I can personally thank you and add ya to my b-day memories folder. /dork

Had a fabulous day! STARTING OFF WITH THE ENTIRE EARTH QUAKING FOR ME. O.o I get older and the Earth belly laughs aldfja. Awesome part? July 29th is forever on the record books for something other than activity involving my mom's vajayjay. Score!

There was BBQ and cuppycakes, two of my favorite food groups. Son of score! Followed by a late showing of Dark Knight, followed by, well, ANOTHER, later showing of Dark Knight, wooooot! Cos I am just that cool. We actually had tried to see it pre-opening day, but all FIVE midnight showings were sold out. Which is probably for the better. I had already been teary in the car the first time 'round. Seriously, I wasn't sure how I was going to sit through this movie and enjoy it. Cos, man, Heath. It was Heath.

I know I haven't talked much about him here, but he's one of my favorite people. And then talking about him right after he died was too hard. So, hmm, now there's this weird Heath-shaped hole in my journal. But, yeah. Add in some bittersweet b-day weirdness, and, ugh.

Anyway, I needn't have worried, heh. There were some :((( moments when I'd get hit in the chest by some ironic dialogue or scene, but for the most part, I was mesmerized and/or thinking in ALLCAPS, *OMG THIS MOVIE KICKS AWESOMESAUCE ASS OMGWTF THE JOKER IS FREAKING ME OUT AND MAKING ME LAAAAUGH AND I WANT TO ICON THIS ASAP ETC.* And lots of dirty thoughts about Maggie Gyllenhaal. Daaamn, that family is purdy. I want to see it agaaaain.

Life good. ♥
23 June 2008 @ 11:54 pm
pothead!gale and mr. randy harrison-dumenco ride again  
• I feel so, so bad that I didn't see this earlier, you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the sweet things said about me at this year's QaF Love Meme! I hope every single one of you knows how much I heart you. Cos I do. Lots and lots. ♥ ♥ ♥

"I thought he had married several years ago, but her name is not listed in his bio."
--Randy's imdb board, "Is he married?"

BUT IT GETS BETTER OMG. "I can't believe he is gay, I never would have known." I... ALDKALDKFALJ. This is what happens when you do not have your gaydar tuned up each year, tsk tsk. You get false readings and before you know it, you're searching on the net for wedding pictures. In my imaginary R/S world, Simon just yelled from the living room into the bedroom for Randy to check his email, where he's sent him the above link and the following: "WAIT I DID NOT KNOW U WERE GAY! "

Pothead!Gale is appropriate for any and all forums, kthx.

Remember this? Yeah, s'not happening, Fay said. Way to kick me in the nuts, Fay. :( There was a Sept release date listed, but tis gone now. Y'know, considering how long this is taking, there is just something so v. ironic about the fact that Slow Hand Releasing is the studio attached to this movie. And, uh, v. dirty sounding, heh.

• Though, I guess we can still vote for a FFG DVD release! I don't know why my age matters, but okay. This DVD? I needs it. I needs it bad. That site also has a gallery of "new" photos that I'm sure most everyone has already checked out, but I must post them here, cos a) I pretend to be organized occasionally, but mostly b) GAAAAAAALE. The only thing I changed was the coloring. THE RED TONES WERE MAKING MY EYES BLEED.

photos )
15 February 2008 @ 02:56 pm
But first I must squeeeee. Cos I totally got a dancing Yoyo card with a (gay) rainbow from my sanami276Alexwife aldfja. You so knew that Hoops & Yoyo cards are a sure-fire way to get into my pants, didn't you? ;) AND dancing!Gale-and-jenepherreJenface! I swear, these JibJab things make me laugh SO HARD. Those little legs of yours were just going a mile a minute, hee. And, really, if I'm gonna tie with anyone in your affections, I'm tickled it's with Galeface. Talk about good company, hee. Thank you! I ♥ you both! *happy sigh*

lost 403 )

I just realized I never answered the comments on my last Lost post. Ack! I'm not sure how that slipped by me, I'm so sorry, y'all. :\
14 February 2008 @ 11:20 am
all you need is love. and a great flist.  
LIKE BRIAN WITH JUSTIN'S COCK IN HIS ASS, I FEEL THE LOVE, FANDOM, I FEEL THE LOVE. It took TWO POSTS this year for all the messages. 821 Valentine's Day messages for 269 different people. Oh, fandom. Even our V-Day messages end up in 69. ♥

And, omg, darling [ profile] youbetterwiseup, candy hearts! I love, I love! And really want to lick-nibble you and the screen alkdfa. And Anonymous with a gorgeous rose! That's you, Gale, isn't it? I knew you didn't really mean that restraining order. :X


Oh, flist, I love you muchly. So, I'm sending you a little something. This is five years of Justin teaching Brian how to say "I love you".

1. Go here!


3. Read my super sekrit personalized message: "I LOVE YOU, FLIST!"

Um. Yeah, sorry about the whole self-serve aspect here adkfllkj. I tried sending it to myself so I'd have the direct link for y'all, but Hallmark keeps timing out on me. You'd think it was a busy day for them or something aldfj.

Oh! I had a couple ask and last year's Queer As Valentine's Day icons are here. ;)
02 January 2008 @ 01:15 pm
Icons: Justin's Warm Butt  
It's 2008. Whatev. :|


Oh, paddiesWife, I am all squishy inside and I totally blame your sweet card. And, well, I just wanted you to know that I love you and I'll be here waiting when you get back. *throat kiss* ♥, [ profile] lunachickk (DOGGIES AND KITTY!!! I so wanna roll around the floor with 'em, hee. *skritches their bellies* Also, my v. first kitty when I was 5yrs old looked EXACTLY like yours. That made me all :D.), [ profile] court1429 (Aw, hon, I wish you all the best this year! Though I won't say how long it took me to match all the squares. :"> I ♥ you!) and [ profile] pixiebullets (Sparkley glasses adlfajs! I tried taking my clothes off in public, but someone paid me $20 bucks to put them back on. :/ Happy (Belated) New Year to you, babe! *squishes*)


And now, icons! Big version is here.

01. 03. 07.

seven more )
24 December 2007 @ 04:09 am
well, hello, i have been sucking cock all weekend!  

I wish all cocks tasted like delicious peppermint. ;)

And I owe it all to [ profile] my2cats, OMG THANK YOU, HON!!!! Believe me when I say I could not put my lollycock down aldkfaj. I even nibbled the right one extra special in Brian's honor. Fake ball, schmake ball. Tastes the same to me! ;)

But wait! There's more!

cos, look! )

And there are cards and virtual gifts and e-cards and I'm so warm and glowy and feelin' the love and I just want to hug you all!

[ profile] sanami276 (Here's to another year o' couch luvin', hottie!), [ profile] seanmegansean (Oh, sugarpants, YOU make it fabulous! *"i luv you" emoticon icon*), [ profile] dreamingkitty (Hot chocolate luv!!! Gale and I promise to share with you, that's how much I adore you. ♥), [ profile] jenepherre (THAT SNOWFIGHT CARD KILLED ME KTHX, you're so brill!), [ profile] etharei (And pretty men to you, too! ♥), [ profile] friday82 (Merry Holidays to youuuu!), [ profile] galesweetie (Happy Holidays right back atcha!), [ profile] reizaine (Hoops & Yoyo!!! I totally kept putting my cursor over the 'ry' part to make 'em sing it cos it sounds like "Ree" aldfja. They make me so retardedly happy. ;D Also, I was so tickled to hear from you! Your name being all bolded scared me. Tell me you are coming back!)

31 July 2007 @ 01:18 pm
*group hug*  
I am proud to announce: I do not have a hangover this time!

Sunday, aka My Day Of Being Old Like Ted was a rousing success (mmmmm, cupcakes), made all the more wonderful because of my kick-ass flist. Aw, flist! Thank you so much for all the b-day wishes and beautiful graphics and super-fun e-cards (that I just discovered today in my spam folder. Grrr, AOL, grrr.) and pastede on hedz (both the sweet beyond words and hilariously traumatizing) and presents of gorgeous proportions and my v. own deliciously cracky ditty of loff and all the virtual prezzies! Even Gale and Randy dropped by. Much to Randy's annoyance aldfkjas. That made me peepee. (Anon, I heart you, whoever you are!)

*happy sigh* You're all so good to me. I did my best to answer all the posts/comments, but if I missed yours, please let me know! Then I can personally fondle you and add ya into my little black book b-day memories folder. ♥

So, you may find yourself asking, what does a Ree do on her Day Of Being Old Like Ted? She... does nothing! Glorious, glorious nothing! Mmmmm. I got to be lazy all day and IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL THING. Mostly spent it crashed out on the couch with an almost embarrassing amount of Chinese take-out boxes and QaF S1. It's been so long since I've had the time to just sit and wallow in the eps, one after another (after another after another...). More on that later. ;) Suffice to say, I am in no danger of falling out of love with this show. Ever. Brian was so fucked from day one. Also, Justin running will never not be funny.

Plus because awhile ago I was all "I am going to watch the finale in August!!!" and wanted to marathon all the seasons leading up to it. Without actually, y'know, knowing what day that was. I checked. It's the 7th. Uh, that is only seven days away. SEVEN DAYS. For some reason I was thinking the finale had been later in the month. Yeah, it wasn't aklsjdlkj.

Aaaaand cue my frantic Qafathon, woot! Not sure if I'm gonna get through all the seasons by then, but I'm gonna have fun trying. Must do my best not to get waylaid at the cancer arc, however. I tend to rewatch those eps on a loop and forget to move on.
12 July 2007 @ 01:35 pm
GioRee Productions Present: Mini LYM QaF Fics  
Give us little yellow men and we is authors, omg!

Brian & The Bedtime Blowjob )

Or how about some RPS! This one isn't so much a LYM fic as it is just us being speshul, but there was a lot of us going and and that I edited out, so it, uh, totally counts, y'know? Neener.

Gale & The Pocket Randy!Ass )