16 March 2007 @ 02:04 am
cancer fics. aka go away floppy penis, said brian.  
I'd say today could suck the ass of your choosing, but giving it ass seems more like a reward. Today doesn't deserve ass suckage, as it is good and hot and makes pretty gay boys' toes curl. Grrr, today. No ass for you!

So, I curled up with some Nutella and read all the cancer fic I have bookmarked to feel better. Oh, yeah, I said it! I read angsty S4 cancer fic to feel better!

Yes, I am a freak alfdasj.

But the h/c! I am its bitch, we all know this. Plus, it's been proven - resisting the total BFFness of Brian and Ted is against the laws of the universe. I suspect lightening will strike your tender parts if you try. I even like Michael, bad advice and bean spilling and all, and when he loses it on the floor with Brian, it's just such an honest, heart-rending reaction, I tear up every. single. time. And chicken soup and chest kisses and scars and nightmares and post-op sex! 'Nough said. *sniff*

And then, while I licked my fingers clean of hazelnutty goodness for the hundredth time, I decided putting all the links in a single post would be handier than my 23124468149761 messy bookmarks and, hey, everyone could share in the cancer fic luv with me. ♥

Get your own Nutella though. Ree don't share, yo.

RIP, Lefty )

And then I ran out of fic. Woe. WOE, I SAY. Got any I missed? *flirts*