03 October 2006 @ 10:21 am
vanished: 105, 106, 107  
So many spoilers. And long. Like, loooong. I got started and couldn't stop talking aldjfa. But there are screencaps!

107 )

But until then, some 105/106 thoughts since I did a catch-up mini-marathon in prep for 107.

105 )

106 )
20 September 2006 @ 06:29 am
How does Rebecca Gayheart not know that I do not care about her fire and was only suffering her and Carson Daly for some Gale dirt? I AM V. DISAPPOINTED IN YOU, REBECCA.

Anyway, I just watched Vanished 104...

I'd say Randy is under that table.

and I've decided two things... )

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Did anyone watch Smith, that new CBS show? I have it and Studio 60 taped for later. So much to watch, so little time. And all the shows haven't even premiered yet, oy.
03 August 2006 @ 12:35 pm
whoa, i blinked and there were 3 more vanished promos!  
I've known Vanished premieres in August, but it only kinda just sunk in that that means THIS MONTH. Like, in three weeks. Less than twenty days. DAYS. Remember when we were lamenting the months and, omg, it was sooooo faaaaar aaaawwaay? Now it is. This. Month. alkjdfasdlj.

I would like to thank Gale and his wonderfully shy 'tardliness for keeping me distracted with FOX appearances and Yahoo interviews. To FOX for re-editing basically one promo a bzillion times and making me squee with each freakin' one. To CBS for giving us Rory in jeans and a gun. To fucking HBO for their fucking Deadwood show, love of the pornstache and giving Gale another gun. And a special thank you to Randolph for the singing of the karaoke. Just 'cause.


[ profile] beautifullion69 once again is our friendly neighborhood crack Gale dealer. ♥

Promo 16 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 17 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 18 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

PROMO 18 OMG -- NEW GALE SCENE! The whole thing's a minute long and there's definitely new footage from beyond the first ep in this one (and not just of Gale). Gale's scene is v. short and he doesn't speak, but it's new, and I'm desperate like that.

newness of the gale kind )

Let the final countdown to Vanished begin!
28 July 2006 @ 11:02 am
vanished stuffs  
I would probably make much better headway in the whole catching-up-on-older-posts thing if I stopped refreshing, just a wacky guess aldkjf. New awesome stuff keeps popping up, I CAN'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT OKAY?

Vanished Promo

Promo 15 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Blink and you might miss something with this one, it was edited by someone who's had one too many Red Bulls. There's some new stuff, but only one newish Gale shot. Thanks to [ profile] beautifullion69 for the promo! ♥

one lonely little screencap )

Vanished Interview

Interview (Yahoo): sendspace | megaupload

And then there was this Yahoo interview with Gale. And Gale only sounds slightly retarded. And I'm all proud of him and happy sighing, cos he wouldn't be the Gale I know and love if he wasn't a little sheshul. ♥ So I had to transcribe it. He sighs and takes long pauses and he could not be more adorkable if he tried. I didn't put all that in adlkj. *in a hurry*

transcript/screencaps )

And in case anyone would like to study the 1000 Faces of Gale Howard, here's all the interview caps I had. There are kissie lips!

32 caps/1MB zip: sendspace | megaupload

I can't go get my mail for another couple hours. And it is. Killing. Me.

ETA: Is LJ playing keep-away with the comments notification again for anyone else?
12 July 2006 @ 02:27 pm
catching up on vanished promos  
Okey-dokey, I think I gathered all the ones since last update. SIX! Whoa, that'll teach me to fall behind. Serious props to [ profile] beautifullion69, yo. She's my audio/visual hero like Ted when he had his porn site.

Promo 9 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 10 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 11 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 12 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 13 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 14 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 9 is short (30 secs -- alkfjas I typed 'sex' at first) and nothing much interesting or new, but the other three... oh man oh man oh man. Promo 10 is the longest (3 min!!!) and has quite a few new scenes. But 11 and 12 are the most exciting (to me). Think less 24, more Da Vinci Code/The X-Files. And the cuts and end credits smack of that static-y The Ring vibe. Yes, I did pee, step over the damp spot on the carpet. And finally we get NEW FOOTAGE OMG.

even pixelated, gale is a purdy, purdy man )

gale's stand-in for vanished )


And then some new non-news news about Gale's 308 Deadwood ep:

Wyatt Earp and his brother Morgan arrive, though their business is a mystery. -- via the Deadwood Stage spoiler board


The Unit

Remember when I was excited about the possibility of Gale's ep having commentary on the DVD release? Yeah, not that's not gonna happen. :(

Fox has scaled back their plans for the extras on this release significantly: Instead of commentary tracks on "about half of the episodes", there will only be one (on "SERE").

16 June 2006 @ 01:20 am
randy saw a vanished promo  
Then called Gale right after and they talked all night and got high together and Randy was laughing so hard he got the hiccups and Gale would choke on his Funyuns while doing his Kelton!voice for him and then they both accidentally fell asleep during the phone sex.

Welcome to my speshul mind.

Thanks to [ profile] jammer1027 and [ profile] beautifullion69 for all their hard work. :X

Promo 7 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 8 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Only three Gale scenes we haven't seen in a promo before. FOX is basically just editing the heck outta these now to make them feel new. BUT, OMG -- YOU CAN SEE THE CHARLIE'S ANGELS JUMP IN PROMO 7 ALKJFDASLKDFJAS.

he's like a manly farrah fawcett )
14 June 2006 @ 04:31 am
promo mcpromopants  
New Vanished promos, yay! [ profile] bkinney71 and [ profile] jammer1027 love us. They really do. Thanks, guys! ♥

Promo 5 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Promo 6 (FOX): sendspace | megaupload

Getting some pointers from the experts.

new gale scenes, omg )
26 May 2006 @ 05:11 am
CourtTV did a piece on FOX's upcoming schedule and thanks to the generous [ profile] beautifullion69, we have eet. *rubs hands together gleefully*

The Hollywood Heat clip: megaupload | sendspace

zee screencaps o' gale hotness )
19 May 2006 @ 03:22 am
fox upfront photos  

I want to fix his hair so badly.

the rest )

Still waiting for the hi-res versions to pop up. Will zip 'em here soon as they're spotted. *fingers crossed* - GOT 'EM, SEE BELOW!

ETA: Oh oh! The lovely [ profile] fiercediva just posted more photos here with a short account. Go, go! So good. Back of Gale's head never looked so sexy. :X

ETA2: Added 3 more pics. *fondles* [ profile] tiedtoanight/gale-online

ETA3: Added 2 more pics. *gropes* [ profile] tiedtoanight/gale-online

ETA4: hi-res watermarkless zip megaupload | sendspace courtesy of the ever generous [ profile] tiedtoanight/gale-online. Join me in sexing her now in gratitude. :X :X :X