23 April 2009 @ 03:00 am
the luke and noah show  
ATWT, 4-21 )

Help, y'all. I'm trying to sort out the current storyline timeline. )

• Seeing Fast & Furious again today! The guy at the ticket window recognizes me at this point alkfjas. "F&F girl, hey." But I literally can't stop. It's like the best crack. AND I NEEDS MY FIX YO.

• Last two days it was nearly 100°F. Tonight I could cut glass with my nipples, and I have like, three sweatshirts on. Schizo weather is schizo.

• Y'know, I never realized how hectic the tennis schedule was for the players. Monte Carlo just ended and already they're in Barcelona practicing. I know not everyone plays in every tournament, but still. Hectic! And still Rafa looks lovely and rested. And adorable. Always, always adorable with his cuuuurly hair. ) Also, being so near, I have my fingers crossed that Rafa will, at some point, cross paths with my boys at FC Barcelona. I want my obsessions fandoms to collide SO BADLY. Real Madrid who?

...I laughed so loud I scared my girl cat, Ella, off the couch. --Simon in one of his articles

Wait. Ella isn't living with daddy Randy? :*(

Jake ended up having to leave the luncheon early due to a really personal emergency. --here

Oh, Jakeface. :*(
03 April 2009 @ 07:35 am
miami, galeface and fast cars with hot boys  
Rafa vs. Del Potro )

Gale loves us! Or a working paycheck, whatev. You know it's really all about his love for us. Full DH article. Hint of spoilers, so be careful. )

WELL HAI FAST AND FURIOUS DAY. I'm about ready to pee, y'all. I've only been waiting 8 years for this movie. EIGHT YEARS OF WAITING TO SEE DOM AND BRIAN HUMP EACH OTHER WITH THEIR EYES ON SCREEN AGAIN.

Where I cap the handful of Dom/Brian scenes and point and squee. Plus a few behind the scenes pics. )
09 August 2004 @ 12:10 pm
To baldly go...  
Just when I thought The Fast and the Furious couldn't get any slashier, I finally sat down to watch the director's commentary and hear "...and the intro of the great Vin Diesel. His signature bald head, his strength, his bear-like presence, contrasting with Paul's classic American-made beauty..." as the two characters eye-fuck across the market.

I love this movie.

I'm not usually ga-ga over xovers, but I so want Dom to meet (the other) Brian. To have Dom at a stoplight and look over ... and see Brian in his kick-ass 'Vette. Mutual eyebrows rise. Engines rev. Winner gets the other's ass. Which, considering what Dom usually drives has more power than a GE plant, wouldn't really be a fair bet.

And I'm so okay with that.

Unlike I am with Justin's Excellent Adventure having been completed. Fic, you made me your bitch for the weekend and now you decide we're better off without each other?! *sobs*