15 December 2007 @ 05:02 am
gale/randy flip-flop. in my bullet points, at least.  

• Oh, Justin. You are a v. bendy boy. Sometimes it re-surprises me outta the blue adfajk. I mean, even his toes are all *acrobatic*. What? Oh, I'm sure I have no idea how how that HOLY MOLY IMPRESSIVE crotch shot made it in there. Though I am sure it is v. bendy too, just hopefully not at inopportune times. *cough* But I do know what lovely made those icons, she be my wife, Gio. ♥

• Most awesomest subject title on Gale's imdb: Does he smoke weed? But now the thread is gone. GONE! I always forget that dupid board deletes older posts.

[ profile] randy_daily <--But... but, wasn't it being used and stuff? I keep meaning to ask wha' happened. Cos, sadness. RANDY NEEDS A PLACE TO BE PRETTY ON A DAILY BASIS. :((

• My daily dose of iconmaker horror: Saw an icon of mine being used and was all :D .... then quickly jumped to D: when I realized it had a spelling error aflkjadj. OH FLIST YOU LET ME DOWN. YOU KNOW I'M SPESHUL AND NEED TO BE MONITORED. So, um, yeah. That's fixed now. Was the "gratiutous" :| crotch shot from the Gale's Anatomy batch, in case you have that one. Gale crotch. That's just fun to type. Gale crotch. GALE CROTCH. Gaaaale. Crrrrrotch. Lotsa crotch talk in this post alsdj. Brian would approve.

Perhaps quite telling is that not a single Hollywood actor, even those who are out, would respond to interview requests for this article, including former "Queer As Folk" actor Robert Gant... I WONDER IF THEY CONTACTED ONE MR. RANDOLPH HARRISON AND WERE TOLD TO TALK TO THE HAND.

• There was no Gale on my Must-See Thursday teevee. It was as hard as I thought it would be. *sad grabby hands*