23 March 2009 @ 05:15 pm
he's aliiiiiiiive \:D/  

THAT EXPRESSION ALKDJFSLG. Getting picture taken = like he just sat on something uncomfortable. Oh, Galeface, I HAVE MISSED YOU, YOU DORK. These just have everything I love. Gale! Beard! Dorky expression! ♥ OMG, I just noticed his suit has a lizard texture pattern FTW. From the Elton John Oscar Party Feb 22. Dude. Our boy was at an Oscar Party. Let me repeat that. Our boy was at an Oscar Party. PLZ TELL ME YOU MADE SOME IMPORTANT HOLLYWOOD CONTACTS AND NOW HAVE YOUR OWN REALITY SHOW CALLED "MY LIFE AS GAIL HOWARD" KTHX.

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06 March 2009 @ 03:42 pm
this is me catching up on my boys  
New tAB pics from the oft-renamed movie. Poor movie. All untitled and confused about who it is and stuff. How is it to supposed to meet other movies on the playground without a name?

Coincidentally, this is just how I pictured him during the Simon break-up. :p How does he make that I just broke up with my boyfriend and stopped showering and my emo pain is too great to even lift a razor look appear so damned attractive? I think it's the hair. And the shirt. I approve mightily.

One more. There's a third one, but it was boring landscape. )

And looks like our busy little gay Randy bee also has a new play for April/May, The Singing Forest. And he has two parts. )


As Gale was leaving the theater, he was talking to someone and I noticed how much of a southern accent he has. ... He was wearing dark blue skinny jeans that were rolled up at the bottom, a dark blue button up, a light gray blazer, brown dress shoes, and a black and gray page boy cap. He has facial hair and his hair is getting pretty long (from what we could see poking out of his cap). | Gale had a large 35 mm camera in hand.

ALKFASLKFDJASLDKFJ. Also? His BFF Scott was with him. HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THAT?! Gale greeted Scott’s lady friend with a kiss on her cheek. AWWWWWW.

Oh, Gale, Randy, Scott. I heart my boys. Now if they'd just manage to all be in the same spot at the same time while cameras were around. *taps foot impatiently*
19 April 2008 @ 01:40 am
Everyone keep a lookout for Gale lurking about the aisles aldfjas. CHANCES ARE HE WILL BE LOOKING V. HETERO AND WEARING SKIN-TIGHT JEANS.

17 December 2007 @ 07:18 am
osh b'gosh  
Sighting: Gale Harold at OSH Supply Hardware on Sunset Blvd, Sunday, December 16, 2007, about 2:30, taking advantage of their no-sales tax promotion. Full goatee with about a week’s stubble around it, wearing a cap and a brown hunter’s type vest. Skin-tight jeans. He’s really really lean, very sexy, very hetero. By himself, buying, oddly, two boxes containing chimney caps, the thing that sits outside on top of a fireplace. --from here


That's our boy! ♥

Between this and Randy's beard o' sex = BEST. DAY. EVAH. KTHX. Also? "...very hetero" made me snort.
16 November 2007 @ 11:01 am
Gale Howard: Meangate 2007  
[Randy] is surprisingly short with an abnormally large head. Also, the visual of him clapping above his head like a happy, speshul seal makes me v. v. giddy. Oh, Randypants. :X Wonder what show it was? ETA: OMG, [ profile] dreamingkitty gives us seal!Randy ALDSFKJAS.

all the fangirl text in case it disappears )

Haha this is awesome you Gale fanatics! Well, he looked great. He had some facial hair and a cool hat. He showed up with a guy with a matching hat... -- a blogger, when asked about Mr. Howard the night he was spotted at a LGBT party (and reported by [ profile] dreamingkitty, my hero as always ♥)

Shhh, you don't see them hiding in their matching camouflage hats!

They just blend right in, y'know. I'm just glad he was out and about. Though, uh, I'm not sure why I am. He's probably perfectly happy at home reading or covered in motorcycle grease in his garage or some such. But, hey, free liquor! Not to mention the chance to show off one of his hats. Oh, yeah, baby.

10 things that make me go hmm about this latest galespotting )

the blog's text )

So, anyway, got me curious about mean-looking!Gale and if he actually existed in any of the photos I had. Turned out to be quite the challenge, go figure!

the elusive search for the mean-looking galeface )

• Speaking of screenings, I was in Whole Foods this past weekend when I got randomly invited to an advanced screening (aka audience test) for a George Clooney movie on Tuesday. Let me repeat that - GEORGE CLOONEY, PEOPLE, ALFDKASJLDKF. ♥ ♥ ♥ Later that night I did about .002 seconds of Googling and found out it had to be Leatherheads. WITH JOHN KRASINSKI, AKA PAM'S JIM. So, we're talking George AND John in a movie that's not slated to come out until next spring. And then Tuesday rolled around and I was struck dead with that sinus headache that literally blinded me for a few hours. :| :| :|

• I somehow forgot to tape Bionic Woman and Life last night and it's not like there's a lot of eps left before the strike-drought begins. Dammit. Actually, I don't even know how many are left for any of my shows. I kinda don't wanna even look. *denial*

• We're mere days away from the big ole gay QaF box set release. I guess we're just not gonna get an extras listing at all? :|
15 October 2007 @ 03:18 am
"I parked on Vermont yesterday, down from the Los Feliz Theater, and next to my car, Gale Harold and Scott Lowell were sitting at the sidewalk café having lunch. They were there a long time. Scott looks older, but exactly the same. He looks good. Gale was very scruffy, with a baseball cap hiding some pretty stringy hair. Hasn't shaved in a while. Sandals. A red splotch on his cheek, like acne or something. He must not be working this week! They look pretty relaxed." -- [ profile] evy_9_seconds, my new hero


That's our boy! ♥
02 August 2007 @ 04:05 pm
*hand to my ear like a news reporter* and this just in...  
(♥ [ profile] besame_bj for the heads-up ♥)

Gale might-possibly-maybe have been within neck sniffing distance of one Randolph Harrison both on 7/21 and 7/31. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY KTHX.

(And the fact that these are the only two entries in a journal that was created only a week ago with one friend and no interests makes me suspicious isn't going to harsh my buzz at all, dammit. Well, not much, anyway.)

Also, I didn't even know [ profile] galeharoldblogs existed. Whaa-?! I feel like I should be punished now or something.
21 July 2007 @ 02:10 am
it's like stalking. that's bad and wrong. and hot.  
feast your sooper-dooper strength binoculars here

July 20, 2007, 8:30 a.m.: Dish is shaking over missing a stupendous sighting. She got a call this morning from her hairstylist who saw Gale Harold, that's right, BRIAN KINNEY, at the Chase Bank on 24th and 7th. No further details given as Dish was asleep with a fat cat sitting on her chest. She can't divulge either how much time she spent in that location after receiving the message.

6:33 PM Anonymous said...
Gale Harold!!! Do you know how rare a sighting that is?? Can you please give any other details, thanks!!!!

6:57 PM Dish Upon a Star said...
Tis quite rare, Anonymous, and sadly, Dish always misses these sightings. No other details as far as clothing, pallor, whether eye contact was made. But he was sighted by us in Suddenly Last Summer on Broadway last fall, which cost us 60$. He's very tall. Gale's mystique remains intact.

I'm still trying to figure out why the accompanying picture is named gale666.bmp.

ETA: A new interview with Fay. Gale's character is mentioned, but that's all. Also? Name spelled correctly! I KNOW RIGHT. I suspect it is Randy between Cuckoo shows out kicking reporter ass to ensure this recent run of Gale-not-Gayle Harold-not-Herrald-Howards.