21 August 2006 @ 02:19 pm
Icons: Vanished - Kelton Street  

Doesn't even mattter that I've already seen it. I can't stop grinning. IT'S FINALLY THE DAY. No longer does my TV have to be jealous of my scanner - in a matter of hours she too will have had Galeface all over her. I never did get to see QaF "live", so what was already a big deal to me (galeonmytvomgifeelfaint), is suddenly SUPER MAJOR BIGGEST DEAL OF ALL TIME (GALEONMYFUCKINGTVOMFGGONNADIE!). Y'know, in case any of y'all hadn't noticed how much I've been anticipating this show over the last months aldkja.

Galeface, time to be a stah! Just, with your clothes on this time. Piece of cake. ♥

I totally forgot I made these. Like, over a month ago aldfkjas. As we know, [ profile] suzvoy rules the world! Lookit the photo she took when she went to see Randy in Amadeus. I died. Then she let me make icons. Oh, Suzy-Q, ourloveissosnotty! ♥

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I am now going to attempt to spend the next 7 hours pretending I am a functioning member of society and not actually wondering when we'll see Kelton take his first blurred by a curtain, damn network TV shower. And what shampoo he'll use. But I bet it'll be Pert. Shampoo and conditioner in one. For the busy FBI agent on the go who ain't got no stinkin' time to rinse twice!
10 July 2006 @ 05:51 pm
Icons: Vanished icons on our most holiest of days  
Do you know what I realized? Randy's play ended (*sob*) in time for Gale's birthday. That is twu wuv, yo. Now Randy can fly to Los Angeles to jump out of a giant cake with nothing on but a red bow. And some flip flops. Best gift evah. Twu wuv. I'm telling ya. And, um, I may have tried to pastede on hedz it to illustrate the perfectness of their combined birthday gayocity, but who knew a picture of a giant stripper cake would be impossible to find in a hurry. Now my creativity feels all stifled like S2 Justin. :(

Okay, okay, now here's a v. serious question to ponder. Do we think the Vanished set got Gale a cake? Gun shaped. Oh, god, let it please be gun shaped! Hey, did QaF have cock-shaped cakes? They totally should have, man. Or, oh, oh! A big ole Pride cake! Regardless of shape, twenty bucks says Gale ate it with his fingers between shots. Oh, god. Imagine the licking off of frostingy fingers alfkjas. Then again, chances are higher he didn't tell anyone today is our yearly Holy Day. Oh, Gale. At least tell me Momma Harold called you at your exact birth-time today. ♥

Anyway! I got the thumbs up to do some Vanished icons, yay! Or as I like to call this batch: The 1000 Facial Expressions of Gale, or How Can Gale Harold Be So Pretty Even When He Looks Like A Dork. But 1000 was shorter on the file folder aldkjf. I stayed away from spoiler scenes, so no worries there. In fact, I'd say most of the icons here are from scenes you've seen in the FOX promos.


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open the presents, yay! )