22 June 2008 @ 12:44 am
the vantime emmys  
Damn. :(

Well, he didn't win. Least he was looking fiiiiiine.


So, this started off as trying my hand out at doodling Van and turned into a doodle re-enactment of Emmy night. ;D Planned to post this last night, but once I started drifting off to sleep--TWICE--at the keyboard, decided the coding should wait til tonight adlfjlkj.

and the winner is... )

More fabulous pics at [ profile] van_daily. ♥

Now I really want to do this with a G/R event aldfja. OR ALFLKJDALKJ. QaF Eps: A Reedoodle Production! OMG OMG OMG.
09 September 2007 @ 04:00 am
Outstanding Reality Program - Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List  


quotage and more team griffin pics )

• And proof that anything can be linked to Gale Howard: Outstanding Costumes For A Series - Deadwood • Amateur Night • HBO One of Gale's eps was nominated! Of course, woulda been better if the nom had been for him as a Guest Star. Gale Howard: Emmy Award Winner. Nice. ;)

• Just found out Ryan Seacrest is the Emmys' host this year. :| :| :|
20 September 2004 @ 12:46 pm
And the Emmy goes to...  
LJ, you are playing keep-away with comment notifications again. You are like a man, making my lazy ass actually work for our relationship. No sex for you.

The Emmys. Wow. That was head-banging boring, now wasn't it? I remember when Gary Shandling used to be funny. But all worth it, just to see Jon Stewart/The Daily Show kick ass and my O.C. boys lookin' adorkable--albeit with a sidedish of queasy--for thirty seconds. And while WW didn't win Best Drama (which I sadly agree with; oh, Aaron, how I miss you), Allison Janney did and that just makes my girlcrush for her burn brighter. Not that I'm an awards whore. I loved her when she was a pink starfish. Ourloveisthatuniversal!

Also, apparently I need to see Angels in America. I hadn't even heard of it until last night. :|

It seems Tracy (of Big Q fame) and Justin shared an airplane ride to Hollywood, because I swear I saw the actress in a Lysol commercial the other day. Coming on the heels of seeing Jack Kinney in a TV-movie and actually hanging around for longer than advisable because I was waiting to see if he'd say anything remotely like "sonny boy", you can see where the QaF preoccupation comes into play.

I won't even go into the Daphne sighting.
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