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the luke and noah show

Some caps originally from ♥

ATWT, 4-28


D: What is she doing to Luciano?
Zac: Making a man of him.

I'm kinda surprised Damian didn't rip Zac's arm off right then. Also, more proof Zac is as insane as Zoe? Well, y'know, aside from the fact he has no probs about helping his girlfriend kidnap and rape her cousin. Zac knows Damian is basically bad-ass mafia and could make him disappear and yet Zac? Still messes with him and what's his. :|

D: You have no idea what I want.
Zac: I know you don't want to die, hmm. I got a gun this time.


Zac: It's a lot more accurate than a knife.
D: You're the one who stabbed me.

Whoa, they're actually tying up loose ends! It's so awesomely creepy to think back to that "bad monster" hotel scene knowing this. Damian was facing his attempted murderer then. Since arriving in town, Zac's tried killing four people and succeeded once. He kinda sucks at it, but, dude. Still awesomely creepy.

Meanwhile, back in scary ZoeLand...


Man, she is really going after that ear...

...and going after it...

...and going. after it. That ear = dick. Cos, y'know, this is daytime tv and they couldn't show her reaching into his pants.

Also, Luke has Astro Boy hair and it's making me giddy. Which is an awkward feeling to have during an attempted rape.

Oh, Luke. :*( Srsly, that pic pretty much sums up the whole scene. It's just heartbreaking.

Z: That's a good boy. Good little baby-making boy.

I can never unhear that line. :| Also, Zoe is so freakin' close, I kept yelling at Luke to headbutt her, then kick her dead. Mostly for saying that baby-making line.

L: Do you really think you're gonna get away with this? Even if your plan does work, you're gonna get caught. You're gonna spend the rest of your life in jail. And even if you do have your precious little Grimaldi, you're not going to raise him.

OMG. Plz let there be good AUs where Luke and Noah raise the precious little Grimaldi and there is high drama and angst and luv and more luv. OMG PLZ.

Z: But you will, won't you, Luciano?
L: *heavy sigh*
Z: You'd never abandon your own son. And then I'll get the money just like my mother should have.

Wait, huh? How does Zoe going to jail and Luke raising the baby = Zoe getting the Grimaldi inheritance? Wait. Does she say "I'll get the money..." or "he'll get the money..." Cos if it's the second one, never mind. :P Though, really, I can't see Luke taking any money from the Grimaldis even if he did have to raise his child. Not that it matters, I mean, the Synders aren't exactly poor. And I can totally see Luke and Precious moving in at the farm and Noah helping. And I'm getting sidetracked aldkjk. What's worse, now I'm totally saying Precious in my head like that weird little Lord of the Rings guy.

Why isn't it Zac in there jerking Luke off? Or Zac with a gun pointed at Noah jerking Luke off? Seems to me that'd be the, uh, more successful route to where Zoe's trying to drive this fucked up train. Though not really. If Zoe was serious about this plan, it wouldn't have been painkillers she should've brought to the party, but some Viagra.

For that matter, why did they bother with the whole running Luke down, volunteering, being BFFs in the first place? I know I've said it before, but dude. They could've kidnapped him and Noah weeks ago! Well, I guess they did answer that in a past ep - "for the fun of it."


Their plan plays out like it was thought up while laying around really stoned under their coffee table, eating corn chips.

L: No no, I can't do this, I can't do this, I won't...
Z: Poor Noah, I thought you loved him.
L: I do, you know I do!

His angry!voice when he says that, omg. I hope Noah heard that. ♥

Z: Then it's simple, the quicker you give in, the faster he'll get the meds.

Right then, you can see Luke try and give in to save Noah. He actually seems to pause and consider it at least twice. Oh, Luke. TRU LUV IS BEING WILLING TO SLEEP WITH A GIRL TO SAVE YOUR BOYFRIEND. ♥ He and Noah are so tightly tied together, I'm going to believe that Noah felt his muscles shift in a tense surrender and knew he had to do something to save him from yourself and was just gathering his strength and biding his time. *firm nod*

Y'know, honestly, I thought they just might have Zoe succeed, then disappear and show up later with a little baby!Luke to wreak havoc.

Also, omg, his hair right above his temple in that cap. *licks*


Z: Just trust me, relax. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.
L: Zoe, Zoe, no...
Z: *leans over*
N: *animal growl*
N: GRRRRR!!!! *leg hold o' death*

NOAH!!!! ♥

He used the last bit of his strength to save his boyfriend! Even if I'm still not sure how exactly Zoe got close enough to his ninja legs to get pinned ahahahaha. Everything happens so fast, it's hard to make out. Also, wow. That rope sure is slack, heeee.

N: *snarly ninja face*
Zoe: *aldfkasldfkjas*
L: *sits and waits*

Uh, hey, Luke, how about helping a guy out a little here? USE YOUR LEGS TOO! KICK ZOE IN THE VAJAYJAY!

And then Damian arrives like Superman and he and Zac have the gayest fight ever for the gun. Srsly, I expected there to be slapping at any second. I'm beginning to suspect that that cop just tripped and accidentally killed himself at this point. But, yay, Damian to the rescue! I was hoping that'd happen. Also? Love how Zac immediately cowers and goes small when Damian overpowers him. Zoe definitely was the top in that relationship, heh.

D: Move away from them!
Zoe: No, I'm not finished!

al;ksdfja'lklj. I know she's crazy and in denial and frustrated her Super Grimaldi Sperm Plan didn't work, but that totally cracked me up. Like Damian is gonna give her some extra time to just climb aboard his son and finish up her hittin' that.

D: Are you two okay?
N: I'm fine.

His eyes are closed even as he says it. Oh, Noah! D:

L: No, you're not; you're bleeding again!

The thought of Luke being able to smell Noah's blood, to feel it soaking his own shirt, the whole time Noah's been hurt makes my heart hurt.

D: Did they hurt you?
L: He's been shot!

Shouldn't Damian have gone in knowing this? Lily told him. :| Unless he was just asking about Luke. In which case, rude. :P

D: We'll get him to the hospital.
N: I told you, I'm fine-- *passes out*

Jake's getting darned good at passing out. ;) Also, OMG NOAH. D:

D: Untie them!
Zoe: *unties*
D: You better pray that you didn't hurt him too much.

Awwww, Damian's letting his Noahlove show. Hang on. Who's line was that? Does Luke say it? I can't believe I can't tell. I'm more tired than I thought or my headphones are screwing with me.

L: Noah, thank god.

Does he feel for a pulse? (Looks like he just moves in to hold Noah's head. IT'S SO DARK IN THIS YOUTUBE CAVE OMG.) Is that why the thank god? Or just that they're finally untied and safe and he's finally able to hold Noah?

L: Noah needs a doctor!


M: Thank god Casey told me about this place, which is more than I can say for you, Damian.

I'm sorry, WHO showed up first and saved the day again? STEP OFF, MARGO. >:(

D: My first thought was for my son.

DAMIAN. ♥ Uh, even if you didn't bring your gun for some reason and essentially got yourself captured and had to gaywrestle Zac.

L: Margo, please, you need to call 911!
M: It's okay, the ambulance is on its way.

OMG, the clinging. And the way Luke's rubbing Noah's hair. Woobieeeeees. :*(

That straight-on can't-stop-looking-at-you-no-matter-what-is-happening-around-me stare that Noah has for Luke is making me awww. MY BOYS ARE SAFE! \:D/

Lily and Holden interruptis, dang. Was a little surprised Holden didn't love on Luke more.

H: Hey, Noah, it's good to have you home
Lily: How are you feeling? Luke told us what happened.
N: I'm fine. Don't listen to him. He likes to make a fuss about everything.


Luke's I can't believe you just said that look alfdkjasl. ♥

L: Hey, will you just behave yourself and let the doctors attend to you?
N: *oooooh, you're totally hot when you get all bossy look*
L: *snorty laugh*
N: *i love you grin*

I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Also, Van and Jake are so fucking.

L: How are you guys?
Lily: Great, now that you're back.
H: Are you sure that you're okay? You're not--you're not hurt or anything?
L: Yeah, I'm fine.

The distracted way he says that, how he won't look at them, then quickly shifts the convo over to his mom. Oh, Luke. :( I hope the writers keep up with the post-trauma that comes from being kidnapped, nearly being raped, having your boyfriend get shot and nearly dying while you helplessly sit by. They probably won't, bleh, but I can still hope.

Also, did Luke change in the ambulance on the way? His outfit looks awfully pristine considering he's been sweating in a storage unit for days and his boyfriend's been bleeding out against him. :| It can't have been that long since he was brought in - Lily and Holden are just getting there.

L: Mom, they threatened you so much.
Lily: I'm fine.
H: No thanks to Damian.


Lily: Nevermind that. How is Noah? Is he going to be all right?

Dang. I was really hoping she'd go over and love on Noah some more like a mom and ask him this herself.

L: I just wish Noah didn't try to be a hero.
H: What happened?
L: *uncomfy* Ahhh, he was protecting me. I don't want to get into it right now. :(

I heart this so much, him not wanting to talk about it. Especially not with Noah and a nurse right behind him.

Lily: Of course not, not unless you want to.
H: Yeah, that's fine. The important thing is that you're okay and that Noah is going to be okay.

The hug that follows is awwwwkward, yo. Well, dang. Okay, it doesn't look as bad in the cap, but trust me - awkward. Holden reaches out and I thought he was going to pull Luke to him, but he actually pulls Luke into Lily and like, presses himself against Luke's arm. And then smiles all wide at off-camera!Noah in a way that I'm sure is supposed convey his gratefulness to Noah for saving his son and general glee that Noah is okay and part of their familiy, but it just plays as slightly, I dunno... weird. I just might have been expecting too much for this father/son reunion, heh. Or the actors are amping up the father/son vibe so they can play around with it later when Damian gets more involved with Luke, etc.

Anyway, that's when Damian shows up in the hallway at the window looking in and is all :( :( :( and I'm all :( :( :( and then he gets a phone call from Margo, who wants to see him, and really, you know that can't be good. :|

H: Never, ever, play violin music in my presence again scare your mother like that again, okay?
L: I won't.

Luke's smile around the *hands up* part is a little sad, aww. Or maybe just tired. Or both.

L: You know, whenever he gets really scared, he puts it all on you.

Okay, see, I was just getting annoyed with Holden and then Luke makes me feel shitty about it, pfft.

L: Noah, we're gonna be out in the hall. You gonna be okay?
N: Um, I'll be fine. Doesn't look like I'm going any place anytime soon.

Luke's *yay my boyfriend is bedbound* look at that cracks up. I know he's just happy that his boyfriend is okay and can joke around, but still, hee. Also, hospital or no, Noah having to say that he's not going anywhere anytime soon must be kinda hard for someone that was held against his will. Not to mention having to watch Luke be able to walk around freely and him being stuck in that bed. :(


D: What's going on?
M: I've been questioning the suspects.
D: Well, they're more than suspects, Margo. You saw yourself.
M: Well, no, I didn't, cos I got there late cos you didn't tell me where you were going.

How about questioning, oh, I dunno, the witnesses? :|

Luke sensing Noah is waking up and being all !!!!!, awww. I kept wanting Luke to climb in bed with Noah. ♥

L: Hey, there.
N: Hey, yourself.

Sleepy!Noah is love. As is Luke watching him and holding his hand, playing with his fingers. All this bedside vigil thing is totally doing it for me. Total comfort payoff for all that hurt. *happy sigh* Plus, y'know, all the close-up shots of Jake's throat ain't hurting my feelings any either.

L: Listen, um, I should probably thank you for saving me from a fate worse than death. But next time, please, please don't try to be a hero.
N: Well, I didn't do that for you. I just couldn't stand to see the psycho slut with her hands all over my boyfriend.

OH NOAH. ♥ Also, I love that his hair has devil horns in these caps aldfjas.

Know what else I loved? Luke's gentle, knowing look, then how he smiles a second later, silently agreeing to play along.

L: I love you.
N: I love you too.

The way Noah whispered it. *sniff*

Lily: I see the patient has finally opened his eyes.

I really like how they have Noah always sleeping. The magical antibiotics have him recovering pretty darn quick, heh, but at least they're having him unable to stay awake as he heals. Plus the fact that I'm sure he didn't sleep well for days and now he's safe and Luke's safe and he can finally relax. The nightmares that Luke has to soothe him through can come later. Do you hear me, fic writers? :X

Lily: You're a very lucky young man, you know that?
L: *staring up at Noah*
N: *looks at Luke* Yeah, I do.

They're killing me here. *wibble* And Lily's hands on Luke's shoulders, aww.

Lily: Oooo, I think that's my cue to give you guys some privacy.
L: Hee.
Ree: Hee.
N: No, no, don't feel like you have to leave.
Ree: GO! GO!

Lily: No, no, there are a lot of people out there who want to know that you boys are fine and doing well.

Yeah, all five of 'em. :|

Lily: So I better get started making all those calls. Take good care of each other.

Luke's already turned back to Noah, hee.

The way they're holding hands with their fingers upside down, guh...

...and then Van is all *ooh blanket lint* and brushes Jake's pinkie, heeeee! So cute.

N: So, when are you going to say it?
L: I thought I already did.
N: No, not I love you.
L: Then what?

Flummoxed Luke is adorable and makes me laugh.

N: That I was right about your fa--about Damian. He really came through for us.

Noah checked himself on the dad thing. Oh, Noah. :X

Meanwhile, back at the Police Station o' We Always Arrive Late...


H: We have to be open to the possibility.
L: No, dad, there is no possibility. Damian wasn't in on this.
H: OK FINE. :|

Heh. Not that Holden's defensive or anything.

L: Must go to police station! Defend Damian!
Lily: Okay!
L: Will you tell know that I'll be right back?
Lily: Okay!

AND THEN SHE FOLLOWS HOLDEN TO THE POLICE STATION. No one told Noah where Luke went aldfkjasljf. Um, hello, traumatized boy in that bed!

Luke walking into the police station to stand up for Damian. Such an awesome moment. And camera shot.

M: What can I do for you?
L: I'd like to report a crime. Against my hair.

I'm going to just imagine that he fell asleep while watching Noah and did a faceplant into the bed for a couple hours. *nod*

L: I was trapped with those people for days. There's no doubt in my mind that they didn't keep any secrets from us.
M: Maybe that's because they never expected either of you to live to tell anyone.
L: And that's how I know Damian isn't involved. Zac and Zoe worked alone.

That exhale and bittersweet smile right before he says that last night, guh. Having to both acknowledge how close he and Noah came to death and the irony of knowing he's in the middle of saving Damian's ass, when just days before he couldn't have pictured ever wanting to do that.

M: Would you like to talk to him?
L: Um..... no, no. No, thank you.


Lily: Are you sure?
H: It's okay if you want to.

Aww, I know how much that cost you to say, Holden. Maybe hearing Luke talk about the kidnapping and Damian helped. ♥

L: The only thing I want to do is go back to Noah. And show him my Elvis 'do.


Lily: You made the right decision. *hug*
D: *sad mental grabby hands*

The way Damian was looking at the happy family, me thinks we're just months away from one day having him and Lily together for awhile, y/y?

D: I'M SRY 2.
D: Y!
D: OK. :*(

Or that's how that scene went in my head, anyway.

L: So, I told Margo that Damian had nothing to do with kidnapping us.
N: I can't believe she believed a word Zac or Zoe said!

Oh, Noah, you clearly still have a fever. Also, Luke's *doh-dee-doh* face there is killing me ahahaha.

L: Oh, I can! I mean, think about it, Noah. Those two are expert pretenders. Their whole life was an act.
N: It's true.

Uh, hang on! You saw through them, Noah! REMIND LUKE OF THAT PLZ.

L: And, with all the suspicions I had about Damian, you know, can't blame Margo for hers.

Except for the fact that she didn't bother asking you. Getting statements should've been done first. At Noah's bedside, even, if Luke had refused to leave the hospital. And you know he did. ♥

N: Bet he was happy you stood up for him.

That line? Tears my heart apart. Just the way Jake says it, makes me think that Noah had done the same for the Colonel somehow -- and the Colonel hadn't been happy.

L: Yeah, I guess.
N: You guess? What did he say when you went to bat?
L: Oh, I didn't. I just told Margo what I knew and left.
N: Without talking to Damian at all?
L: Well, what am I supposed to say to him?

Defensive!Luke is defensive. And adorable.

And so is his boyfriend and his 1000 subtle expressions in .002 seconds. ♥

See? Adorable!

L: I mean, I don't know what kind of relationship we can have, if any at all, so...
N: :\
L: What? Noah. I can hear you thinking, so. What?


N: I think before you start worrying about where things could lead, you should get to know him better.
L: Why?
N: You're never going to get to know Damian, who is he, what he is, who you are, that whole side of the family, if you don't try. Everything that's happened to us the past coupla of weeks is telling you that. Maybe, maybe you should listen.

Luke ponders this good advice, while I marvel at how adorable Noah's bedhead is.

H: Told Damian to leave, yay!
L: What did he say?
H: He agreed.
L: :\


H: Damian is leaving! Family is safe yet again! I'm awesome! OK, be back soon, yay!
Lily: He's so pretty when he's in denial.
L: Yup!
Lily: This'll prolly end in bloodshed and tears.
L: Yup!

Srsly, that one tiny split-second in that scene cracked me up. Holden is tickled and they just smile at him as he goes, both not wanting Damian to leave, heh.

D: Who's there?
L: Oh, it's me. The maid let me in when she left. I guess having a mom who's part owner of the hotel has its perks, huh?

Especially considering your distinct lack of talent at breaking into rooms. But, srsly, he keeps just walking into Damian's hotel room. Boundaries, Luke, boundaries!

D: Indeed. What can I do for you?

You can just see Damian brace himself for something awful, like Luke telling him to leave himself. :(

L: I don't know how to say this. I don't even really know what it is I want.
D: Anything you need, I will give you. You have only to ask.

Aww, the way Luke grins when Damian says that. ♥

L: I've just realized that... I don't know you. I mean, I know the DNA. I know the name, I know the history, but... but I don't know you.
D: You know, I find myself in a similiar situation where you are concerned.
L: And I don't know what kind of relationship we can have. I don't even know if we're even capable of one.
D: What is it that you want?


L: All I know is this... I'm not ready for you to leave my life.
D: *deep breath* :D Well, I, um, then, I won't. I'll stay here in Oakdale for as long as you like.


L: Okay. :D
D: *near tears*
Ree: He's staying, he's staaaaying!

L: Um. I should probably get back to Noah.
D: He's a very lucky boy.
L: So am I.


H: They're back. They're safe and sound, mama.

What the-- Hey, Lily! What happened to "So I better get started making all those calls." HUH? HUH?
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